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Tottenham ready to go again.

Posted on August 16, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

This time last year Tottenham supporters were experiencing very mixed emotions, high expectation and extreme hope for the season about to get underway. Just the season before a record points total had been accumulated and our own Gareth Bale had at last had a breakout season becoming a great player, goalscorer and gamechanger, he had always been a bit special but now it was different. Bale and the new signings were still expected to lead our challenge though the interest of Real Madrid earlier dismissed as papertalk was starting to become a reality.None of that changed a thing, AVB had started to prove himself, we had some new big name additions and there was the promise of more to come even if Bale left.

We all know what happened before the transfer window closed, but nobody could foresee what was to transpire over the course of the season, not the struggle to score goals, the eventual trouncings, the end of AVB and the appointment of Sherwood. Somehow the club managed to remain in the chase for a top four position until close to the end but that pursuit came with capitulation in all the cups.

Following the inevitable dismissal of media favourite Tim Sherwood and his coaching team of two it looked for a while that Van Gaal might be headed to the Lane but the sacking of Moyes had dealt that idea a fateful blow and so it came down to Frank De Boer and Mauriccio Pochettino. Surprisingly to most Poch got the gig and has had just 6 weeks to get to know his squad and instil his methods into the group.

It is probably fair to say that this transfer window has by Tottenham standards been dull but not as predictable as you might have expected, most knew that the squad needed new blood at left back and in central defence and we got it , who knew that it would be in the form of  21 yr old and 20yr old rookies Davies and Dier further supplemented by 21 yr old right back Yedlin who will arrive in the New Year. Michel Vorm arriving as the eventual replacement for Brad Friedel was a sensible move.

Though we might yet see more experience arrive or even a change or two the season starts today and Pochettino and the players seem quietly confident that the team is ready. Not many are giving Tottenham much chance this season with most experts predicting a battle for 6th at best with Everton but I listened yesterday to Brad Friedel, not a man to brag and certainly a man whose opinion is worth listening to, he believes that Tottenham under Pochettino will be a different proposition, in his words ” This season you are going to see a very good Tottenham” .

Tim Sherwood was on Sky last evening and though some of the things he says still grate he was still as always very forthcoming and honest. To his credit he spoke highly of Tottenham despite what happened, he also said that Pochettino had said to him after the Southampton games that the Tottenham squad was good enough to challenge for the title, and he goes into the season believing that tottenham can actually mount a title challenge. whether that transpires or not I like the idea that he has that type of belief and ambition.

Pochettino has been always cool, calm and collected when interviewed, he is very conservative in what he has to say and is not one to brag or boast. Quiet confidence, no fear and belief in his ideas, ability and his players is what comes across.

He is ready, the players are ready and every Tottenham supporter is ready for the challenge ahead.

Let’s do this.

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