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Tottenham steer clear of transfer window madness.

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Guest Writer

With the official transfer window well underway it seems that just about everybody is going crazy as transfer fees and wages spiral out of control still further. With the Premierleague having an abundance of extra cash following the approximate £50m additional windfall for each and every club arising from the new TV deal just about everybody is keen to spend the money and not always particularly wisely.

Apparently Wesley Shneider is now available following a decent World Cup but at 30 yrs of age and a wage in the £200k pw bracket he also comes with a £20m or so fee so it will be to City or United if he does end up in the Premier League next season. Liverpool like Tottenham last season are busy spending the massive cash windfall that will come with the loss of their star player Luis Suarez, United spend exhorbitant amounts of money on fees and wages as they are so desperate to return to the Champions League, surely another failure will begin to have serious consequences for their advertising revenues and turnover and possibly further erode their position as one of the two biggest clubs in the world. Once United could be guaranteed to beat even Chelsea to the star players but they have fallen way behind city and now even Chelsea and can only hope to pick up their castoffs and then by dangling ridiculous contracts.

It is noticeable that United and Arsenal have now been joined by Liverpool and Tottenham in their pursuit of the next tier of players available and although Tottenham still cannot hope to compete with the wages offerred by the others for the really big names they remain an attractive option to the type of player that hopes to achieve great things, if successful with Tottenham and once the new stadium arrives then the wages on offer will improve tremendously but they can still impress enough to attract the interest and the income of the really big players of our time, Bale and Modric have probably trebled their income and now play for THE biggest club in the world.

We don’t want to see our best move on and to retain their services the stadium and Champions League football on a regular basis is a must, so we continue to buy the next tier of player with the potential to become so much better and at the moment after last years transfer dealings the club probably believe that they have a few in that category. The hacks and experts can pit Tottenham against their rivals all they like as it means that they are a club to be taken seriously. In the 60;s, 70,s and some of the 80’s Tottenham were one of the teams to go to for many of the best players around, since then they have lost their way and until the last few years competed against the lower tier of club like West Ham, Newcastle and Villa, though they are all big clubs they are rarely able to compete with Tottenham for players just now, in the same way we struggle against the richer clubs though we are growing and will hopefully continue to do so.

Say what you like about ENIC and Levy but Tttenham are in a far better place than they were ten years ago and they have the opportunity to go about their transfer business quietly and purchase the players that they hope will improve the team and squad. Tottenham now tend to go about their business quietly and efficiently until the deal is as good as done, they will have learned from the devious actions of the people around Willian and Oscar who sought to do a deal with Tottenham while working behind the scenes for more money, not illegal but underhand perhaps. Take today’s announcement that Hugo Lloris had signed a new 5 year contract , that came out of nowhere with the hacks still writing about the impending departure of our world class keeper.

Tottenham are not in the market for stars of the past looking for their final big payday, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Joe Cole and Frank Lampard are not players for Tottenham any longer though Ashley Cole at a purported £35k pw might have been a good short term measure .  Think of players with huge potential and the opportunity at Tottenham to grow as a player, that is now where we are, looking for players hungry for success and not simply the biggest wage packet even if it means sitting on the bench or being loaned out from pillar to post to benefit their club in the transfer market in the future.e.g. chelsea decided long ago that they didn’t believe in Lukaku and who is to say that the loan to Everton didn’t come with a proviso that Chelsea have first dibs on ross Barkley when they come to sell.

If it is true that Tottenham have an interest in the young Belgian Origi then where better to go than who have developed young players into superstars in recent years, he will get his chance with a new coach happy to develop young talent, even Ricky Lambert who recently signed for Liverpool stated that Poch taught him how to be a real forward.

Tottenham will in the league look to challenge near the top and achieve top four status, in three cups they will be one of the favourites and any possible success will be down to not only performance but just as much luck of the draw. A fantastic contract , playing time, great coaching and aiming to achieve great success, surely that is what football is about for professionals.

Liverpool can buy as many players as they like as just like us last season they will find it difficult to cope without their star man and top goalscorer and maker, some of the signings will come good this season and some in the future just as we expect with us this season but having said that their transfer record during rodgers time has not been good with Aspas,Borini, Allen and a few others failing to make the team, the grade or even the squad, Sturridge and Coutinho apart.

United will pander to every whim of their new man Van Gaal with massive resources being spent on players with little knowledge of the Premier League, they need players in just about every area of the team and will look for them abroad (other than Luke Shaw) as they can no longer command the attention of  the best players in England, gone are the days when they clicked their fingers and a Carrick, Berbatov, Ferdinand and Van Persie came running, they are themselves now fair game to clubs like Madrid, Barcelona, City and Chelsea.

Tottenham have got plenty of money available to buy the right players though they won’t need such an overhaul as last season, that was more an opportunity to build for the future and now it is done time to bring quality to the team, be it Davies, Lovren, Origi, Draxler, Griezmann or none of them there will be some quality additions and a few departures yet.

Headlines for effect is the order of the day but the one headline that meant anything today was:-

” Higo Lloris signs new Tottenham contract”

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