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Tottenham don’t want Chelsea cast offs.

Posted on September 21, 2013 by Guest Writer

Talk is gathering pace that Tottenham will try again to purchase Juan Mata come the January transfer window, the sale of Mata was inconceivable just four or five weeks ago, he had been Chelsea’s star player of the past two seasons, contributing more goals and assists than most other players in the Premier league, and voted by their fans as the Player of the Year on both occasions.

Once Jose Mourinho was appointed you would have expected him to continue to build his team around one of the stars of the squad but instead it has been the opposite. Chelsea have a squad so full of quality playmakers that they can afford to loan out several of them to gain experience elsewhere, strangely Chelsea continued to buy even more midfielders with attacking tendencies until quite possibly the strangest one of all Willian. That purchase left them with three playmakers when you include Mata and Oscar, each costing upwards of £25m.

Tottenham might well have enquired about the availability of Mata following Willian’s defection but it was not to be, they went instead to secure the services of Christian Eriksen, since then Eriksen has appeared twice for Tottenham and been a revelation in both games, while both Willian and Mata seek form in a misfiring Chelsea team.

Tottenham face Chelsea next week and it is possible that these comments will come back and bite me, but it does not take away from the fact that for years now Tottenham would have been envious of many, if not most of the Chelsea squad, that is changing and there are perhaps only a few that you might willingly trade.

During his short stay Chelsea AVB was accused of trying to change things to quickly and it cost him, the same has been said this season citing Adebayor, Assou-Ekotto and even Defoe as players he is isolating or overlooking, most of us see a group of players laughing, joking, happy and also working extremely hard for a coach that they seem to trust implicitly. Over at Chelsea there has been no evidence of the “happy one”  since the press conference when Mourinho announced the likely signing of Willian at Tottenham’s expense, hilarious. In actual fact the ramblings since have been hilarious, the best team lost, eggs needing warmth and mothering and now the announcement of a change of playing style at the expense of a player as exceptional as Mata. Oscar is now his nominated no.10 playmaker so where does that leave Willian and more to the point Mata.

It is very likely that Tottenham will splash the cash again come January if there is a need for a new element for the team, another striker or fullback being the most likely, the possibility of Mata being allowed to join Tottenham is probably even more unlikely than them now making a bid.


17 to “Tottenham don’t want Chelsea cast offs.”

  1. Eric says:

    if affordable I’d take him in a heartbeat.Sell lennon(Newcastle rumoured with 10-12milion)his poor finishing,injury records,crossing etc isn’t something we should tolerate anymore.For years we relied on players like him hudd parker dawson n we haven’t won anything.If mata arrive he can use no 10 with eriksen or play rw cutting in with lamela on right with chadli

    • Tony says:

      have to agree that as much as i rate lennon he hasn’t progressed and is picking up more and more long term injuries. now might be the time.

  2. eddie monk says:

    Agree with Eric,he would be a greta signing and with Erikson would make a very creative midfield for us.
    We have the steel with Dembele,Paulino Sandro and Capoue and along with another quality striker,who knows we could even push for the title.
    We must continue with 3 points at Cardiff though.

    • Tony says:

      love the steel in the middle but they also have some quality about them as well. I think if he wants another goalscorer come january levy will spend big just don’t want too many egos cocking it up like over at chavs.

  3. Eric says:

    if we sell ade,benny,lennon in the Jan window then I’d love mata,a lb n promote kane to be 3rd striker who we could use in later stages of cup games which would him valuable experience n also give rest to soldado n defoe.Last season our pl form suffered cause of cup games but with that depth it shouldn’t matter now.Also mata would lessen the pressure on strikers if they arises any.Ppl forgery that chadli at time plays as striker for Belgium n lamela can play there.Jan is make or break

  4. 5th again says:

    Ha ha Mata wouldn even look at tottenham

  5. Jide says:

    He may come back to hunt us next Saturday, but I’m just pleased that we did not get Willian. Chelski will never sell Mata to Spurs. They are that scared of our team!

    • Tony says:

      You just know he will play next week. Chelsea will never sell to Spurs what with embarrassing them over Modric and they really fear that AVB will come back and haunt them. Imagine the ridicule if he wins title or finishes higher than chavs, abramovitch would never live it down, we would not let him.

  6. Eric says:

    he wasn’t selected for Spain recently n d recent Mourinho comments makes it look as if he won’t use him.Psg napoli juventus but if he wants to stay in England we would be the best option available in terms of gametime.I see him putting a request

    • Tony says:

      He cannot be happy as it seems mourinho wants him out, weird that he should speak in public about him, pundits slaughtered di canio for doing it and rafa would have been castigated for leaving him out, mourinho seems untouchable though. AT THE MOMENT.

    • mick says:

      just think he might upset the applecart as he will expect to start every game and will cost a fortune. Just shows that Chelsea just bought Willian to stop spurs because he has caused them immense problems, they have too many similar players and they are all expensive stars.

  7. Eric says:

    My Jan wish list would be to sell lennon ade benny n buy butner,one of benteke dzeko niang.If mata is available swoop in too.All r realistic targets with the players well.

    • Sham says:

      I agree.. Getting rid of these players seems a bit more challenging than we thought. Mata wld b a good addition but i dont see it happening. But i’d take Mohamed Salah from Basel to replace Lennon.

      • Tony says:

        Mata is a fantastic player and before Eriksen joined he would have been the one, now we have him and holtby looked good yesterday, and with all the other midfielders he would just add to problem of too many stars. Salah would be great replacement for Lennon who is now very injury prone.

  8. Eric says:

    * We sell

  9. Tony says:

    benzema, di maria, Reus and bender all £30m plus to gooners in january , the funniest things i’ve read yet. ozil was a panic buy as soon as wenger signs contract no more big buys. If you still believe spurs are not title contenders then you really have no idea. 1 goal conceded, most chances, most shots, most crosses, most saves. most impressive team so far and not even gelled yet. Spurs will go top soon and will pull away from you so enjoy your moment for now.

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