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Tottenham player ratings v Sunderland.

Posted on December 09, 2013 by Eddie S

Another win and an encouraging performance on the road once again. After being forced into a couple more defensive changes as a result of injuries picked up some Tottenham supporters might have been a little sceptical when the starting lineup was revealed, Sunderland started reasonably well but the team soon found their feet and began to control proceedings and once they took the lead it really could have been a rout. Some players did better than others but nobody let themselves down and this is how we saw it on the day. and at the end of a pretty good week.

Lloris- Not quite the safe pair of hands we have come to expect but still clearly the number one and he remains crucial to the team. A silly mistake gifted the lead to Sunderland but still the defence trusts him implicitly and he will earn them more points than he costs them over the course of the season. 6.

Walker- Surely the time has arrived to give Walker the credit he is due after yet another outstanding performance. Strength, power, pace, defensive and attacking intent he has the lot and he is simply getting better and better. 8

Capoue- From defensive midfield to central defence held no fear for our new signing still recovering from an injury that kept him away for almost three months, as a result of a late injury problem for Chiriches he stepped up and put in a cultured performance. Always comfortable and in control.7.

Dawson- The captain led by example and when Sunderland threw everything at them for the last several minutes he was in his element. After a couple of indifferent displays of late he stepped up and along with his partner at the back snuffed out the attacking intent of Sunderland.7.

Naughton- Stepped back in at left back following injury to Jan Vertonghen and gave a good performance, never going to be able to threaten on the outside as he tends to check back  onto his favoured right foot . Good steady performance 7.

Lennon- Starting to find his feet again after a lengthy injury lay off and was always a threat. many don’t give him credit for his defensive work so important when Walker continuously gallops past him. If only Lennon had more goals or a ferocious shot in his repertoire he would be unstoppable. Gives more balance to the team and keeps fullbacks focused on defensive duties. 7.

Paulinho- Sometimes find it hard to believe that he has not be totally accepted by some of the fans and the media as his involvement in games is constant. At the heart of just about everything with a massive engine and is so often on the end of balls into the box. It is no exaggeration to suggest that he might have scored a couple of goals in most games this season. 8.

Dembele- Seems to have regained his form very quickly after just a couple of indifferent performances, it might just have been that he needed a rest in fact, but since the day he first took to the field for Tottenham he has been a vital player for them. AVB seems to be encouraging him to get forward more often and much more quickly. In a one on one situation there is only ever likely to be one winner as he has the strength and pace to brush players aside. MOTM performance 8.

Holtby- After a great goal in midweek it was time for Holtby to start from the off and he put in a great shift. Always available, perpetual motion and continuously snapping at the opposition in midfield. The pass of the game to set Defoe free and plenty of shots on goal. Seems to be finding his feet and might be hard to shift if he keeps this form going. 8.

Chadli- Good steady performance and an assist for the equaliser. Finding his feet again after injury interruptions but gives balance to the team and aware of his defensive duties in the absence of a specialist left back. Bit of an unsung hero in the games he has been involved in but lot’s more to come 7.

Defoe- Could and should have had two or three goals and failed to react to a couple of passes across the box but not a bad performance. We keep being told that he is a natural finisher by the ex-pro pundits but his goal record really does suggest otherwise but he will cause problems for most defences given the service. 7.

Substitutes-Sandro, Townsend and Sigurdsson all did well but Townsend was the pick of the bunch operating on the left and setting up two or three good opportunities.

Think back to the 9/12/2012 when Tottenham faced Everton at Goodison and conceded two injury time goals, that was the turning point for the team and they then went on a great run of results. Saturdays performance might be a sign of things to come as the team really clicked for the first half hour of the second half and could quite easily have inflicted a very damaging high scoring defeat on Sunderland.

6 to “Tottenham player ratings v Sunderland.”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    I fully agree that Walker was immense against Sunderland. He showed just the right amounts of tenacity also and was not ever going to easily give up any 50-50’s. I thought he was fantastic. (My MotM)

    Holtby I also thought put in a fantastic performance. He showed the kind of determination and attitude that sets a precedence for the rest of the team.

    I thought Chadli was also much improved and as was Paulinho, who leaves me in little doubt that with time he will be one of our most valuable players.

    Indeed Defoe should have had a few goals, but I think he has shown enough that he deserves a few more starts and I will be surprised if he is not getting one or two a game.

    Aside from Lloris terrible limp-wristed punch that led to the conceding of the first goal, I thought we showed great reserves in the last two games having gone 0-1 down to come back to 2-1.

    • Tony says:

      I suppoaae you could argue that some elements of the team are beginning to take place and some players are growing into it all those you mention. Need to take form into game against top club mow starting with liverpool

  2. Boobaspur says:

    It’s just a case of some more subtle improvements and and fine tuning and finishing the many chances we create, which is no more than is to be expected with so many new players and a new head coach.

    I think very many elements are already there and working extremely well.

    Forgive the “if’s and but’s” for just a minute and allow me to indulge in a tiny bit of not-so-unrealistic imagination…

    We could have won that United match (+2points)
    We could have won that Newcastle match, so many chances we had (+3points)
    And while we had a terrible off day, anyone might have expected we could have won the West Ham match. We have shown our merit recently (+3points)

    Of course we didn’t win these, and the side that took the points deserved them and well done to them.

    But that is 5-8 points that is not so inconceivable that we could have had. Add that to out current total points and we are top with a very good Arsenal side, who I for one do respect.

    Of course anyone can laugh off my above wishful thinking, but is it really so hard to imagine we could have got results there, and if not at all of them – then at least some.

    Yes, it’s results that matter, but we are a side that is growing into itself and I am very positive about our future with our players and our coaching staff.

    • Tony says:

      I think you will know that I have always been positive and advocate that AVB is an exceptional coach and that this could soon turn into a special group of players. The points you make are valid and there is little doubt that United and Newcastle got lucky but not so sure the w.ham game was good enough but we had chances at Arsenal to earn a point.
      Time to beat the teams around us now with Liverpool and Southampton coming up.

  3. Boobaspur says:

    Absolutely Tony – I hear you singing praise and are well aware you are very much a fan and a supporter of our current squad and coach.

    My scenario was of course only a sample of how we are even closer to the highs we want to reach than might appear the case.

    Again, I am not suggesting our team just turns up and the points are ours. I’d never be that arrogant, but those games (W.H. excluded) could have delivered even more than they did and currently we are doing really rather well with the prospect of much more to come.

    • Tony says:

      I don’t think anybody can take anything for granted any more as the the shock results just keep coming. I’m not even sure it is true that the quality in the Premiership has declined but rather that more teams have attained a higher standard. It can still all go wrong for AVB and Tottenham of course but I believe that for the season at least they should be fully supported. Levy will sort it out come the summer if something needs changing.

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