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Tottenham start the bidding at 30m euros. Jackson Martinez the target.

Posted on June 03, 2013 by Tony

It is reported in Portugal that Tottenham have bid 30m euros for Porto forward Jackson Martinez in an attempt to strike a deal early and before Porto have a chance to extend his contract and increase the amount of the release clause, apparently the bid has not reached the current release clause and is still some 10m short. Presumably Tottenham are hoping to strike a deal early and negotiate with Porto allowing them plenty of time to find a replacement rather than antagonise proceedings right up to the last minute of the transfer window.

Porto are sitting on a substantial sum of money at the moment, following the sale of 3 of their stars since September they have raked in over 100m euros and still managed to win their domestic league. Notoriously difficult to deal with Porto know their price and do not waiver too much from it, they always have players in demand and continue to find hidden gems and develop them, their scouting and development system must be one of the very best in Europe.

Back to Martinez, at JTN an article was published on the 28/5/13 under the heading ” New name added to AVB wishlist” which incorporated a video of the players exploits this past year and is well worth a look, he is definitely the type of mobile striker that would suit any system but particularly in the style of AVB, he certainly knows where the goal is and has a very impressive strike rate. He was on the JTN wishlist published yesterday but it is now down to the 2 clubs and the player to find a way. If it is to be let us hope that the deal is struck quickly as was the case with Porto’s other 2 departures to Monaco, if not then Tottenham must move swiftly on to another of their targets before any other club has a chance to snap them up.

Tottenham return for pre-season training on the 8th July and just for once it would be great to see at least a couple of new and important signings arrive on that first day, let’s hope that AVB has by then managed to bring in the missing pieces to start the season successfully for a change, and that after 3 or 4 games the team has at least been given the chance to challenge for a position near the top of the table rather than the usual scratching around for points near the bottom while Daniel Levy tries to buy players on the cheap.


1 to “Tottenham start the bidding at 30m euros. Jackson Martinez the target.”

  1. whlspur says:

    just watched the video and he looks perfect, good in the air and on deck with fantastic right foot. Don’t think the Portuguese league is the best but he looks like a born goalgetter. Ideal let’s hope it happens.

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