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Tottenham leave Arsenal to spend their transfer kitty on Gareth Barry.

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just a few short weeks ago both Tottenham and Arsenal were said to be fighting it out for the signature of Gareth Barry from Manchester City. Coming with a wage demand of at least a £100k pw and the pace of a team in a three legged race thank goodness Tottenham decided to splash out a little more and take a chance on Paulinho, a dynamic box to box player with pace and energy to spare.

While Tottenham quietly go about their business in this transfer window their near neighbours Arsenal, the team that Tottenham are most likely to surpass this coming season continue to shout about their new found ability to compete in the transfer market with all but the filthy rich clubs. Already this close season they have been negotiating with Real Madrid and the family of Gonzalo Higuain to bring the player to the club, unfortunately the people that matter at Madrid can find no evidence of such negotiations nor have they received an offer for the player! It only seems like two short weeks ago that he hopped on a plane to London to undergo his medical and complete the formalities, he must have taken the Bermuda Triangle route because there is still no sign of his arrival.

Wenger has apparently made a bid for Wayne Rooney, it sounds impressive but most of us really believe all the bluff and blunder from Rooney was intended to secure an extended new contract. A bid of £30m has apparently gone in for Suarez, that is probably £10m less than Madrid will pay, a team he has professed to preferring to join, especially to escape the English media.

Not content with all the posturing over ineffectual bids for star players Arsenal then turned to their old hero Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal apparently have first dibbs on him for £25m if he decides to leave Barcelona, no mention of the fact he might prefer another club altogether if and it’s a big if he decides he wants out of Barcelona.

So this enormous war chest of some £70m or more is still sitting there, in fact it will soon be bolstered by a couple of million as Bendtner is soon to be snapped up for £2/3m, that will cover the fee needed to bring in Barry at least. Just about everybody associated with Arsenal have been bragging about the wealth of the club now that the stadium is no longer holding them back, they had suggested that they would compete for many of the most wanted players in the world, Jovetic, Rooney, Higuain, Suarez and Fabregas, so far they have managed to pick up a 20yr old freebie from France and are the only club seriously considering Barry other than a transfer to the MLS.

Of course things could change but at this very moment all the evidence points to Arsenal and Wenger scrambling around once more in an attempt to strengthen the squad before the window closes. It does seem likely that Higuain remains their one true hope unless they also make an effort to buy Benteke, Wenger will need to convince him that he will be his main centre forward in a season leading up to a World cup in Brazil, a little like he did when convincing Walcott to stay, then it didn’t take long to park him out on the right again soon after signing.

At the moment all the ambition seems to be coming from the Tottenham area of North London while Arsenal must continue to come to grips with the fact that they no longer command the market like they once did. In the past 5 seasons Arsenal have spent big on perhaps a dozen players, arguably only Cazorla at £20m and Koscielny at £10m has so far really paid off, they are no nearer challenging for silverware, they are ditching players left right and centre due to poor performance, Fifteen players have been released and another five on free transfers, they include players like Arshavin at £15m and with Santos loaned out after an outlay of over £6m something like £30m spent on fees alone has gone begging. I know that Tottenham have also been guilty of error, Bentley comes to mind, as have all clubs, but only Arsenal and Liverpool of the so called Sky Four have actually fallen down the transfer pecking order.


39 to “Tottenham leave Arsenal to spend their transfer kitty on Gareth Barry.”

  1. mick says:

    Arsenal are dropping like lead balloons, even Dwight Yorke has dismissed them as challengers plumping for Spurs, Chelsea and city to challenge United for top spot.
    It had to happen as players with ambition left the club others with ambition refused to join and that is still the case. Walcott can talk about the fear factor all he likes but none of the top 8 at least actually fear Arsenal any more.

  2. tom says:

    they still can’t get rid of bendtner £50k pw hanging round your neck. Frankfurt agreed a fee of £100 Argos vouchers and still couldn’t strike a deal.

  3. Craig says:

    the big spenders aren’t even prepared to spend £10m on Williams, worth it or not. French 2nd division youngster on a free won’t make the difference and it will be the same old story again. Arsenal don’t deserve Champions League any longer they have zero ambition but top four. Gullible supporters have fallen for the same old stories again but this season it WILL end in tears and recriminations. As for Wenger, when it happens he will bugger off to PSG.

  4. Thierry says:

    you lot make me laugh hard. A whole article about arsenal, and three replies…hahahahahaha. I read the whole thing and some bits might have a ring of truth to them but most of it is complete garbage. You have signed Paulinho, and what? You think that because youve signed a player and we havent were falling down the pecking order, its so naive. Alot of people will be very suprised at what arsenal do in the transfer market this summer. Its the 12th of July. Window hasnt been open two weeks so people writing us off now is ridiculous. Arsenal is a bigger club than tottenham, maybe not as big as man u but bigger than totteham, Spurs are a decent side but so are arsenal, history? No point mentioning it as we decimate you. Wenger is a great manager FACT, AVB is a good manager whos up and cumming but yet to prove himself at the highest level consistently, and after all that you still think spurs is more attractive, not mentioning champs league. Wait and see what Arsenal do this summer, just wait. Alot of clubs and people will be very suprised. ” Arsenal are dropping like lead balloons” i did have to chuckle to myself.

