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Tottenham lineup to reclaim pride.

Posted on March 16, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

When even the pundits and media are beginning to doubt Tottenham’s ability to obtain a result at home to Arsenal then clearly there are major problems, in each of the past two seasons Tottenham have been in the escendancy and won relatively comfortably, even the first meeting this season at the emirates saw a strong tottenham performance and a narrow 1-0 defeat which to some was a little harsh. Today we shall see exactly what the toll the events and criticism of recent weeks has taken on Tottenham players, we should hope that professional pride and the slim hope that they retain as a team to achieve their ambitions this season drives them on in what is the supporters game of this season and every other.

Though I have little faith myself in our current coach clearly he has picked up a couple of important lessons, a five man midfield with a defensive midfielder is essential against the better teams, that lesson was driven home in the FA Cup against today’s visitors and he has rarely wavered from that method other than in Europe since.

Hopefully other lessons picked up recently might include actually playing his squad in positions to which they are accustomed, no more experimentation with Walker and Naughton down the right and Lennon wherever he fits in , though he no longer has a choice it’s Vertonghen in central defence and rather than leave two left backs on the bench, as was the case against Benfica, play one of them rather than a right footed alternative. Bentaleb’s day will come but for now he needs to be taken out of the firing line though i have doubts that he will today by need rather than choice if Dembele is not fit.

Tottenham have the players to hurt Arsenal and though opinion is split on so many issues I believe that the starting lineup should be as follows with Lennon and Townsend providing real width to supply Soldado and with Christian Eriksen picking the passes to open up Arsenal.


8 to “Tottenham lineup to reclaim pride.”

  1. Gunner says:

    Forever in or shadow

    • Tony says:

      it’s spelt “our” and “gooner”

      • Jide says:

        Tony, I will not waste any time on a gooner. They can neither read or write!

        As far as I am concerned, our season ended when we lost at Norwich. If Levy has any regard for our club, he will relieve Sherwood of his position at the end of season. There is no purpose to the way we are playing. He does not have a clue to what he is doing. His touch line antics and rants in post-match interviews are papering over his deficiencies as a manager.

        Another season fizzling out with nothing!

        • Tony says:

          I am finding his touchline antics and rants embarrassing, apart from performances surely Levy should take some action as he is bringing the name of Tottenham into disrepute.

  2. davidkk2 says:

    tot outplayed arse today,but don’t be deluded they wa missing their best players.they missed oz,rams teo and jack it is the =of asm mising osca,ramirez,hazad and matic.coys.

    • don says:

      they can only play eleven and ozil and Wilshire are not 2 of their best as you suggest. Tottenham also missing some important players like dembele and walker and there is no delusion we could all see Tottenham outplayed Arsenal and deserved better.
      It makes me laugh when people say they were missing players, just who would have been left out, rosicky, cazorla, chamberlain, arteta or giroud perhaps.

  3. steve says:

    A decent performance but still only the 2 shots on target. As most expected Adebayors goals have dried up with none in 5 games now as he continues to run about in areas that pose no threat. Good to see Soldado get 8 minutes to make a difference today and Bentaleb another 90.
    Sherwood is now in danger of ruining Bentalebs Tottenham career before it has got going as he has completely overplayed him and pitched him against players with far too much experience that have exposed his lack of experience. Sherwood continues to embarrass us and himself with stupid moments like throwing the ball at Sagna, he is coming across as a nasty piece of work out of his depth and just why the media still talk him up I don’t know.

  4. don says:

    That’s 7 defeats in 2014 already things are really looking up. AVB lost only 8 all last season and only 5 in 26 this. Levy backed the wrong man.

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