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Tottenham-Madrid partnership is over!

Posted on June 20, 2013 by Guest Writer

When Tottenham entered into a so called partnership with Real Madrid last year following the sale of Modric many questioned what either club would get from the arrangement, it is now becoming abundantly clear, SOD ALL but grief. Real Madrid have continued to be the odious club that they became a dozen or so years ago, believing themselves to be the greatest club on the planet, hold that, according to Luka Modric , the greatest club in the Galaxy. There is no doubt that they are famous and their record in Europe was exceptional IN THE LAST CENTURY, now they are a club in decline in terms of success in Europe and more worryingly for them and their supporters domestically.

When the partnership was announced scaremongers tried to insist that Tottenham had become their feeder club which could never be the case, it was hoped that the youth and coaching staff of both clubs would benefit from an exchange of ideas, at the very least it was anticipated that there would be a preseason friendly arranged on an annual basis as there once was between Tottenham and Glasgow Rangers many years ago.

It seems that nothing has transpired, Real Madrid continue to play dirty and court the best Tottenham players and the time has come for this to stop. It has been said that Tottenham had a written agreement from Madrid, following the acquisition of Modric, that they would not actively pursue Gareth Bale this summer, they have broken that agreement many times over and I am sure that Daniel Levy is furious. A couple of years ago Levy refused point blank to do business with Chelsea over Modric and as a result there does not seem to be any love lost between the 2 clubs, it has happened in the past with Manchester United following the Berbatov fiasco since when Daniel Levy has also been reluctant to sell to them. Real Madrid now fall into this category and they must not be allowed to win this battle as to do so will then make Tottenham vulnerable each year, AVB, Vertonghen and all the others will be considered easy pickings and Tottenham will remain occasional contenders for entry into the Champions League rather than nailed on entrants.

Levy has been building for years to establish Tottenham at the top, the training facilities are in place, coaching is in place, the stadium project is well underway and AVB and this squad are close to establishing themselves as title contenders. He will not take that step backwards now and though he and ENIC might well sell the club in the future for a fortune, by then the plan will have been completed and Tottenham will once again be up there with the best.


4 to “Tottenham-Madrid partnership is over!”

  1. grant says:

    Did it ever start. Real Madrid, Perez, Zidane, Modric and Ramos are all devious bits of work and if they are happy at what has become a second rate team let them get on with it, but don’t drag others into the cesspit with them.

  2. amitosh says:

    Real is still the biggest club by revenue, they can afford to spend and each player dreams of playing there. Whats wrong in it? They generate funds and they spend. And Levy is a shrude businessman, which is good for Spurs as last few years they have not done a bad business in transfer market

    • Tony says:

      the point is that they generate money but don’t win much, all these mercenaries but behind Atletico and Barcelona in Spain and Bayern, even the English clubs will pass them by this season. They are no longer the place to go to win silverware and are sadly in decline. The Galactico had it’s day and is no longer the answer.

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