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Tottenham have caught Arsenal and Chelsea, Manchester clubs next?

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Guest Writer

Judging by the vitriol aimed Tottenham’s way and the happiness surrounding Gareth Bale’s departure in many parts of London it at last seems to have got through that AVB has put together a squad that gives Tottenham every chance of doing well this coming season.

Qualification for the Champions League is obviously the priority and even though Bale has gone the seven replacements should be more than adequate to keep up the pressure on the teams above them. Such is the quality and depth to the squad that there is a good feeling around the club that at long last they will bring home silverware of some description. This summer began with disappointment as it seemed that all the good work was about to be unravelled as Real Madrid came calling again, eventually they managed to wrench Bale from our grasp but not before Daniel Levy had pulled off the biggest robbery since Brink’s Mat securing a fee of close to £86m.

From the beginning of the transfer window Tottenham went about putting together a squad to challenge the best in the land, they had already pushed Chelsea and Arsenal to the limit of breaking point and had also managed to take four points from Manchester United and share the spoils with Manchester City. All top three clubs have new coaches for the coming season and there is a feeling that now is the time for Tottenham to finally make their mark.

Liverpool a few years back had believed themselves immune from any sort of challenge to their top four status, how wrong they were, now Arsenal and Chelsea supporters seem to be finding themselves thinking exactly the same even though Jose Mourinho has already identified both Tottenham and Liverpool as real threats. With that in mind it is a little surprising that they went through with the loan of Victor Moses to Liverpool but were vocal in their refusal to release Ba or Mata to Arsenal or Tottenham and  they also appeared to purchase Willian just to prevent his signing for Tottenham.

Manchester City still remain favourites for the title by virtue of the size and quality of their squad, they have invested close to £100m in the new coach and squad just like Tottenham and could be the team to beat this season. On the other side of Manchester the reigning champions United have had a tough summer, Fergie retired and with him went that air of invincibility, they have had to endure also the Wayne Rooney saga and whether they would be able to retain his services, while all this played out they had what to the outside world seemed like a shambolic transfer window. Targets came and went, they dithered and dallied over just who they wanted and where the squad needed strengthening and ended up with Moyes old Everton player Fellaini at the last minute.

A strange summer in many ways, for Tottenham despair to ecstasy with three record signings, Manchester City followed Tottenham’s lead with a similar spend of around £100m, Chelsea spent heavily as well but with perhaps what some would see as strange buys. Arsenal and United pretty much stood still by comparison to others with only a single major purchase each. There is much to say for continuity and United and Arsenal might just benefit from that, we shall just have to wait and see how things pan out.

There is an exciting season ahead of us and there is likely to be a six pronged challenge for the top four places as Liverpool can no longer be dismissed, they have a 100% record with Suarez set to return soon. United have made the poorest start to the season with just four points to show from their efforts so far, a comfortable victory over Swansea helped by a couple of early defensive errors followed by two fixtures without a goal to their name even with all the firepower they possess.

Last season United somehow managed to walk away with the title without ever being convincing while the remaining battles were intriguing, this coming season promises to be even more intiguing in the battle for positions one to six.


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  1. fordo says:

    this time round its going to be between the top 5 teams liverpool is not there thats why chelsea gave them moses coz they are not competition so its between the 5 teams for now they are pacesetters

  2. Jide says:

    In my view, the team that I will leave out is the Woolwich gooners. It has nothing to do with that being rivals to Spurs. I just believe that they have the weakest squad. A couple of injuries to major players and they are done for. After the first eleven, there is nothing to fall back on. The other five have greater strength in depth. They have placed their hope on Ozil, and there is no guarantee that he will adapt quickly, yes he is a world class player. The table by January will be interesting indeed.

    • Sam says:

      This is a typical biased comment. We finished 4th last year without Ozil. We also coped well injuries. This year our squad is better with Ozil, Flamini and Sonogo. Spurs have also I prove and I was convinced that you would finish above us. But now the arrival of Ozil makes that equation even.

      • Tony says:

        Have you read what Aguero has to say he has completely written off Arsenal. One player is not enough all he does si gives you a shot at 4th at best.when will you arsenal supporters realise and stop falling for all the false promises. fabregas, RVP, Nasri and all the others realised and refused to sign new contracts so forcing a move. You are putting all your hopes of 4th, not the title or a cup on one player.sad.

        • lol says:

          Aguero who? RVP says ManU will win the league, now Tony, tell me if its an open secret!

          • Tony says:

            Aguero mainly competes with neighbours Utd but it’s interesting that he dismisses Arsenal, obviously doubting their ability to win title, over the past 8 years even their own main players have felt the same so it’s no real surprise.

      • Jide says:

        Sam, if you read my comment just as a fellow football fan you will realise i am not biased at all. I just think that your bench is a bit thin compared to the other 6 teams. That’s all.

        • lol says:

          Arsenal thin up front, yes. But not on bench, especially if Wilshare/Ramshy can continue their form. 3 CBs with 2 RBs,2 LBs, stacked mid-field, area of concern is front line for them, but Ozil will solve that equation. Even Adebyor can score at will at Arsenal. I really hate to say, we bought too many identical players over last 2 years!

          • Tony says:

            of course they’re thin on the bench, it’s all very well having 2 left and right backs but only one decent back between them. the 3 cb’s are not top notch either especially vermaelen. Ozil is a midfielder so he won’t solve the problem that they didn’t have in the first place, just a big name panic buy to get wenger his new contract. the gooners wanted forwards, centre backs and decent def.midfielders and that isn’t flamini. Lots of ifs in there but wilshire is injury waiting to happen and ramsey has some decent games but he’s not really good know what jose said you can’t have too many top quality players and Spurs can now say that as well.

