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Tottenham on the brink, which way will they go?

Posted on July 28, 2013 by Tony

Daniel Levy joined Tottenham in 2001 following it’s purchase by ENIC and Joe Lewis, since then he has been trying to manipulate the club back to it’s former glory. It has been a long and painful progression at times all the while fighting the odds  and the exceptional buying power of United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. At times Tottenham were close to overcoming those odds with hard work, luck and great scouting but whenever they came close teams came along and relieved them of their best players, Sol Campbell, Michael Carrick, Dimitar Berbatov, Luka Modric and Robbie Keane amongst them. On each and every occasion it meant a small step back and the need to start over.

A few years ago it appeared that Tottenham were on their way at last as they broke the top four monopoly at the expense of Liverpool, unfortunately Manchester City had at the same time come into a great deal of money and found themselves to be the richest club on the planet, that wealth soon took it’s toll, along with a little bad luck when Chelsea finished sixth but won the Champions League and retained entry at Tottenham’s expense.

Modric went, Redknapp made way for Andre Villas-Boas and Tottenham went for it again with new players and a certain Gareth bale in their ranks. What followed was a great season which promised much more than the final outcome served up, a record points total but only a fifth place finish while Bale grew as a player and now stands as the best player in the Premiership and arguably only bettered by Messi and Ronaldo in world football.

Since the season finished everybody has been working toward bringing in the players needed to take that final step, to put together a squad actually capable of challenging for the title itself and secure a top four position, there is now a belief that silverware is no longer a dream but an expectancy.

This squad is full of fantastic players but more importantly it also contains a genuine superstar and a player capable of elevating Tottenham into one of the biggest and most successful clubs in Europe let alone the Premier League, he is a player who will attract other exceptional players and enormous wealth to Tottenham. Bale is set to become a world renowned player and with that comes enormous exposure for his club, extra merchandising, sponsorship and more importantly success.

Tottenham and Daniel Levy are at a crossroads, they can either buckle to real madrids demands and sell the player for a world record fee, in effect another step back, or as every Tottenham supporter expects he can tell them to poke it and ready themselves for Tottenham to challenge them for the Champions League itself in the very near future.

Daniel Levy has a stadium to build and then that stadium to fill, more than ten years work and many many moments of despair and disappointment have gone into getting to this point, it is very doubtful that Gareth Bale is distraught or upset at this moment, he is under contract to Tottenham, BT and others and needs to remain, but irrespective Levy knows what he must do he is a shrewd business man and a Tottenham supporter, keeping Bale, irrespective of the fee offered, is not only the right financial move but also the right move in terms of football and Tottenham as a club.

We trust Daniel Levy to do what is right by Tottenham Hotspur, to a man every Tottenham supporter will tell you that keeping Gareth Bale  will consign all the years of disappointment to the past and years of glory to the future.


3 to “Tottenham on the brink, which way will they go?”

  1. lol says:

    All is well at Spurs and we will go only positive from here, dont care at whose expense

    • Tony says:

      Agreed, only interested in Spurs and not bothered whose place they take although top spot would be good.

      • lol says:

        for sure, I can see Manchester clubs not doing so-well, ManU already have a very thin squad and one injury to RVP can cause chaos. City is weak at back keeping the same back players. We can definitely target top honors with Soldado in

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