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Tottenham fans hoping no news is good news on Bale and Lennon.

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Tony

With just five days left until Tottenham face Manchester City in a home fixture they would hope to win it will be a major boost if there was an announcement that Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon and even Jermain Defoe had in fact recovered from their injuries.

Time is ticking and apart from mention of methods being used to aid recovery there is very little coming out of White Hart Lane on the players progress, from past experience this does not bode well for any of the players ability to take part in this vital fixture. I am sure we can all remember that there have been many occasions when essential players have been rushed back only to breakdown again after just a short time on the pitch, or, there is an announcement just before kick off that the player cannot be risked and has fallen short in the race for fitness.

The third and hoped for scenario is that all of the players have recovered and will take their place in the team come Sunday and are currently preparing to take part in training and tactical approach for the match.

From past experience Tottenham rarely benefit from best case scenario and will remain sceptical on the likelihood of Bale and Lennon being fully fit for this one, it is a crucial fixture but more crucial would be the following five fixtures and so their fitness must not be compromised for those games at the expense of this City game.

It seems that Younes Kaboul has suffered a setback in the youth fixture against Manchester United yesterday evening and again there is a distinct lack of information coming out of the club on his condition, it is hoped that it was simply a precautionary exit from proceedings and that he will be fit to play some part before the season is over.

Tottenham supporters might be excused for feeling a little down following the circumstances of the recent Norwich defeat with a little help from the linesman and an announcement that 2 key players are nearing fitness would be a huge boost.

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