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Tottenham know their man, Villa was a smokescreen.

Posted on July 09, 2013 by Tony

For weeks now we have been fed the line that David Villa has been AVB’s number one target, most supporters initial reaction was disbelief due to his age, almost 32 yrs, and a significant fee of somewhere in the region of £12m. That disbelief turned into acceptance that AVB knows exactly what he needs to transform the squad into title challengers and if Villa fits the criteria who are we to argue, it was then left to Daniel Levy to negotiate a reasonable fee.

Many Tottenham supporters including the British press anticipated Tottenham signing the player within days but yesterdays news that he was set to sign for Atletico Madrid came out of the blue. Having had time to consider the situation it appears very likely that David Villa has never really been on the Tottenham agenda, how else can you view the events that unfolded yesterday, a total transfer fee of 5.1m euros payable over 3 years in instalments of 2.1m, 2m and 1m euros, provided he remains for the entire 3 seasons. Based upon that knowledge it is impossible to comprehend that if he had been such an important target the fee involved is so insignificant in today’s market that Tottenham would never have baulked at even double the figure.

There have been a number of rated marksman available already this summer, most have already been snapped up, of course some were outside the Tottenham price range but there have no reported or concerted efforts by Tottenham to buy any other striker, or two, that they need. there is no sign of panic and all is calm, Franco Baldini has only been with the club for a little over a week and he is charged with assisting the purchase of the players needed.

The Paulinho deal was confirmed even before the Confederations Cup commenced with the news that Tottenham had bid the buyout figure and triggered the move, there was no sign of panic even when Madrid, Chelsea and others apparently also announced their interest. Tottenham had done their homework and virtually sealed the deal weeks ago and all was calm.

There is the same feel about the situation surrounding strikers, yesterdays kit launch featuring Jermain Defoe strongly suggests that he remains a big part of AVB’s plans and so as things stand just one more striker is needed unless Adebayor is on his way, of which I am not convinced. All seems extremely relaxed in the Tottenham camp with no wild bids for any striker, there is no desperation evident which suggests to me that they know their target(s) and it will happen at the right time.

News that Benteke of Villa yesterday handed in a transfer request and will not be travelling on their tour is encouraging for any would be employers. Chelsea have already been strongly linked but with Torres, Ba, Lukaku and Schurrie who can also play an advanced role surely they cannot be realistic buyers, Arsenal are another who previously expressed interest but if Higuain, Rooney and Suarez are true targets (or even one of them) that is also a no go.

It now looks to me like it is Benteke but the situation with Soldado is also strange, he changes his mind with every interview given and there seems little doubt Valencia are financially embarrased especially after losing out on a Champions League spot, they will posture and deny any problem to maximise the amount that they can extract from a buying club, but ultimately they could be desperate to sell.

Yesterday there was a little concern, today that concern has been replaced by confidence in the negotiating team of Tottenham.


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