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Posted on April 05, 2014 by Guest Writer

The name of Tottenham Hotspur was much in the news again yesterday though none of it relating to hopes and dreams for the remainder of the season as 5th, 6th and 7th is all that is left to play for after all the hype and hope in the summer transfer window. There was the news yesterday that Ledley King would be handed a testimonial by Tottenham to be played on May 12th between a Ledley guest eleven against the current squad and with tickets at respectable prices and proceeds going to good causes of his choice this is one testimonial that is fully endorsed from all aspects.

Apparently season ticket prices are frozen for next season which is good news and a sensible move after the shambolic season that Tottenham supporters have had to contend with, add to that the announcement that the new stadium should be ready to move into by 2017 and clearly the hierarchy of Tottenham have gone on a charm offensive with irate fans apportioning much of the blame on ENIC and Levy and their scattergun approach to football matters this past year.

The initial plan for the new stadium was for the current stadium to be used during the build but it seems that other options are being considered including the use of Wembley, the Olympic Stadium and Milton Keynes as well as other possible venues depending upon circumstances and the quality of opposition and potential crowd capacity opportunity. Is there still time to consider building at Alexandra Palace?

Some of the hack reporters are now linking Jan Vertonghen with Zenit and AVB as it suits the interest of United to sign a Zenit target Garay from Benfica, strange link really as they were all reporting that AVB had upset Vertonghen by playing him out of position when it suited their agenda to unsettle Tottenham and their coach in November/December.

There was little else of interest to report from yesterday but rarely does a day go past without Terrible Tim venting his anger in some way, Paulinho had been his target for most of the week but he took the opportunity to turn on an old sparring partner Glenn Hoddle, as usual his retaliation to Hoddle’s observations at Liverpool, witnessed and commented on by other pundits and even Tottenham supporters, was childish and pathetic:

“It’s been a long time since Glenn Hoddle’s managed a football team, and the game has moved on quite significantly.

“I’ve been a pundit myself. It’s easy to look for something when you’ve got nothing else to talk about, other than to be critical of your ex-side.” 

An unqualified coach with no coaching credentials, qualifications, badges or experience in the job until handed the reins at Tottenham in December having the audacity to question a man twice the player he was and coached at Chelsea and Tottenham amongst others and even had a great record with England, only losing the job because of non footballing matters.

Once again no game on a Saturday nor even a Sunday as we await the visit of Sunderland after the weekend, with no Europa League fixture last Thursday we should be in for a treat as the team has had more than a week to work and perfect a system and style to defeat a struggling sunderland side easily, perhaps we shall see a goal in the first fifteen minutes for the first time this season, perhaps we won’t concede so early and yet again have to chase a game. Will we see any surprises to the Tottenham lineup?

It has been years since Tottenham have gone into the last two months of the season with nothing to play for and , even Harry’s first year turned into a charge for a European place, a place that nobody within the club really wanted or took seriously once earned in recent years though with entry into the Champions League dangled for future winners it seems likely that Tottenham will even miss out on that opportunity with seventh probably beckoning.

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  1. Gunner says:

    We’ve had a poor season but Tottenham fans ye must be disgusted with this season 100 million spent gone backwards as a team and beaten 3 Thomas by yere greatest rivals sickened

  2. Bigh says:

    Hoddle is a legend and Sherwood a nobody. He should shut his mouth as its far too big. What a complete wanker he has turned out to be. He needs to take a few lessons about dignity and class from Ledley. Sadly the woolwich supporter has a point, we have gone backwards, but we still do have some real quality players. The quicker we get Van Haal in the better. If not we should go and get Martinez. Levy needs to sort himself out and so do ENIC. Be straight with the fans, and let the footballing side be run by those who understand football.

  3. eric says:

    Just when u thought tim couldnt go stoop any lower

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