    • mick says:

      Where is the player attraction to arsenal you keep mentioning, tell me the last player you signed who chose you over United, City or Chelsea, oh that’s right Cashley, Nasri, toure, Adebayor, Van Persie and clichy dumped Arsenal for them, while song and Fabregas went to Barca. Didn’t you say a couple of weeks ago Higuain was first big signing, still waiting and today reports it’s faltering. cazorla was best signing for some time but he wasn’t a target of any of the rich clubs.

    • Tony says:

      Arsenal supporters need cheering up so “your welcome”. Of there is some truth that must be clear to any supporter, I have also looked on a couple of stories relating to arsenal and transfers and your supporters are beginning to become a little concerned, many are realising that the “big spender” season promised might be turning into more of the same, £50m spend on just above average players and no stars again. You refer to history and Wenger ability and success falls firmly into the category of “history”, nothing of any consequence for 8 seasons and slipping in points total year after year. I think you will find that AVB has won 3 tournaments already including in Europe, maybe Wenger and Arsenal should consider that they might have a decent chance of winning the Europa rather than waste a CL spot year after year, but then they said that about the Carling Cup and that hasn’t worked out well either.

  5. lol says:

    we are obsessed with Arsenal!!! Guys, they still have the money and we are left with around 25M kitty, so hold it. They have open squad places left by Denhilson,Arshavin and Squilachi

    • mick says:

      Don’t think 2 of them were in last years squad anyway so the freebie fills the space left by Arshavin. Tottenham sales will almost cover the Paulinho purchase and have another £17m now the Croats are not signing,with extra TV money and sponsorship the dosh is there. Levy won’t go stupid havn’t got pockets like city and chavs. If you have ever looked on gooner sites they enjoyed rubbing spurs noses in it and still obsessed, that’s what supporters do.

    • Tony says:

      True to an extent because for, what is it 17yrs, they have rubbed our noses in it. Arsenal are the nearest competitors based on last season and so they are the immediate target to overtake, of course they will be an obsession if we want our club to improve but the others are not out of bounds, I really don’t see City as exceptional unless something drastic happens with purchases.

  6. steve says:

    who do we all think the gooners will announce the signing of first, Higuain/Fellaini/Rooney/Suarez/jovetic/Williams or Barry? they might hope to be big spenders but big players really don’t want arsenal any more. In decline and had better get used to it, once on that slippery slope.

    • craig says:

      you forgot about Fabregas, but now they are also about to bid £21m for Bernard. Lets hope he hasn’t heard that Arsenal are a team going nowhere, perhaps they should look for players in parts of the world that still think arsenal are a top team.

      • tom says:

        Even Grenier has turned down Arsenal to stay at Lyon, what chance do they have of signing somebody we have actually heard of.

  7. Thierry says:

    8 years without a trophy was obiviously nessescary to get to this point. It was frustrating yes but worth it. Spurs are a good team but are deluded if you think you can challenge for the title next season and arsenal are dropping like a lead balloon. Tell me who spurs have attracted player wise then? Paulinho? and who…….? thats it, so stop making out like your the club that everyone should be going to. Like it or not spurs fans arsenal are a bigger club than you, FACT, and comr the first day of the season you will see the likes of suarez/higuain, fellaini/bender, fabregas, bernard, mark my words, everyone, even those arsenal supporters that constantly criticise our club will have to eat their words. We have the money now, more money than most clubs, and we will spend it on top players which we need. Arsenal or spurs? AVB or Wenger? Cl or Europa league? hmmmm no brainer lads…!

    • Tony says:

      FACT in capital letters means it’s so does it? Think you will find Vertonghen,Lloris and Holtby chose Tottenham over Arsenal. you might try to spend it but the top players don’t believe in arsenal any longer. You might pick up one of those players if very lucky but it will be for money and not to win trophies. As for winning a trophy you can bet Spurs odds will be considerably shorter than Arsenals. Why are Spurs supporters deluded to think that they can win the league while you are not to think that Arsenal can!!!! 1 point doesn’t make you superior to any extent. Spurs have attracted Lloris, Vertonghen, Dembele, Paulinho amongst others and have retained the best in the league Bale, while all your best players felt the need to leave. Like or not Arsenal fans Tottenham are about to eclipse you and take your champions League place…Watch!

