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Tottenham revenue set to exceed £200m

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

With the news that Tottenham’s share of TV revenue this past year was almost £56m, just ahead of Chelsea and only a little behind Arsenal, clearly as a club they are making strides to close the gap on many of the teams traditionally far ahead financially for so long. Revenue has reached as much as £162m approx. following Champions League football but fell back to about £145m without it.

Beginning next season Tottenham should be able to expect TV money to increase to more than £100m provided that they remain as one of the shining stars of the Premiership and with Gareth Bale about to sign a new deal and with the expected influx of a few more top stars this should not present a problem.

As usual Daniel Levy has played a blinder, Tottenham are set to reward Bale and others as well as bring in some more stars who will attract fairly hefty wages and he has managed to time all of this to coincide with the extra monies coming their way from the new TV deal.

Tottenham are still way behind the likes of Arsenal and United etc. because of the Champions League, and the massive difference in gate receipts, these are both issues being addressed by Tottenham and will hopefully be resolved in the near future, similarly as the clubs stature in world football continues to grow more revenue will follow from branding and sponsorship deals .

Now looking forward to getting some early transfer deals done and already excited for new season ahead.

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