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Tottenham have Arsenal and Chelsea running scared.

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Guest Writer

There are only four places up for grabs in the Champions League, four seasons ago Tottenham did for Liverpool and they have not come close to regaining a top five position since, they even held off a combination of Hughes, Mancini and the spending power of City that year before falling to the hundreds of millions spent the following season. Two seasons ago Tottenham also did for Chelsea before they pulled off what seemed the impossible by winning the whole thing, since then Chelsea have gone into panic mode with 2 coaches sacked since the beginning of last season and with a transfer spend of £180m in the past two seasons and with the chequebook open wide for the arrival of Jose Mourinho. It is fair to say that Chelsea will almost certainly be spending another sackful of cash in an attempt to challenge for the title and anything else, it will almost certainly be another £100m down and hoping that the “special one” hasn’t lost his mojo.

Over at Arsenal there is talk that at long last Arsene Wenger is prepared to spend some serious wedge and relax the wage structure, why would this be other than the fact that Tottenham, Everton and even Liverpool are now beginning to exert some serious pressure on Arsenal and their top four status. In each of the past 2 summers Arsenal have spent over £50m in an attempt to keep themselves ahead of the game and they just about made it by a single point on both occasions, so it seems that even more investment is needed to maintain their position. As regards their wage structure it is true that they cannot, or rather, do not compete with the likes of the Manchester clubs and Chelsea but their wage bill is still £50/60m more than at Tottenham.

Tottenham have gone about building the club over a period of years and now seem close to reaping the benefits, there have been knockbacks along the way with the loss of Carrick, Berbatov and Modric, each sale holding Tottenham back a little, it seems that even now some are trying to hijack next season before it has started with offers for Bale, AVB and others. This time Daniel Levy will stand strong and he will also invest and relax the Tottenham wage structure a little, he knows that the club is very close to the elite tier and that this might be the defining season for Tottenham, with the right additions to the squad they won’t just be top four hopefuls but genuine title contenders.

Make no mistake Arsenal and Chelsea know that they have serious rivals in the form of Tottenham and believe it or not I don’t think that Liverpool will be that far away from 4th this season, Everton were in the frame for most of last season but it remains to be seen which players that they might lose and the Moyes/Martinez affect.

The landscape in the Premiership might be about to have another serious shakeup, the original “Sky Four” was broken up, by first Tottenham and then Manchester City, and one or two more might well find themselves in trouble this coming year.

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  1. clain3000 says:


  2. COYG says:

    Spurs will do the usual… Get 10points ahead of Arsenal then clain they are the better team then flop and probably buy another arsenal reject in panic. Chamack is available guys, better then Adebayor

    • Tony says:

      Haha that is becoming habit but chavs winning camps league was bigger shock season before last.. Don’t keep relying on that though because it won’t happen again.

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