    • steve says:

      Even Higuain deal is in doubt today but the kitty will be bolsterd by Gervinho and Bendtner sales, they worked out well for you. Loadsa money but nobody of consequence wants to join the gooners, shame.

  8. Thierry says:

    ” even dwight yorke has dismissed them as challengers” hahahaha well we must be in trouble then if dwight yorke says so. Farcical,

    • Tony says:

      Everybody has you fighting for 4th place at best, nobody considers you title challengers. times change and you have had yours and now it’s your time to live in the shadow of Tottenham, harsh but true.

  9. Thierry says:

    Explain to me how we will live in the shadow of tottenham? Please tell me why spurs are a more attractive club? You ask any top player whether he wants arsenal or tottenham and im sure most of them choose arsenal. You say you attracted dembele and paulinho, are they top top players? No. Weve had a plan and stuck to it now we will reap the benefits, and players will join us because we are arsenal, a massive club that can now compete with the others, simple. Im not saying spurs arent a decent team because they are, but to claim that they will surpass arsenal and the likes of chelsea and both manchester clubs is laughable, you lot make yourselves sound stupid.

    • Tony says:

      like Vertonghen, Holtby and Lloris, who do they pay for? Dembele and Paulinho are not top players are you mad? Can’t wait to see tour starting eleven with Higuain, Rooney, Fellaini,Jovetic, Fabregas,Bernard, Suarez and Gareth Barry, where will Ramsey, walcott,wilshere,podolski and giroud fit in with all that top talent? spurs also have a plan, they are financially sound, in the throes of building a bigger stadium and have a fantastic youthful squad. just listen to yourself you have finished ahead by 1 point twice, chelsea by 2 points last season and behind the year before, city and all their wealth 6 points and they are having to rebuild again. United are as usual the team to beat but new coach and some very old players that they rely on and Rooney whining won’t help. It’s not laughable at all Spurs were fifth and on the tail of the 3 teams above, they are replacing players with better players which is more than can be said for Arsenal and especially Chelsea who just buy more of the same. Players don’t choose Arsenal over Spurs if it’s success they want but if it’s lots of money and play for 4th Arsenals your team.

      • Thierry says:

        your laughable mate. No paulinho isnt a top player, hes good with potential to be a top player. Dembele is a good player also with potential to be a top player. We have just shifted every bit of deadwood from our team, apart from bendnter to make way for the top players we will bring in. Please explain how spurs is the place to go if players want success? You havent won anything of any note for absolute years it is actually laughable, keep diggin your hole mate becasue once bale goes you lot will be bang in trouble.

        • steve says:

          have you ever played football? Dembele cost £15m and was worth £25m or more but for release clause. Paulinho is already a top player with the potential to be a great player. Ramsey who you rave about is not half of either spurs player. Not the Bale one again, have you heard he’s staying, wheres RVP, Nasri,Fabregas, Clichy, Cole, Toure. we won league cup 5yrs ago when was your last success?

          • Thierry says:

            whats playing football got to do with it hahaha? I have never ever raved about ramsey, in my opinion hes an average player who works hard thats it. Thats right you won the league cup well done, our last success was the fa cup and what? What about van der vart? Modric? they all jumped ship because spurs are up and coming ready to win the title and challenge for the champions league in 2 years hahaha, dont make me laugh. I come on here to have a good laugh, keep it up lads, forever in our shadow.

          • Tony says:

            vdv went to a club not even playing in Europe and Modric went for money and to sit on the bench. I don’t even bother looking on Arsenal sites there are enough on here worrying about the mighty spurs to keep me amused. “and what” good comment must remember that one.

        • Tony says:

          do me a favour all that deadwood was already loaned out including Arshavin and Bendtner, they were not in your squad. you have more deadwood than you think.Bale isn’t going though he’s not RVP or fabregas

          • Thierry says:

            and bale will go, are you that naive to think that becasue he was used in the “promotion2 of your new kit that he will stay? bless you. Arshavin, chamakh, denilson, mannone, gervinho, djourou just to name a few that will be gone, ready to bring in our top top players.

          • Tony says:

            arshavin,chamakh,denilson,djourou were not in your squad they were all on loan, russia, hammers,brazil and germany respectively. Bale isn’t going has said he is staying to decimate Arsenal. madrid going on spending spree now with 2 more £32m players as well as isco. Be afraid be very afraid.

  10. Thierry says:

    No one considers us title challengers becasue we havent got the team at the moment to win the league, simple. But are you telling me that spurs have the team to win the league? i dont think so. With the players we will add we will be a very very good side, i cant wait to come on here the start of the season and see what spurs fans say when we have signed some top players.

