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Tottenham now the 3rd most famous team in Europe because of Gareth Bale.

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Scraggs

Perez the Real Madrid President recently said that spending such a huge amount on a player such as Gareth Bale was an investment as players like him  brought relative success(that is all you can say about Madrid) more importantly it brought more money into the club from merchandising and sponsorship. Tottenham are well on their way to realising that sort of exposure as they now have a lot of stars in the squad as well as Gareth Bale now the best in England and arguably only less famous than Ronaldo and Messi in the whole of  the world of football at the moment.

Daniel Levy is a financial wizard and he has taken Tottenham to the brink of becoming one of the elite teams in the Premier League, without breaking the bank or putting the clubs finances at risk. He had Carrick, Berbatov, Keane and Modric in their pomp but he now has a truly special player in Gareth Bale, Barcelona have Messi, Real Madrid Ronaldo and now there is Gareth Bale of Tottenham. When the great players and their famous clubs are spoken of it will now be Barcelona, Real Madrid and Tottenham just because of Gareth Bale.

Levy will know to keep his player not just from a playing and results point of view but because sponsors will be all over Tottenham to invest fortunes because of the style and success of Tottenham, the quality and diversity of player and Gareth Bale. Not content with that he his bringing in a great talent like Paulinho of Brazil, already famous in South American football and who will light up the league next year with his compatriot Sandro. David Villa the record Spanish goalscorer is on his way, already the French and USA captains wear the white of Tottenham as their fame continues to spread. Don’t just take my word for it, Tottenham announced that record numbers of supporters clubs were springing up all over the world, soon you will see the Tottenham shirt being worn the world over with any one of the squad names emblazoned on it, although most will be Bale for now.

It has taken time but Tottenham are about to hit the heights once more, they were once one of the most famous English clubs in Europe and bought all the top stars, including more than a few World Cup winners, all the best players wanted to join Tottenham and many did. At the present moment they are still a long way from paying the type of wages that some can afford, but the gap is closing and will continue to do so as the money rolls in, by the time the new stadium is ready Levy will have them in a position to challenge almost everybody in terms of finance and more importantly success.

When people mentioned United you thought of Rooney now possibly RVP, City without Tevez no longer have a real superstar, Chelsea, well it should have been Torres but that didn’t work out, Arsenal, well they had RVP is the best you can say about them, but everybody now knows the name Tottenham Hotspur because of Gareth Bale.



13 to “Tottenham now the 3rd most famous team in Europe because of Gareth Bale.”

  1. grant says:

    Don’t know about 3rd most famous, Madrid keep going down in my estimation with their childish tactics, they really need to start growing up.COYS

  2. tom says:

    Spurs are already the 11th richest club in the world and only regular Champions League teams are ahead of them. They are a sleeping giant and on the rise.

  3. Sam says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but your sand castle is built on just one brick, called Bale. Inevitably when he leaves, your will be back in relegation battle.

    • tom says:

      Arsenals problem is that he won’t leave, why would he when Spurs are about to win lots of silverware. Make the most of Wengers last season as he leaves the sinking ship and probably takes Wilshere with him.haha

  4. Thierry says:

    Spurs are about to win lots of silverware? Now i have heard it all.

    • Tony says:

      Well Arsenal haven’t managed to win anything in 8years with all that Champions League money, gate receipts and great players improving with all that champions league football. Move over and let spurs show you how it’s done, we’re gonna smoke you this season.

    • whlspur says:

      you really do take the biscuit, do we have to continuously remind you that we beat Chelsea to win the League Cupsince you last won a trophy and also played united in the final narrowly losing, meanwhile lowly soon to be relegated Birmingham beat you in your big final. Spurs are now capable of beating any of the so called better teams and are doing so regularly now. silverware no problem.

      • Tony says:

        I have no doubt that Levy has learnt from the Berbatov situation and will never buckle again. He stuck to his guns with Modric and held firm, probably agreeing that without champions League football he could go abroad for proper money. Maybe he might have to do that with Bale so the pressure is on, that is why he will spend the money needed to go for nothing less than the title as to aim lower is dangerous. Look I really don’t care if Arsenal finish the season in 2nd place but I am always going to want Spurs to finish higher and you the opposite. What is not sinking in with you or all the Liverpool loving pundits is that Spurs finished the season 1 pt behind Arsenal, 2 Chelsea and only 6 pts behind 2nd placed City. United were never good enough to finish so far in front and Spurs outplayed them in 3 halves of the 4 played. Spurs are strengthening, Villa will score more than Adebayor standing on his head, Paulinho is a top player and is ahead of the £30m city new boy Fernandinho in the Brazilian team and they will add more very good players, perhaps Soldado as well. Why can nobody see and acknowledge that Spurs have caught you all up and continue to add fantastic players in an effort to go higher, that is what is happening and AVB whatever you might think knows how to win because he has done it with Porto, unbeaten in league and Europe. To put into a little more perspective Spurs won 11 points from the top four teams, arsenal just 5 from the same teams and Spurs, and that is why Spurs need to be taken seriously.

        • tom says:

          I couldn’t have made it any clearer than that. The giant has risen.

        • mick says:

          wicked comment and right on the money. Perhaps it is better that they all underestimate the quality and ability that spurs have but it is bloody infuriating,

  5. Thierry says:

    remind us that you beat chelsea to win the league cup? now that is a major achievement hahahaha. We know we havent won anything for 8 years but weve won alot more than spurs have ever won so dont talk to me about history becasue in histroy terms arsenal completely ruin spurs,FACT! So you lot have won the league cup in the period in which we havent won anything, is that really something to shout about? No! We are now in a much stronger position than we ever have been, we have no players that will leave so wenger, for once, will be able to add to his squad rather than see one of his best players leave and have to rebuild the team, we have the money for big fees and the big wages, which you need to attract the best players, the best players win you silverware. Once again im not saying spurs arent on the up at all, ive said it enough times that spurs are a decent outfit, but to say avb is one of the top managers in football is a fabrication(he has potential yes) when hes won titles, doubles, got you in the champs league for a few seasons then he can be regarded as a quality manager FACT! some of the statements you lot make is laughable, “spurs will smoke you this season” Me as an arsenal fan, wouldnt say things like that about us smoking spurs because i doubt we will smoke you, because i can see past my bias towards arsenal and be realistic, whereas you mob claim that your about to win lots of silverware and be able to win the champions leaague in 2 years. That is a massivley bold and unrealistic statement that can only come from deluded fans.

    • mick says:

      He has won titles, 3 of them in less than 3 seasons. IT is a bold statement that spurs can win the champions League but who expected Dortmund or Bayern in the final this year. All the odds were on Madrid v Barca how wrong was that as Barca were buried and Dortmund shocked the underachievers Madrid.

    • craig says:

      Your wage bill is £60m more than Spurs and only £20m less than Chelsea, just how much do you want to pay your average players. Liverpool at £120m are also £30m more than Spurs. Levy knows money and money loves him.

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