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Tottenham need to gel as a team and quick.

Posted on September 14, 2013 by Guest Writer

Pretty soon now the penny will drop that AVB really is as good as Tottenham supporters think he is. Daniel Levy obviously sees his work at close quarters and knows what he has got in his midst and that is why he authorised the mammoth spending spree this summer. for weeks now there has been a cloud hanging over the club which dispersed with sale of Gareth Bale and the closing of the transfer window.

Before the International break as a result of the defeat to Arsenal the concern was as to whether AVB could get his players singing from the same song-sheet and just how long it might take, the consensus of opinion was that it was a very good transfer window but possibly a Cup competition was the best that Tottenham could hope for along with a decent challenge for a top four position. Mourinho,Sir Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp spoke of Tottenham as possible contenders for a position much higher than fourth, but other clubs and their supporters as well as many in the media still see them only as fifth place material!

Chris Houghton and his Norwich team felt the full brunt of the new Tottenham today and he could only admit that Tottenham are a class apart, have an abundance of fantastic players in the team, the squad and to call upon when needed and most importantly should be considered credible title contenders.

Today the performance was exceptional from 1 to 11 and then take a look at the bench, the injured and the other players that he has to call upon, Sandro”the Beast” was the first to come on followed by Holtby and then the £30m new boy Lamela for his White Hart Lane introduction.

Holland and Ajax were the exponents of “total football” some 40years ago and watching some of the movement and patterns played by Tottenham today was more than a little reminiscent of those teams, the sight of Rose going past players and breaking into the box and even Kyle Walker appearing all over the pitch at times was excellent.

Many would rather that Tottenham continue to be dismissed as contenders, possibly even AVB himself in order to relieve pressure on his players and to see how far they can go, others of us want it to be known that Tottenham are now one of the teams to fear and if you want any sort of result then you are going to have to work for it and play of your very best.

There is no doubt that there will be occasions when they won’t quite flow like a well drilled team should do, but on the other hand when they do then there’s going to be a show and the Tottenham Hotspur will be there.

2 to “Tottenham need to gel as a team and quick.”

  1. 6YardsOut says:

    They don’t necessarily need to do it quick. There is a nice run of games coming up for them to fit together before the real matches start.

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