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Tottenham European exit reviewed.

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Eddie S

Let’s firstly clear one thing up, when Harry Kane burst into the box with the score at 2-1 in favour of Tottenham it was a penalty and not one of three officials close to the event had the guts or the conviction to reward Tottenham with the opportunity to at least to take the game into extra time. What had for most Tottenham supporters had been an excercise in damage limitation actually turned into a very acceptable performance from the entire team and though it is difficult and unfair to pick out individuals special credit must go to Sandro (the recipient of the award for worst Brazilian to appear in the Premiership from the esteemed journalist Adrian Durham) and Zeki Fryers who allowed very few opportunities to the opposition lauded last week as a class apart, Nabil Bentaleb, a player much maligned by us at JTN but responsible for driving the team forward, a couple of errors of judgement forgiven due to his inexperience and age. Then there was Nacer Chadli who helped himself to a couple of goals but contributed so much more over the entire game as an attacking and creative threat.

Needless to say Tim Sherwood helped himself to as much credit as he could grab from an encouraging display but none of it deserved. He attributed the rant against the players to the reason for a performance of pride and passion conveniently overlooking to mention that nearly all of the team chosen were players fighting to actually win a place in his preferred lineup, his assessment of the opposition after last weeks home defeat was made to look very foolish as what amounted to a Tottenham “B ” team held sway for long periods and lastly he decided, or was forced, to sit in the stands and the calming nature of the technical area was able to oversee the team in a sensible and effective manner. Sherwood cannot even take credit for choosing the team as there were no others to call upon, even then the introduction of Eriksen was too late but his involvement in CENTRAL midfield was instrumental in driving the team on as chances at last began to appear as well as real width and players beginning to get behind the Benfica defence.

Andros Townsend had the sort of game that showed he needs more game time, is it me or does he seem quicker with the ball at his feet than when chasing back without it? he also needs to work on his awareness when the team are on the back foot. Soldado works hard and makes the runs but until he gets a run of games with Eriksen in the playmaker role behind him nobody seems capable of playing the right ball quickly enough to get the best from him.

Harry Kane was introduced for the final twenty minutes as a lone striker and produced just what was needed, he won his aerial battles setting up Chadli for both goals, had a half chance on target, burst into the box and should have earned the team a penalty and generally unsettled the Benfica back line.

We learned last night that Nacer Chadli probably does deserve more game time to show what he can do, though he has scored only five goals this season they have come at a rate equivalent to one in three games and after last nights impressive showing and being one of the pluses in the NLD defeat he must surely start on Sunday. Christian Eriksen  when in central midfield really began to dictate proceedings and enabled the wide players to find spaces behind the Benfica defenders, the pace of the attack accelerated and number of attacks increased, that is his preferred position and must be persevered with.

The final suggestion might be a little more controversial but with little to play for this season now might be the time to give Kane much more time as a lone striker, he has always been decent on the deck with good technical skills but against the two central Benfica defenders, both highly rated, sought after and dominant in aerial battles, Kane did better than most and both he and the club might benefit from more involvement sooner rather than later.

All in all a decent nights work and perhaps unfortunate to be out of the competition, Tottenham are out, not to a better team but because of a lethargic performance at home last week and quite simply due to playing too many players out of their preferred and best position within the team.

By the way Tottenham conceded just three fouls in the entire game! is that some sort of record and are the team too nice like Sherwood has accused them of being?

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  1. 4everspurs says:

    Chadli was last began to show just what he could do and he carried a threat from beginning to the end. Eriksen in the centre pulling the strings really added to the attacking intensity and the pace that Benfica struggled to handle in the final 15mins or so.
    As for Sherwood sitting in the stand-STRANGE.

  2. Karl says:

    Good performance from the lads, thought Bentaleb had one of his better games and Chadli created plenty as well as scoring the 2 goals.
    Harry Kane caused their big two at the back more problems in the last twenty minutes than they faced over the 2 games, time to give him a role perhaps.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Sorry for a totally nonconstructive post but fuck adrian durham! He was a complete prick writing crap bout AVB and now Sandro. No logic here except fuck this guy! If journalists can make stupid statements like this then i as anonymous internet troll can say fuck adrian durham! Go Sandro!!!

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