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Posted on September 28, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

For the past few days all the media attention has been firmly fixed on today’s Tottenham versus Chelsea fixture, or more like AVB versus Jose Mourinho. Some of the headlines have been outrageously exagerated, there might be differences of opinion and they might not even keep in contact any longer but they have not crossed swords in the same competition or league until now.

Maybe coaches actually encourage the attention in order to protect their players from unwanted attention, it really doesn’t matter, once the players step from the tunnel onto the pitch it is virtually all about them, the coaches can shout and encourage and slightly tweak position and movement, they can make changes in personnel and formation but the real action happens on the pitch.

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Tottenham have had a team capable of beating most teams on their day for four or five years now, they have been a genuine top four/five team during that period but have generally had to rely upon outstanding performances from three or four of their star players, that has changed as they now have fantastic quality in every position. Many had doubts about Danny Rose in the left back role but he has grown into the position more and more with every game so much so that every Tottenham supporter is willing him back to fitness for today. Probably the only other player who continues to receive mixed revues is Kyle Walker, which is strange as statistically he is the top fullback in the Premiership and one of Tottenham’s top performers.

Tottenham have managed just three wins against Chelsea in forty-two fixtures, the immense financial clout that Chelsea have had has always given them the edge over Tottenham, even now because they pay such huge wages they were able to gazzump them to pinch Willian. Irrespective of such an enormous financial imbalance they start today’s fixture as equals and are probably slight favourites, of course anything can happen on the day as that is always the case when you are facing the best clubs.

Win lose or draw today’s result will not change anything for either club, they both believe themselves capable of winning the title and other silverware this season and the battle will go on, Chelsea have done it before but Tottenham haven’t and a positive performance, and better still result might galvanise them into actually believing they are the team to beat this season.

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