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Tottenham supporters are missing the point, it takes two to make a great game.

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Guest Writer

It seems that support is split regarding the comments made by AVB in relation to poor support at White Hart Lane having a detrimental effect on the players performances, some supporters are still of the opinion that performance must come first and generate crowd excitement. Michael Owen, who knows a thing or two about great home support having played at Liverpool, Madrid and Manchester United, is firmly behind AVB on the subject whereas the likes of Adrian Durham, writing in the Mail, is as you would expect up to his usual tricks of inciting fans to come out against AVB, Tottenham and the players.

As was the case last year at this point in the season the media was still against AVB citing the late goals from the opposition as reasons to doubt his ability as a coach, that went on until early December culminating in two late goals conceded against Everton in extra time which turned an away victory into a defeat in seconds. That was the last occasion in AVB’s time at Tottenham that anything like that happened again, in fact apart from the one solitary situation against West Ham the defense has grown even stronger and yet Tottenham are far removed from being a defensive team, home and away they take control and generally have more possession and attempts at goal.

Take a look at all the home fixtures this season, they are the games in question and in which some of the support believe that AVB’s tactics are to blame for poor performance and results, Swansea, West Ham, Hull and even Chelsea set themselves up to defend in depth, three started with just the one forward while one actually played the entire game with none, obviously the onus is upon the home team to take advantage of their venue but the Premiership is now a league containing some very good teams all adept at playing to a set of tactics to produce the best possible result, teams can make things extremely difficult as they are drilled in the art of spoiling games.

we're playing Tottenham next and the plan is..........

we’re playing Tottenham next and the plan is……….

Two of the greatest teams ever assembled over the past six or seven seasons have been Barcelons and Bayern Munich, they have some unbelievable attacking talent in their ranks, they have both won the Champions League and have appeared in many finals and yet in the case of Barcelona the likes of Celtic have managed to strangle them, restricted them to fortunate 1-0 wins and even defeat. Bayern Munich have faced Chelsea a couple of times recently, once in the final of the Champions League on home territory and in the recent supercup, on both occasions Chelsea set up to defend and while the German champions totally outplayed them they were unable to overcome them in normal time.

Tottenham are finding themselves in the same situation for the first time, they are now one of the mighty clubs of the Premiership and they are the ones who must find a way to overcome defensively minded teams. In truth they have only really failed against West Ham so far as Chelsea adapted to force the issue in the second half, other games both home and away might have been dour at times but the team has generally found a way simply by taking a complete stranglehold on proceedings and continuing to remain patient, how many times do the experts say that, ” they must remain patient and not go gung-ho”.

Only when Tottenham are up against teams like United, City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea will the creative juices be allowed to take centre stage as each of those clubs will believe that have the equal of or better than anything Tottenham put in front of them. Tottenham players must now continue to blend and find a way to open up defensive set ups, they will be working hard on the training pitches to do so but on match days they need every bit of support the masses can give to try something different or put into practice what they have been working on without fear of being slaughtered if it doesn’t quite come off. In time the team will develop as the squad has far to much quality to fail, until it all starts to click into place the crowd must act as the extra man to will on the team never forgetting that it cannot always work out right, even the best teams like Barcelona and Bayern sometimes struggle to overcome those teams with very little other than packed defenses to earn a result.

Big money is at stake for remaining in the Premier League, qualifying for the Champions League and remaining in it for as long as possible and so teams will use the best resource they have available to achieve their aims, if that means rarely crossing the halfway line then teams like Tottenham must find a way as those that have remained at the top have been doing for years, in AVB Tottenham have the coach to do so, he will work to find the way. The clubs supporters must show their condemnation of negative opposition tactics by roaring on their team and attempting to overawe the opponents.

The time has arrived for any negative thoughts to be forgotten whilst the game is being played, if a player makes a mistake or misses an opportunity only encouragement will spur him on to try again and to put it right, moan and groan and it is human nature to hide and take the easy option, if it’s flair and class we want then encourage the players to go with that option irrespective of the end product, in time it will all come together.


6 to “Tottenham supporters are missing the point, it takes two to make a great game.”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    I saw the match on Sunday and was quite concerned again at the lack of real chances created. Such a fortunate penalty that should never have been given. A travesty is the truth and we were blessed with such a shockingly bad referee decision.

    It wasn’t until MOTD2 that I got to hear what AVB had to say and initially I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – not because I thought he was being out of order – but because I thought FINALLY someone is saying it.

    At the start of the match, the co-commentator remarked that White Hart Lane was buzzing and that there was a great atmosphere is the ground. I wasn’t there in person so I thought that “great atmosphere” just wasn’t coming through the screen.

    However, I wonder was there really that great atmosphere, or was it a tension and weight of expectation that was being experienced.

    For me, I all too often wonder about how quiet the support is at the games. I can’t believe there is near silence waiting for something to happen – rather than creating a sporting intimidation.

    The game on Sunday was the same again. Barely a buzz of audible support for much of the 90 minutes and it annoys me hugely.

    I watch a great amount of football and many other clubs regularly easily out-do Spurs support on the decibel front.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I understand the nervous energy that would quiten the Lane, but that must pass on down to the players.

    I love all things THFC and think the Spurs supporters always conduct themselves fantastically (unlike a truly scum Chelsea with na*i saluting children and appalling chanting…) but I would just ask –

    Are there not some leaders in the stands that can whip up some constant noise and get the team believing that we know you can do it and we are all behind you making as much noise as we can when we are fortunate enough to get a ticket in to see you perform.

    • Tony says:

      Great comment, what I cannot understand is the difference between the home support and away support, what a contrast, when travelling the buzz, excitement and noise is incredible. Time for the entire Tottenham team to fall into place, Levy led the charge with this summers expenditure, AVB and the players are producing the results if not the flowing performances just yet, now it is the turn of the supporters to do their thing and that is simply to give their total vocal support no matter what.

  2. Eric says:

    My fondness for Avb just seems to grow.He’s someone who’s handles every situation at spurs so good so far whether it be lloris willian ade etc.He’s matured so much from chelsea

  3. Jeremy says:

    Spot on article! I have never seen such negativity around a match we won before! Sites like triffictottenham and harryhotspur are coming up with articles slamming svb and saying we bought average players! I just cant believe it! I believe in avb and this excellent team. I am excited about the years to come!

  4. Eric says:

    Hey Jeremy I’ve been on harry hotspur a few times but never went back there since his articles are rarely well thought out or serious

  5. whlspur says:

    Perhaps the supporters would rather go back to the likes of Gross or George graham and then see just what negative tactics and the results that go with it are really like. AVB is one of the best in the world and if our supporters won’t see it or embrace it then he could be lost to them if a rich club comes calling. I watched the interview and AVB was cool, calm and collected and simply said what many of us have thought over the years.
    Come on spurs fans time to smell the roses and become a great club again, Spurs will find nobody better to take them to the promised land because there is nobody, AVB is the perfect fit, DO NOT COCK IT UP>

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