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Tottenham prepare £40m assault on United for Rooney and Hernandez.

Posted on June 14, 2013 by Scraggs

Let me guess, anybody actually reading this is shocked and disbelieving that it will happen or could happen and that is because it isn’t happening of course. Every single day Tottenham supporters pick up their paper or go online to see ever more ridiculous links to many of their players and even their new coach after just one season in the job.

Gareth Bale has gone from being a £40m target of Real Madrid, through the £50m, then £60m barrier and it now stands at a world record £85m deal. Not only are Real Madrid his main suitors but Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Monaco. PSG and Manchester United, surprisingly he is not even first choice for Madrid, United and PSG as the preferred option is Ronaldo who is 5 years his senior. £85m on your second choice seems very strange.

PSG and Real Madrid also seem to want AVB to take over and are prepared to pay any amount of release clause it seems, some argue that they believe AVB and Bale might come as a package. Hugo Lloris is the French keeper, Monaco are spending a criminal amount of money so let’s pack him off there. Barcelona need a central defender to replace Puyol, OK, Vertonghen is the classiest out there so he can be a target of theirs and that will attract attention to the article.

Yesterday one of the tabloids treated us to another fantasy, this time it related to United having to not only pay Dortmund for Lewandowski but also a substantial sum for Bayern Munich to tear up a previous contract for the player, utter rubbish as it would certainly be illegal for a player contracted to Dortmund to even discuss terms with Munich without permission let alone sign a contract.

The silly season is upon us and you can be sure that before the end of this transfer window the price to acquire Gareth Bale will smash the £100m barrier, David Beckham will extol the virtues of both Real Manchester and Madrid United in his confusion and maintain that his career will slump if he remains with Tottenham, a club that has held him back for the past 3 seasons, pointing out that it was only luck that has won him playing awards in 2 of those 3 seasons.

Roll on September 1st, at least we shall have some relief from the madness for a few weeks at least.


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