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Tottenham team to face Everton.

Posted on November 02, 2013 by Scraggs

There is no doubt about it tomorrow’s game against Everton is going to be a tough encounter, Tottenham face up to an Everton team with much of the intensity and battling ability of David Moyes teams with the added tweaks of a more creative coach in Roberto Martinez, he likes his teams to play with a certain style but they also still possess most of the real grafters that made Everton such a tough nut to crack in the past.

Every time I can recall the Tottenham defence having to contend with Lukaku it has turned into a real battle, he generally causes us enormous problems and with the extra experience he has picked up by playing plenty of games while on loan tomorrow will be no exception. The fact that Danny Rose is still not fit to return and Naughton and even Fryers have also been injured is of considerable concern. Jan Vertonghen really is needed in the centre of defence especially if, as we expect, Younes Kaboul is not really ready to step up to Premiership games just yet.

Our team to face Everton 3/11/2013.

Our team to face Everton 3/11/2013.

I think we might see a couple of surprises in tomorrows lineup as a sign of respect for Everton as well as to cope with a couple of injuries that have caused a bit of a rethink and reshuffle in order to cope. the loss of three potential left backs to injury at the same time is a little unfortunate, when the injury to rose happened I can remember AVB saying he might be back for the next fixture, that was almost 2 months ago.

As a result of the expected problems at left back and the quality of Leighton Baines going forward, the onus will be very much on the wide players to take the initiative and take the game to Everton, it will surely be Lennon, because of his ability and willingness to protect his fullback, and Townsend to start the game and hopefully they will alternate sides from time to time to cause different problems for the Everton defence.

Make no mistake this is going to be a tough game and right now a draw would look very nice, although a win would be a really telling result.

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  1. seggs says:

    am an Arsenal fan and i think u should stop playing 3 dm in a game this wnt give u enough creativity u might think u wnt concede many goals like that but that doesn’t mean. i think 1 dm is ok with two creative players like holtby and Eriksen. Just look at Arsenal yesterday we dominated Liverpool with no real dm and still they couldn’t score. playing 3 holding mid wnt mean a thing, tho u might use that against teams like chelsea, city and Arsenal. But against team like United and everton that has shit mid u just dnt need 3dm. Well wnt be praying u win today as an Arsenal fan.

    • Tony says:

      Paulinho and Dembele are NOT defensive midfield players but offensive players who are strong. they haven’t got the creative skillls of someone like Mata and Ozil but there are not many like that about. Everton are going to be tough opponents for everyone including Arsenal and the likes of Eriksen and Holtby will still be on the bench. One of them might start. I wouldn’t call either of those midfields as poor as you suggest especially Everton.

  2. seggs says:

    wow dnt no u going away but still two dm is ok with one creative player

  3. seggs says:

    @ tony lol united midfield is shit that why they haven’t been great this season tho nt writing them off. U right about paulinho and dembele nt having the creative skills of Ozil and mata, but still spurs have holtby and Eriksen who are better creative players than paulinho and dembele. Paulinho and dembele are more of a dm or box to box midfield rather than a creative ones.

    • Tony says:

      Don’t get me wrong I don’t rate United midfield in the top six in the division but then I don’t rate the Liverpool midfield either and until yesterday they were riding high. Paulinho and Dembele are not creative in the same sense as Holtby or Eriksen but still all their best work is in more advance positions. Dembele is up their with the best with passing success in advanced positions but doesn’t make that killer pass as often as he should but then neither did Modric who has an awful assist record, but still makes everything happen. Tottenham have defensive midfielders they are Capoue and Sandro a totally different animal.

  4. Eric says:

    How lennon is still here is beyond me,he can neither cross dribble assist or score all he has is pair.Siggy deserves it ahead of him anyday

    • Tony says:

      He will never be any good as an inverted winger he can’t shoot but he still has his uses, Walker is twice the player with Lennon ahead of him and he does ON HIS DAY terrify defences. some still rate him very highly and overlook that he is also a team player. A great asset to bring on or to run at defences from the start. I tend to agree though that his days might be numbered.

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