    • Tony says:

      We hear the same old story every year but you have spent over £50m each of past 2 years, Wenger just buys some crap, Cazorla the exception. you can make fake bids all day long but Arsenal can’t keep decent players and now no decent player wants to join because of lack of ambition. Make a £50m bid for Ronaldo it looks good but it’s fake and he won’t join. Thats what is happening with all the players you keep mentioning, you will buy attempting to keep Spurs at bay but it won’t be any of the stars you are dreaming of.If I am wrong then I shall hold my hands up but I just don’t see it.

  11. Thierry says:

    Ok mate ill hold you to that, i know alot of whats going on at arsenal and we will suprise alot of people this summer. Weve spent over 50 million in both transfer windows yes, but do you see how insignificant that amount is compared to what our rivals are spending in each window? Its very simple to understand, we havent had the means to spend alot on fees and wages, and now we have. You keep saying we lack ambition, but what ambition are spurs showing that arsenal arent? Ok youve bought paulinho, a good player but hes not going to turn you into contenders.

    • steve says:

      he is when you add a couple more forwards as well. By the way Julio Cesar seems to have picked Napoli over Arsenal, that must be hard to accept when you think he chose QPR last season. Even QPR attract players more than Arsenal, haha

    • Tony says:

      No problem if wrong. £50m insignificant ! so is the extra £60m more you spend than Spurs on wages I suppose, does that not give you an edge then? It is simple, you have spent more than Spurs, you spend £60m more on wages, you take £100m more because of ground size and CL and have beaten Spurs by 1 point for last 2 yrs, well done wenger that is amazing and all arsenal supporters should be so proud. We have bought Paulinho so far and Arsenal have a french 2nd division free transfer and that is going to make you contenders!Which team is showing ambition? it’s a simple answer.

      • Thierry says:

        i didnt say sanogo will make us contenders now your putting words in my mouth. Are you lot stupid? The window isnt even half way through yet. Weve bought sh*t players because wenger could not afford his top choices, simple. and @ steve cesar hasnt chosen napoli at all, napoli has just signed a new keeper so just shows how much you know mate.

    • tom says:

      but arsenal can’t attract the big players anymore, they are now like Liverpool but play champions league till first week in march before concentrating all their efforts on catching Spurs.Paulinho £17m and a forward will cost over £20m perhaps £25m, how will the Arsenal free transfer attract big players?

  12. Thierry says:

    its not the free transfer that will attract the big players is it? Its the fact that were arsenal mate, a big club who has gone through a very testing time and has still managed to keep above spurs who i agree are catching up. Watch as wenger now buys some top talent, the attraction is playing for arsenal, in the elite of europe, playing for wenger, in front of 60000 fans week in week out, thats the attraction. Im not saying that spurs arent an attractive club, im merely pointing out that its deluded to think that spurs will decimate arsenal now and spurs are on the up while arsenal are dropping like a lead balloon. Do you not agree?

    • Tony says:

      where has “decimate” come from. I don’t agree that Arsenal are dropping like a lead balloon but I do honestly believe that Spurs have the better players and squad and are on the rise at the expense of Arsenal and possibly others. It’s no good just playing in the elite competition for the last 17yrs when in that time United, Liverpool and chelsea have won it and appeared in the final 2 or 3 times to arsenal 1 losing final. wenger doesn’t know how to buy talent any more there have been more bad buys and bad contracts handed out to average players like bendtner, santos,denilson,squillaci, gervinho etc. Don’t kid yourself were Arsenal mate, where your concerned it’s about money because you certainly don’t challenge for much or win anything, thats why all your stars left more money and trophies. Where is higuain mate his plane got lost?

  13. Thierry says:

    Higuain is agreed mate and if we want him we will get him, we want suarez over higuain and are waiting on liverpool to answe your question. Wenger doesnt know how to buy talent anymore? Nasri, cazorla, monreal, koscielny, podolski? i know nasri went but its irrelevant, wenger knows who he wants and if hes got the money to buy his FIRST CHOICE players he will, its not hard to understand. You keep saying that weve have never won the champs league but you lot havent ever come close, ever! This is what gets to me, yes we dont challenge for much and havent won anything for a while, but what the f*ck have spurs done? tell me what you lot have done recently? won the league cup? dont tell me your content with that. It all comes down to this, arsenal are a slightly better team than spurs, 1 point or 10 points it doesnt matter the table doesnt lie, were not alot better than you but enough to keep above you. We can attract the better players and we will do, AVB will have to prove his worth in getting you to compete for the title or hunting down the bigger teams while not spending anywhere near as much as us and the other top clubs, then we will see how good he is, especially when bale leaves.

    • Tony says:

      be careful what you wish for because you might end up with neither. Tottenha did once get to the semi final and were beaten by the winners by odd goal, that was when it was the true Champs Cup and not the Wenger trophy for 4th spot league. I cannot wait for the 3rd Sept to see just how much big spenders Arsenal do spend, I’ll bet all your supporters will be whining and moaning again of lack of ambition in the transfer market, if I am wrong then I will admit to be wrong.

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