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Tottenham pursuit of Bony mirrors pursuit of Benteke.

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Eddie S

A couple of weeks ago when interviewd at the World Cup the Swansea player Wilfried Bony announced that he would consider leaving his current club for a top six team if the opportunity presented itself. That seemed to open the door for clubs such as Everton and Tottenham to toy with the idea of didding for the big striker as significantly his words did not mention the need for Champions League football as do most other potential transfer targets. Everton need a replacement for the on loan Lukaku who has been priced out of a move to both clubs due to a ridiculously high fee put on his head by Chelsea who don’t consider him good enough for them.
General opinion was that a player purchased for £12m a year ago and performing reasonably well in the premiership would attract a decent profit of perhaps as much as £8m at most. Now that Tottenham have apparently shown their hand and enquired about the player his price is beginning to soar and has been set at more than double the amount paid a year ago.
Prices now being quoted for decent players is becoming ridiculous, £25m or more for Bony who had no better than a good first season with fourteen goals to his name is just not on and the sum quoted by many as Tottenham’s valuation of £17m is nearer the mak give or take a million.
Though Bony might go on to be a fantastic striker in the future worth £25m or more it is far too early to expect that to be the case. Last year Tottenham paid £26m for Roberto Soldado a player who had seen it and done it and scored in excess of 20 goals for four consecutive seasons in an unfashionable Spanish team and so far that has not worked out too well.
Before acquiring soldado it seemed that Villas Christian Benteke was likely to play in a Tottenham shirt that is until his fee started to grow and grow to ridiculous levels and the deal didn’t happen. Villa retained the services of a player who like Bony had arrived for a reasonable fee and done well in that first season, them and their supporters saw it as a victory and a turning point for them but what followed was much of the same and a battle against relegation, some good performances and lots of indifferent performances, as for Benteke regular injuries resulting in him being unavailable for the world cup, fewer appearances and less than half the amount of goals, with that his value has plummeted.
Every purchase is a gamble and Bony still represents a gamble for any club hoping to secure his signature, Chelsea have paid just £32m for Costa a player who led his club to the Spanish title and the final of the Champions League last season, thats the same figure Chelsea want for Lukaku and not much more than Swansea seem to now be asking for Bony, for Daniel Levy it’s too much and he will walk away as he probably did from Villa.
Many Tottenham supporters would like to see Bony at Tottenham to see what he can do but it would remain a gamble and £18m tops should be the fee.

1 to “Tottenham pursuit of Bony mirrors pursuit of Benteke.”

  1. Kev says:

    trouble is its a sellers market, we got far more than Bale was actually worth and we have slapped a £20m tag on Sandro so we are just as guilty.
    Saying that the Benteke/bony comparison is fair and I wouldn’t mind betting Villa and Lerner had taken the money on offer last year, he’s not worth much right now and Lerner wants out.

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