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Tottenham or Arsenal, who will spend the most?

Posted on July 04, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Even before the transfer window opened both clubs were being linked with many different players, some like the two young Croatians from Dinamo Zagreb, David Villa and even Gareth Barry were supposedly straight fights between the North London giants. Somehow it seemed that Tottenham and Arsenal were in the market for players of similar abilities and similar positions in the respective squads!

Of course many would have you believe that as Arsenal are in the Champions League the quality of the player likely to join their ranks and so play in the competition would also lead them to a far better quality of player, so why Gareth Barry you might ask? It has been suggested that Arsenal have now reached a place financially where they can compete for many of the top players, Higuain is one example but they have also been linked with Wayne Rooney, who would demand a wage of over £200k, Fabregas and today the best one of the lot Luis Suarez, the same Suarez who loves Liverpool but must escape the British media and who might decide to hideout in North London! A good story again suggesting Arsenal are prepared to splash the cash but surely a fictional story.

Tottenham have already snared Paulinho, although the formalities are still to be finalised, there is a strong suggestion that the David Villa  deal is close to completion, and everything does actually indicate that the Dinamo Zagreb players are as likely to join Tottenham as anybody else. Arsenal with all their spending power have supposedly almost completed a deal for Higuain, but as the only club seemingly trying to secure his services it does seem to be taking an age, and no Confederations Cup to get in the way of that one. They have already snapped up a new French forward on a free, now there is a surprise, but very little chance of signing a Rooney or a Suarez.

At this point Tottenham have supposedly agreed to an outlay of almost £45m for four players, two of them for the future, and Arsenal £22m for Higuain and the new freebie. Much could change before the window closes as Tottenham go about buying the players needed to crack the four teams above them and Arsenal  buy some quality in an attempt to keep Tottenham at bay.

Manchester City have already spent something like £45m but lost the services of Carlos Tevez, a big loss, so far it arguable whether they have actually strengthened their squad by any significant amount. Chelsea continue to add more and more midfielders to their squad,quite why is anyone’s guess. Manchester United still seem intent on retaining Rooney but little sign yet of much movement in the market other than for Baines to replace Evra.

City and Chelsea will almost certainly invest more this summer than either North London club, and they must if they both hope to maintain a top three position, Tottenham and Arsenal were too close for comfort last season and there are five genuine contenders this coming season for the title.

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  1. amitosh says:

    Both Arsenal and Spurs need a class forward, with Arsenal close to Higuain and Spurs still searching. Both need a CDM, with Spurs almost done with Paulinho and Arsenal still searching. Sangogo is a bonus for Arsenal, but Spurs have many loaned out youth players coming back too. Zagreb youngsters are players for future and both the clubs have 15M set aside to buy such stars. Almost equal in market till now.
    Chelsea will play 4-2-3-1 and they need 5+5 in their mid-field to back up each of their top players, so they are buying young prospects. ManU has already Varela and Zaha, 20M investment or so. City will change a bit more, I expect.

    • Tony says:

      Good assessment but spurs after 2forwards probably.chelsea now seem to have 12 midfielders and only 2 what you would describe as defensive. so 9 for 3 positions! As a spurs supporter happy so far that we are looking even more likely to be closing on on all those above us.

      • amitosh says:

        For Chelsea, Lampard/Obi/Essian/Ginkel/Ramires for those 2 CM, if Obi lives di Rossi will come. Rest 7 for rest 3 slots. Its redundant for sure because they are all top players, but hey, that’s why you have 25 squad place. Add 2 RBs(counting Ivanovic here), 2 LBs and 3 CBs they have to this( and Essian can play at the back if needed), and they are 19. Now 1 GK is a problem, Ba/Lakuku/Torres make it 23. Ba will leave if a top striker arrives, so they still have a slot or 2 for others who dont go out on loan

        • Tony says:

          chelsea currently have 13 midfield players either seniors or young expensive buys alone and are still looking to de rossi as well, some will need to go with Essien, Romeu, Mikel and even Ramires most at risk. Some great players but they can only choose 3 behind a lone striker as Mourinho likes 2 solid midfielders to strengthen defence. It’s difficult to see where they are going with the squad so far and it seems that even more will go on loan, crazy.

          • tom says:

            I can’t get to grips with Chelsea’s buying strategy it’s almost to stop other teams getting good players and loaning them out to teams that could affect the outcome of the league or cups. It’s time that loanees were allowed to play against their parent club OR stop loans to teams in the same league. Lukaku probably indirectly helped to take points off Arsenal and Spurs in the last 2 seasons and he is just one example, similarly this has been happening with United and City, Welbeck, Adebayor as examples. It needs to be looked at.

          • amitosh says:

            last term they loaned a total of 20 odd players lol, I guess they are done for the season in mid-field and defense

          • Tony says:

            You say that they are finished but are still linked with De Rossi, and it is doubtful Mourinho will be happy with his set of midfield enforcers, they seem lacking in that area with Essien, Romeu and Mikel. It is still only evens that he will convert Luiz to a holding midfielder to add to the numbers!

  2. Spurs spurs says:

    Arseshit never spends, always peny-pinching.

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