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Tottenham Suarez swoop if Bale leaves.

Posted on July 28, 2013 by Scraggs

I keep reading that Liverpool and Arsenal supporters are hopeful of Gareth Bale leaving to join real madrid, their reasoning being that as a Liverpool supporter Suarez will have nowhere to go and stay, whereas Arsenal believe it opens the way for them to sneak in and do a deal.

I know that the reality is that Bale is going nowhere this season because of his contractual obligations to Tottenham, BT, Under Armour and EA Sports with the FIFA 14 launch, they are the ones we know of and are linked to either Tottenham and/or the Premier League, the backlash and costs could be enormous for brand Bale, however if we are all wrong and the player and that disgraceful, underachieving Spanish club do manage to overcome all the problems and Daniel Levy’s demands, then it would open up the way for a third possibility being the purchase of Suarez as his replacement.

It seems from all the fictional stories doing the rounds that Tottenham will receive a minimum fee of £85m and possibly as much as £100m and so the fee demanded by Liverpool would be easily afforded, as regards wages Levy is apparently prepared to pay Bale a sum in excess of £150k per week and that also dwarfs the wage paid to Suarez by Liverpool.

The Premiership is certainly suffering because of adhering to the rules of Financial Fair Play while the French, Spanish and Italians a usual trample all over them, because of this journalists are struggling for a decent story and continue to go over and over the same old thing, the British Press should be encouraging players like Bale and Suarez to remain because before long all the truly great players will fly the coup and sign for clubs across the rest of Europe.

The saying “be careful what you wish for” springs to mind and perhaps the British press should begin a charm offensive to encourage  these players to remain.

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  1. Calarsenal says:

    Why would Suarez pick spurs over arsenal ahahah

  2. Calarsenal says:

    Apart from the fact we finished fourth and got champions league, that’s a reason to join arsenal over spurs, I will admit that we haven’t signed anyone of quality yet and spurs have but I still believe arsenal will sign a couple of quality players

    • tom says:

      nobody want’s to join arsenal no queues of top players banging down doors to get there. your last season in the CL for a while so enjoy while you still can.

  3. Calarsenal says:

    That’s what you spurs fans said the year before we still got CL and finished above you the only thing that will change is you will be less competitive because bale is going, many good quality players would want to join arsenal and they would over Tottenham 99% of the time

    • Tony says:

      where are all these quality players then? tottenham have already bought have got to be worried if we do get CL we sign quality without it just imagine the quality when in it.

  4. Calarsenal says:

    If spurs get champions league I do think you would do better in the transfer market but spurs have to get into the CL first, Tottenham have signed 2 good players and an average player, there’s still a month left of the transfer window so you can’t judge arsenals performance in it until its over

  5. Calarsenal says:

    Yes so far there’s still a month left then you can say you’ve done better if you have. I think Suarez is a great player and would improve our team a lot but I dislike the guy. He cheats, and does disgusting things and personally I would hope wenger has a different option because I would not like to see him in an arsenal shirt

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