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Tottenham set to grab last day transfer headline?

Posted on September 02, 2013 by Scraggs

Since the day last season ended Tottenham have been at the forefront of transfer headlines across the world, it has not all been good reading of course as it started with Real Madrid’s pursuit of Gareth Bale and was followed by enquiries for our coach AVB from PSG and another presumed to be Napoli.

As the Bale transfer turned from what was initially thought to be wishful thinking to possible reality and his value started to increase by tens of millions, finally yesterday he became the first nine figure purchase costing Madrid 100,000,000 euros. In some respects it is apt that Tottenham should be involved in a transfer of such a significance, years ago they were the record breakers when they purchased Jimmy Greaves for £99,999 to avoid paying the first six figure sum even though it was the largest recorded at the time. Nottingham Forest broke the next barrier when Trevor Francis became the first seven figure purchase from Birmingham.

For the past ten weeks as well as the ongoing Bale saga Tottenham have also been in the headlines daily in relation to player sales and several high profile purchases, as we reach the last day in this summers window it is usual that Daniel Levy is one of the most active as last minute deals are pulled off and the odd deal running out of time. Most Tottenham fans have been unhappy with so much late activity in the past often meaning that the season starts slowly and we are playing catchup from September onwards, not so this year as the start is  far better than we might have expected with 6 points from 3 games played, two away from home, this compares favourably with zero points 2 years ago and 2 points last year from 2 home games.

Even as recently as last Friday Tottenham bought another three players for a combined fee of £50m and with an average age of just 22yrs, all players for the now and for many future years in the Tottenham shirt. Somehow as we enter the final ten hours of the window something is missing and it is the desperate nature of Tottenhams pursuit of players to fill the void in lots of positions, we have still had to endure the late sale of one of our star players for an enormous sum and as a result of this and a few other sales expenditure has been next to nothing.

I would find it hard to believe that Levy and Baldini  have their feet up somewhere watching the world go by and so can we perhaps expect at least one more surprise might be in the pipeline. surely the last day of the window will not come and go with a Tottenham whimper and  be all about Arsenal and United as they try to placate supporters.

Will it be Hulk, Hernandez, Coentrao, Perreira or perhaps the little talked of Damiao or might it be Ince or Halilovic for next season. Perhaps Tottenham are done and that is it until the winter window when because the net spend is next to nothing Levy will again have another fortune to spend.

Surely there is another surprise in the Tottenham locker there always is one last surprise.


4 to “Tottenham set to grab last day transfer headline?”

  1. Spurs fan for life says:

    Did they wheres the d day signings then tony ? you’re a joke i think arsenal stole the headlines with a worldclass midfielder orzil thats what you call worldclass

    • Tony says:

      good player but where are all the forwards you needed. of course they stole the headlines yesterday with the biggest purchase of the day. gooners will be moaning again soon enough.

  2. Spurs fan for life says:

    They wont because they always finish above spurs no matter what players we get in. Spurs fans are jokes they always mouth off at whl when we play arsenal and chant about how wenger has lost the plot then at the end of season its back to reality. Thats why spurs fans should keep their mouths shut. We are a top 5th team end of we will never get higher than 4th because of arsenal man utd city and chelsea. Spurs always blow it when it really counts just like the defeat at fulham cost us champions league football. Had we had won the game we would of got 4th place and kept bale. As time goes on i just get more and more frustrated being a spurs fan i’ve supported them since i was ten and nothings changed except for the fact we won two league cups and got 4th place twice. They always let you down and our top players always want to leave but its not suprising really all that money spent and nothing to show for it

    • Tony says:

      suggest you support someone else if thats true because with support like yours who needs enemies.finished above chelsea season b4 last and b4 we took liverpools spot everybody said same about the then sky4. how about remembering the dodgy penalty arsenal got at home to norwich, 1-0 down with 5 mins left and get handed a dodgy pen and go on to win 3-1 without that spurs get CL. use your brain mate don’t talk crap or don’t say anything if it’s derogatory to Spurs. they don’t alwyas let you down i know and been there for lots of cups domestically and in europe. Spurs are run the right way not like City and chelsea who were nothing without their sugar daddies. spurs are on the rise but it takes time, every year they get closer and now they are ready. FFS if you really support Spurs support them and stop whining and moaning, this is their best squad EVER.

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