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Tottenham in last day transfer madness!

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Guest Writer

The transfer window closes at 11pm this evening and by then we shall be treated to stories that will excite and disappoint but by the end of the night we shall be left with the squad to see us through the season and one that we hope has sufficient abilities and strength to cope with any eventuality that might befall individuals. Whether the three game suspension facing Danny Rose might concentrate the minds of Sherwood, Baldini and Levy into pursuing a left back remains to be seen, as surely if they unsuccessfully appeal the appalling decision on Wednesday they will not irritate Vertonghen and the fans by playing him anywhere but central defence for the remainder of the season.

Last night there were rumours that Jake Livermore was being recalled, a defensive midfielder to replace the offensive Lewis Holtby who seems set to go to Fulham for the remainder of the season. So soon after Les Ferdinand had given an interview telling of his and Sherwoods hatred and uselessness of defensive midfielders it was quite simply a shock and as it turns out a complete untruth as he remains on loan at Hull. Just what ┬áSandro and Capoue must be thinking if they have ┬áseen Ferdinand’s comment that Claude Makelele was terrible for football and the usefulness of defensive midfielders should be consigned to history!

Following the Southampton press conference it was enlightening to know that Lewis Holtby had all but signed for Fulham and we hope that it remains just a loan with the option to return to Tottenham come the summer. Perhaps the rumour That Dimitar Berbatov will be the replacement for Defoe does actually have legs, if so I am not quite sure whether to feel pleased , shocked or disappointed, having to rely upon Adebayor and Berbatov, both players known for their mood swings and who have shown contempt for their clubs in the past.

One of the more recent stories doing the rounds has been Tottenham interest in the loan of Nani for the season, a player that has disappeared from the United teamsheet, desperate to leave and one that United really want off their books. That sorry suggestion naturally leads to some of the tabloids linking Townsend with United! So on the one hand Tottenham need more wide players and on the other they might consider selling one of their rising stars to a club they hope to replace in the top four. What do you think the chances of that happening? Nil to 0% springs to mind.

One minute Etienne Capoue seems to have a chance of making it at Tottenham and the next the doors is kicked upon again and provided Napoli are prepared to make another last bid, just one more of their” take it or leave it” offers, but not one like the other six butone that appeals to Daniel Levy and exceeds the amount paid by the club last August.

By the end of the day no doubt two or three Tottenham targets will have snubbed them and either chosen Liverpool, Arsenal , Chelsea or West Ham, perhaps they will have “snubbed ” them to remain where they are for the rest of the season but make no mistake “snubbed” we will be just as sure as United and others will “test the resolve” of clubs for their star players. today will be the day of all the usual soundbites and crazy links but only a precious few will win the day and huge amounts of money will be involved while Tottenham will settle for loans or insignificant short term solutions to any issues they feel the squad has.

For most of Redknapp’s time and even AVB’s only January in charge Tottenham were in need of a major purchase to ensure the season was truly successful, it usually involved a striker and perhaps a defender and we were always sold short, that big name never arrived and the season fizzled out. Last year Holtby and Fryers arrived, both good players and for the future perhaps but not game changers, the year before, Redknapp’s last, Saha and Nielsen and yet again last game and a point separated us from the big time.

Every year is the same, while Chelsea, United, City and even Liverpool strengthen considerably we stand still, even Arsenal have seen the light and are seeking to strike a massive blow in the market and the fear is that once again we shall fall just short come the end of the season. We have tried getting by with experienced players looking for one last pay day with Redknapp but now it seems we are going down a different route with Sherwood who seems to have plumped for an even cheaper route by getting by with the youngsters already at the club.

We hope to be proven wrong and that we storm the rest of the season and finish in the top four, only time will tell but all around us teams are improving their squads with significant investment, hopefully some of those Tottenham invested huge sums on in the summer will come good and help the club to glory.


4 to “Tottenham in last day transfer madness!”

  1. Jide says:

    If we are seriously thinking of being in the CL next season and even after we should not be selling players like Holtby and bringing in Berbatov. That guy could not wait to leave Spurs in the dump the last time United came calling. I will be very disappointed if he rejoins Spurs. Putting aside my view about his past behaviour, what exactly will he contribute to the team that the current players cannot?

    It seems we never learn from our mistakes. If we sell Holtby to Fulham this season, I will bet that he will not be there next season if they go down, he is most likely to be sold on, and for a higher price probably.

    What is all this noise that Andros Townsend may be going to United? Can any of you guys shed more light on that?

    Secondly, any news on Vucinic?

  2. mick says:

    Berba on his way to Monaco and the Townsend story is rubbish as is Nani loan.
    Holtby seems to be a loan thank goodness and hope no option to buy.
    Looks as though everyone will strengthen but Spurs. Sherwood won’t be staying, LVG will lead next year and funds are being kept for him I would think.

    • Jide says:

      Thank goodness for that and the update Mick. Why we will not even strengthen is beyond me. A left back or another centre forward would have been appropriate. It seems this season will just fizzle out for us again.

      • mick says:

        your welcome. not sure what the plan is for left back as it should have been addressed in the summer, to be honest I don’t really wan’t benni back but it would have made sense to have him as back up.
        Convinced more than ever that Sherwood is out come June but worried that we shall lose couple of our better players without CL football.

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