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Tottenham have offers from others for Bale! United or PSG?

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Tony

So it seems that the Bale saga is set to drag on a little longer as it is now being reported that there is at least another offer on the table for Gareth Bale. It has been a little strange that in the last couple of days there have been reports that a number of different offers have been made by Real Madrid for Levy to consider, a higher sum over a longer period, a lesser sum up front and even 10% off if they manage to pay up early, all that’s missing is a buy one get one free, wait a minute that did happen with Adebayor chucked in.

This has all become a little bit farcical and the end of this transfer window can’t come soon enough now, Madrid are behaving like they own the player already, advertising his kit for a few days now, they are even building the stage for his presentation a bit rich if they haven’t as yet matched Tottenham’s price.

Bale want’s Madrid that is for sure but do they want him enough to pay the asking price, it does seem that the games are ongoing and perhaps with the news that, presumably, PSG and/or United, have entered the fray this is no foregone conclusion just yet. Redknapp has stated that Tottenham will be forced to sell because they have spent the fee, I cannot concur with that assumption, as as been mentioned many time before there is an extra £60m of TV money availables to go with any transfer fund available, the net spend is still only £36m and so even if Bale stays and Lamela and Chiriches come in the total spend would  only be a little over that extra £60m.

In some ways I would love for Madrid to be put in their place and for Bale to stay or goes to PSG but we all know that it will be Madrid and the sooner the better now, we are all heartily sick of the circus surrounding the entire sorry affair but I do hope that Levy gets top dollar and that Madrid are made to suffer financially.

3 to “Tottenham have offers from others for Bale! United or PSG?”

  1. tom says:

    PSG friends of AVB helping to push Madrid to the limit.

  2. JL says:

    We all know Levy well enough.. Thus Man Utd is definitely out of the picture.. Besides that, I doubt there’s any English club other than man city who will pay such a big amount for a player.. Bale won’t leave for PSG either cos he knows well staying at Spurs will do him better than at PSG it’s either real or he might just stay for another season i feel..

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