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Tottenham need forwards ,where will they come from?

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Eddie S

Well Manchester City seem to have a few to many.Their system normally lends itself to 1 forward and occasionally 2,at present they still have Tevez,Aguero,Dzeko, Ballotelli,Adebayor and Santa Cruz,obviously a couple of them,Tevez and Adebayor would do nicely.

Once Villas Boas is appointed then Hulk will at some point be linked.Loic Remy is another supposedly chased in the past as well as Llorente.Rossi was all the rage for a year or more but serious injury has ruled him out for another several months.
Diego Forlan was another who supposedly refused us and is now available but to old and to late for him.

Disappointed that Arsenal have beaten us to Podolski and Giroud as 2 good forwards have now been taken.

It had been reported that David Villa had fallen out of favour at Barcelona before his injury,maybe he is a possibility although the cost and wages for a player of his age does not fit the Tottenham criteria.

Sturridge is probably the only other forward in the Premiership of interest, but it is unlikely Chelsea would sell to Spurs.

Hopefully these issues are in hand and will shortly be announced.

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