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Tottenham keeping their stash for the big one, but who will it be?

Posted on July 21, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Forget all about the reports accusing Daniel Levy of being a cheapskate and holding Tottenham back, stories that he let Benteke go are very wide of the mark, if Tottenham and AVB really wanted him and felt that he was the player that would make the difference he would be holding a Tottenham shirt by now. Just a couple of weeks back Levy had authorised the purchase of two 17 year olds from Dynamo Zagreb, the fee £17m and for that they would remain with Zagreb until next summer before joining Tottenham and continuing their football education with the development squad.

£17m spent on future potential and possible first team players/squad members at best and yet the suggestion from supporters and untold reports is that Daniel Levy and Tottenham failed to come up with the £23- £25m to buy an essential forward, I’m sorry but it just doesn’t follow.

Villa was one that got away but my guess is that he was still not THE one and there is another out there who AVB would dearly like to sign up, that one forward who will make the difference and turn Tottenham into a genuine force. The current Tottenham squad with the addition Paulinho and now Chadli is already mightily impressive, Kaboul and Sandro are back and that will mean four fantastic players will be available to start the campaign and aim to shatter the 72 point record achieved last season.

A couple of big earners have gone, Gallas and Bentley, they followed on from a number of others over the course of the last year, Gomes and a few others will also be leaving in this window, some sadly, but with the best wishes of all Tottenham supporters for their service.

Tottenham have money to spend of that you can be sure, they have never been over extended during Levy’s time at the helm, they have extra TV money and a number of very high profile players, none more so than Bale at the moment, they are increasing their brand all the time and so merchandising and sponsorship opportunities are growing, and to top that off there will be a few player sales which should at the very least cover the monies spent on Paulinho.

Everybody across the world knows that the likes of Chelsea, City, PSG and Monaco have ridiculous wealth and can spend anything they wish, United have been known to brag that they have huge sums to spend and can buy any player if they wish to, especially over the past few weeks, even Arsenal have taken to talk of their war chest of £70m or more and the ability to now pay silly wages.

Daniel Levy and Tottenham say nothing, there is no bragging, no statement of disappointment, no word or attempt to put the record straight, it is just a matter of getting on and completing the deal if possible and then the announcement, as was the case with Nacer Chadli today. Regarding Gareth Bale and their own players Daniel Levy tells it as it is going to be at the end of season, AVB reiterates the point and you would hope that would be the end of it.

Who will be the next player through the door, I’m betting it will be another record fee for Tottenham.


5 to “Tottenham keeping their stash for the big one, but who will it be?”

  1. paul says:

    Couldnt have said it better,This article is spot on!! COYS.

  2. craig says:

    Levy deserves far more credit.He deserves a proper round of applause first home game.

  3. lol says:

    I respect how we have grown in last 3-4 years and congrats Levy for that. But on our prospect, with a good striker we will have a strong team. But our squad is still weak. Chelsea/City are money bags and have each position covered with 2 top players, just like Munich/PSG/Real/Monaco etc. But ManU/Arsenal have better depth than us and that will matter when you play 70 games a year. We have covered the wings with Chadli and a forward buy is a must, but what about backups for midfielders? the backups are up for sale, meaning they are not good enuf. Same in the defense too, except GK position for now.

    • Tony says:

      It has taken more like 10years but Levy is as close as he has ever been. don’t agree that squad is weak. Keeper as good as there is. 4 excellent centre backs(the number AVB wanted) maybe only City have the edge in that dept.RB good LB depends on return to form or Rose. Midfield Paulinho,Sandro,Dembele,Holtby, Sigurdsson, Carroll, Bale, Lennon,Chadli,Dempsey,Townsend, only need 5 on any given game. forwards hopefully new,with Defoe and Adebayor as back up. Spurs do not have £25/30 players as backup but they do have very good young players hungry to make an impression and that might be better than a bunch of egos sitting on the bench whining.

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