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Tottenham not pushing for Moutinho, who do they have up their sleeve?

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Guest Writer

It seems that the transfer of Joao Moutinho to Monaco has almost been completed with reports that he and his club colleague Rodriguez have completed their medicals and expect the deal to be struck soon. With that news obviously the need to compete in the Champions League is clearly not the issue that some clubs and journalists would have us believe, Monaco have only just been promoted from the French second division and have no European football at all to look forward to, not unlike the situation when Hulk left for Europa football with a club with little aspiration but plenty of money.

Clearly Tottenham have moved on from their attempts to secure the players services last summer and there seems to have been no effort to resurrect the deal since, so what is the plan? does AVB believe that once Sandro and Dembele are agaiin operating in tandem he has the midfield players to do the job, he obviously expects Holtby to progress and thinks highly of him, perhaps he is also banking on the talents of a couple of their own youngsters like Carroll and Pritchard, both extremely talented and seem the type of players that might become regulars at some point soon.

I do believe that one or two of the existing midfielders might be allowed to move on and better younger versions drafted in as well as some of the youngsters, whereas Tottenham were continuously linked with Moutinho, Pjanic and Dzagoev there has been little said although admittedly it is still very early days, perhaps AVB has a Spanish or Brazilian player in mind to bring to the club using his ability to find the quality needed as he did with Porto.

Tottenham have now been linked to just about every decent forward available and many that are not and so will cost a pretty penny, clearly one or two of them will arrive before the season starts as all possibilities have been exhausted, it is in other areas that the intrigue remains. There is little doubt that Tottenham suffered whenever Sandro or Dembele were unavailable and they will need to ensure more able replacements are available, obviously Gareth Bale was irreplaceable but the best that can be hoped for is that others will provide the missing goals if he is out for any length of time. Aaron Lennon was another miss as he was eventually the only provider of pace and width once Bale had changed roles, Townsend will obviously become decent cover and will hopefully challenge his position but each of the offensive/midfield three will have to offer a better return than 4 goals.

This promises to be a strange and difficult transfer window, on the one hand the better players either want Champions League football or they want an extortionate wage, in some cases both. Tottenham do need to make a statement of intent but within reason, every Tottenham fan wants success as do the players but nobody wants it at the expense of possible financial ruin. Carry on progressing and improving the squad and take the odd gamble on a player that AVB believes might make the difference, but remain mindful that Tottenham have been lagging behind the others because of financial problems in the early 90’s when the Premier League started, a few have tried to buy their way to the top and we all know who they are and what has happened to them.

Levy ensures progress as well as careful financial planning, he is often ridiculed for lacking the bottle to spend big but carries on regardless doing what is best for Tottenham at this moment in time, there is little doubt of the progress being made within his own financial restraints, but with the extra revenue from the TV money due this season his hand is strengthened this summer.

Almost certainly AVB and his team have identified a number of players that would help Tottenham’s cause next season, behind the scenes inquiries and negotiations have probably started, soon we shall know who comes and who is allowed to leave but either way it will be with the intent on finishing higher in the league and with even more points next season.



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