    • Tony says:

      They certainly have defensive frailties in midfield and at the back although will keep pointing to their record. Dixon, Lawrenson and Keown know something about defensive ability and they absolutely slaughter arsenal in that dept. already sagna has had to fill in and it is gross misconduct on behalf of wenger.
      I also have an idea that united might struggle as well, last 2 games misfired and they havn’t strengthened much either. Smalling and jones have not progressed into united type players and ferdinand and vidic will be so important. if they cop an injury they will be in worse trouble. I fancy a shock or two this season.

  3. lol says:

    I would see a top 6 who all can finish in top 4:
    Chelsea/City will be top 2
    Arsenal/Spurs/ManU/Liv’pool will be next 4
    ManU won the league last year, I seriously dont know how!Luck was a big factor!RVP staying fit and firing!
    Spurs have matched Arsenal, not Chelsea yet,certainly not City. ManU is falling from the peak where as Liv’pool has matched us too, they bought some gr8 additions going by what they lack, so expect a tough season ahead

    • mick says:

      City yes, chelsea no not on strength of what they have produced so far.Didn’t say Utd were lucky but that they were never really that convincing but got results and that is the general consensus of the ex-pros. Apart from the first game RVP hasn’t yet fired even though as stated his fitness and form is vital.when you say spurs have not matched chelsea they finished 5 points ahead the season b4 last and only 3 behind last season so I make you wrong.I agree liverpool will improve but why do you simply suggest they are a threat to spurs. city are probably going to be the standout team but behind them spurs have as much chance as any.

      • lol says:

        Liverpool is not a direct threat may be, but if they start winning against top teams like ManU last game week, the competition will intensify and others will try more to beat us in our big matches. I am sure Liverpool will lose to smaller teams though and drop points. And Chelsea, has not started playing Luiz/Eto/Mata. They are solid in defense and Mou knows how to get results, be it 1-0, better than AVB.I would rate them superior to us this year, especially when we have lost Bale

        • Tony says:

          Liverpool are going to be a big problem this year that’s for sure and the points difference at the top end of the table will be far closer.As for chelsea though they are no mugs and will be up there they have a lot of older players, the likes of terry, lampard,cole, essien and eto are not the players they once were and they have a few players like torres, mikel, ba and bertrand who are not or are no longer top quality. that 9 players and a backup keeper of a 23 man squad. Please don’t get the idea that I am saying they are rubbish as they’re not but these days there are better and/or younger versions out there.
          AVB has a great squad it just might not quite be fully firing until too late but if they gel quickly who knows.

  4. Tony says:

    Oh Oh it seems wilshere your superstar and england saviour is going to make way for Ozil then, that’s £43m well spent. vermalen, diaby ramsey are very average players that won’t put fear into the opposition if they come off the bench. well you still have bendter nobody wanted him.

  5. Tony says:

    And you say Spurs fans are deluded Bendtner can’t find anyone willing to take him for free, vermalen very poor after a good start and Ramsey is no better than average.more stars are on the way just like all those that kept turning you down this summer.ozil is only using you to get games b4 the world cup and then will use the escape clause to get away.

  6. Tony says:

    Sorry I didn’t realise we were talking computer the real world ramsey wouldn’t even get in spurs squad.Carroll is better than ramsey
    and weve.loaned him to QPR

  7. Tony says:

    coc who? don’t kid yourself you already mentioned 4 world class players and whatever you might think paulinho, dembele and sandro are better than you have in similar positions, to compare sandro with flamini , paulinho with ramsey and dembele with arteta is ridiculous the 3 spurs players win hands down, eriksen and lamela are the only players like cazorla, ozil or wiltshire and we havn’t had chance to see them yet. avb plays a different game to wenger so he doesn’t need to have lots of players the same. if you have to keep going back to the last 17yrs you must be bricking it, 1 point in it for last 2 yrs and you have to carry on hoping you can scrape thru again. Nothing lasts forever and that 17yrs not becoming 18 is one of them.

  8. Tony says:

    It was you that included Soldado, Vertonghen, Lloris and Lamela as world class I just agreed but you have to admit they would ALL be first choice in your team Vertonghen at expense of any of your central defenders and left backs, Lloris wins hands down with your collection, Soldado edges Giroud by a fair way and Lamela playing on the right is so far ahead of walcot it’s embarrassing. In fact Sandro or Capoue as defensive midfielders easily ahead of flamini and whoever else you have. ozil, cazorla (real quality) and wilshire(only if fully fit) would make first team with regularity and eriksen, paulinho, chadli and dembele would have plenty to say and offer. the more I think about the more I’m convinced spurs are going to blow you away this season.

  9. Tony says:

    Walcott is very poor with the odd decent game a total waste of an England spot.I think if you asked any club supporters sandro and dembele or flamini and ramsey and it would be sandro and dembele 99% of the time, paulinho 3rd best player of the confederations cup a competition which included the best team in the world spain. you really can’t see past your players can you. hope wenger sorts his fat new contract soon and then it’s assured no more silverware for another 8 yrs. how so many can be so fooled is beyond me.Arsenal= no ambition=no trophies= fat new contract for wenger.

  10. whlspur says:

    haha have you actually watched Walcott, very poor with no brain.I don’t think you have more than 2 players that might improve spurs squad let alone team, cazorla and ozil, keep the rest including Wiltshire another overated player.just y Walcott is anywhere near the England team is beyond most non arsenal supporters.

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