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Tottenham likely to avoid Basel in UEFA Cup this season.

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

For some months Tottenham and their supporters have had to live with the taunts from Chelsea supporters, amongst others, over their defeat to Basel in the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup competition last season. Without Gareth Bale, our top goalscorer, for the crucial second leg the game ended in a 2-2 draw and 4-4 overall, a penalty shootout defeat followed as we know.Maybe Tottenham had underestimated Basel in the first leg or perhaps, as Manchester United found out the year before, Basel are a very good team.

With plenty of warnings Chelsea entertained Basel in the first game of the Champions League group stages, a home game in the group to welcome Jose Mourinho back after six years away. It did not go to plan, Basel won the game and it was no smash and grab either but fully deserved after Chelsea had taken the lead and edged the first half. Before the game Mourinho had spoken of the need to act as a mother hen to a young group of players, was he talking about the youngsters Cech, Cole, Cahill, Ivavnovich, Eto’o or Lampard ? add to those the very experienced Luis and Willian and it just leaves Oscar, Hazard and Van Ginkel to be coaxed along.

The Portuguese, who returned from Real Madrid in the summer, has played down his youthful squad’s chances of winning the Champions League – describing them as “young eggs who need nurturing”.

Chelsea and Mourinho have no excuses, we have maintained on this site the belief thatBUg2qjGCMAAjNId the Chelsea squad is not now as good as it was shaping up to be, Willian has come in and thrown a spanner into the works and at the moment Juan Mata is the player suffering from his inclusion. With only five British based players left in their squad following the loan of Moses to Liverpool another of their forwards had to be sacrificed and Lukaku was the chosen one.

Of course it’s not all over for Chelsea with another five games still to come, but we cannot miss the opportunity to make a little fun of their current demise as they did with us last year and the year before to deny us a Champions League place. Tottenham and AVB entertain Chelsea soon and then we will be able to assess more clearly the situation for both clubs, but until then let’s enjoy the moment.


10 to “Tottenham likely to avoid Basel in UEFA Cup this season.”

  1. whlspur says:

    where have all the chavs gone now, 2 defeats and they disappear. roll on Spurs v Chelsea.

  2. yidarmy says:

    Saw a great comment earlier, “Chelsea have started their defence of the UEFA Cup brilliantly” haha, they will still need to finish third.

  3. craig says:

    no doubt the best team lost. Mourinho has lost the plot, what was all that crap about mother hen etc. for young team.eight of those players averaged 31. who will abramovitch get to replace the “losing one”

  4. craig says:

    Where’s Gaines? it’s all gone quiet. At the moment all the accusations made against Chelsea are proving right.

  5. Eric says:

    for me its important to win or gain maximum points against 14 non title challengers teams cause we will occasionally slip up against the rest 5.Last season we beat city arsenal unites pool but drew with norwich wigan n lost to everton fulham n that is where I feel our fate will be sealed

    • Tony says:

      thinking back to last season norwich, wigan, fulham, everton and WBA cost us plenty and everton and liverpool away from winning positions, 17 points wasted, only needed one of them to go the right way and everything would be different now. I just don’t believe that anybody has improved to the level Spurs have but agree that liverpool and even arsenal are better than last year. at the same time chelsea and united are possibly not so good at least at the moment.

  6. Eric says:

    no offence but I slightly disagree with u.United have better strikers to get goals whereas chelsea don’t so they may struggle.Pool r better but Coutinho is out so will replace him ? their midfield is weak acc to me as compared to their strikers n defence.They don’t play in Europe but they can be irritably inconsistent against mid table teams(bear in mind they haven’t played big teams yet except united n swansea match showed their inconsistency).Arsenal so far had decisions their way last match but their cl group,squad depth,injury list,etc will struggle at times.Remember like each year they r under pressure to win trophies so losing in cup games will be hard to take but if they buy in Jan u never know

    • Tony says:

      no offence taken and i know United have along with city the best strike force in the land, it’s elsewhere that i think they struggle, ferdinand and vidic are still the best defenders they have by a mile and are injury prone, carrick apart and now possibly with fellaini are best midfielders, i don’t think cleverley is really that good. young nani and valencia are are no longer at top of game either.might be wrong but fergie was 25% of the team and they have lost that. no title for them this year for me.

  7. Eric says:

    completely agree with 25% n cleverly part n also note that Jones is injury prone too.Nani n young r on off but valencia seems to be getting on form.Again their strike force will b d difference.If we sign a striker in Jan I’d be content.Also I have never seen a chelsea n tottenham strikers so similar in recent years though they may have better attacking mfs

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