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Tottenham team to face United- Spine so important.

Posted on December 01, 2013 by Guest Writer

As Tottenham supporters head to the stadium for todays’ early kick-off there will be mixed opinions as to the makeup of the team, many have voiced their concern at the lack of flair and have demanded that AVB revert to a 4 4 2 system, others have demanded the inclusion of Defoe or Lamela or two flying wingers to stretch play rather than inverted. Last week AVB seemed to try all those things other than start Defoe up front and as we now know they ALL failed miserably.

In my view it is now time to let AVB get on with the job as he sees fit and without fear of a backlash from the fans, today Tottenham face the champions of England , a United side that has all but guaranteed themselves a minimum of four points from us every season in too many years to mention, they have a new leader and have been lacking in form but come to London in their best form of the season so far. today is not a day for experimentation or being cavalier, we have seen all too often the wonderful first half footballing displays followed by the second half horror show. today AVB must pick a team with spine, our very best spine in fact and if that means leaving our left back position a little exposed it is a chance worth taking. Today is the day for strong players operating in their best positions and that means the return to the centre of Jan Vertonghen and Moussa Dembele to the midfield alongside Paulinho.v united

Tottenham need to dominate United before bringing on the players to really go for their throat, some will moan and groan about playing the game the right way and giving up the Tottenham way of playing but all we really want today is three points. What is all this crap about “I would rather lose playing the game the right way than win being boring” , give me the 3 points and a trophy at the end of the season, I’ll live with a bit of negative play.

Win the battle and then let Erik Lamela get a taste of the big games as he has the ability to hurt them through the middle, i really don’t see this as a game for Jermain Defoe, by now any defender of any consequence knows how to handle him and will simply allow him to stray offside.

Time to get tough.

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  1. Jide says:

    As a fan, I am convinced more than ever that for Spurs to become a top 4 team in the Premier League, AVB has to leave. I’ve just watched the match against Manchester United, and I can clearly see that nothing has changed from the way we played last week against City. We still play at a very slow tempo, making sideways and backward passes. The times we played up tempo was a result of the enthusiasm of scoring and not due to the manager’s tactics. I do not see us even making the top six with this manager in charge.

    What was the reason for taking off Lennon? He was the liveliest source of attack, Chadli contributed next to nothing yet he stayed on.

    We have a good team. We do not have a good manager who in my view encourages the team to play our type of football.

    I have been one of his most vocal supporter on this forum, but after this match, I can see exactly what those fans who have been against are aaying. He simply has to go.

    • Tony says:

      You have to feel sorry for all the united supporters as well because they play an almost identical game but with a settled team. Have to say am shocked at your comments after that performance. Avb made positive changes and Townsend more attacking impetus.wjole chadli was there as much to aid the left back.. You can stick our type of football as far as i am concerned because its for losers.One the biggest supporters of avb for all of 13 games great. How would utd be doing without rooney do you think or carrick and vidic. Avb has had to deal with loss of modric bale and ledley and still more points and in cups. Its a good job utd gave Fergie 200 games to create his team or he might have been lost to them.

    • steve says:

      Just been watching liverpool and if you think the spurs team is poor then they had better get ready for relegation. Spurs have better players and play a better stronger game. But for rooney ud would have been well beaten today.Ridiculous comments and another misguided misled supporter i am afraid.

      • Jide says:

        Steve, I am not misguided or misled (not even easily) by anyone. I sat there today and what I saw was a team still playing at the same tempo and with the same tactics that led us to a mauling a week earlier. My view is this, if something is not working, I think it is the duty of a manager to be brave enough and change. I do not see AVB changing. United was there for the taking today, but we needed a manager who is willing to be brave and just a tad flexible and play two wingers. Chadli was not there or did anything to aid or protect Vertongen on the left, I completely disagree with Tony on that. He had little or no impact on the match. We have a centre forward who is not doing what he was bought to do- score goals. Why is our manager not asking himself, what is wrong with my striker? Does he need help? What did he do? Took him off, then brought in Dafoe, who he should played alongside him. Why are we playing two wingers on their right positions instead of playing them the other way round? Yes, it is easy to make comments after the event and when you are not at the deep end, but I am convinced that AVB will not move our team forward. Today’s game convinced me of that.

        • Tony says:

          442 is not the way forward but a step back.Not one top club sets themselves up in that formation. 4411 occasionaly perhaps but defoe and soldado cant do that. Lamela will obe day be ready for the job but not yet. Until then we use a system that got us record points year and more results than losses. The majority were happy and ompressed with todays performance. United were there for the taking because of our perdormance and tactics they are no mickey mouse team but were second best.

    • Boobaspur says:

      I must also disagree with the sentiments of Jide. I think Spurs were miles ahead of the truly miserable Man City performance. If you think these two performances are comparable… hmmmmm!

      I agree however that Chadli has yet to impress me and I would like to have seen Townsend come on in place of Chadli and not Lennon.

      I can only guess that while I criticised Chadli’s shooting against Tromso, he does appear to possess a better range of distance shooting than Lennon.

      I thought that we would win today. I just felt it in my bones – and it was 2 mistakes that gifted United a point.

      United were of course a threat but being a threat does not get results (e.g. vs Newcastle). A mistake by Walker and another needless mistake by Lloris, gifting a penalty.

      I thought Spurs were much more positive and if you are to criticise sideways or even backward play then I think the alternative of losing possession is many fold worse.

      Sandro’s goal was a beautiful strike and Walker’s wasn’t too shabby either. Twice we took the lead against the (slightly diminished) champions.

      I’m getting sick of mentioning 6-0 against M.C., but I think considering it, that 2-2 against M.U. looks rather decent. Fulham Wednesday after sacking Jol.

      AVB has got to get the season (at a minimum) and then we will know his worth. How many countless times have we booted out managers thinking the next one will be our saviour?

      Here’s the years I remember (not including caretaker’s): ’87,’91,’93,’94,’97,’98,’01,’04,’07,’08,’12

      …and you think adding ’13 to that list will make everything turn to gold. Madness! I want to see a long established Spurs manager for once and give him time to do his work.

      For God sake it’s not like we are regular title contenders (yet) and AVB is going to ruin our relative ongoing success – he and we deserves him to have some time WITHOUT supporters riding on his back after every game (not talking of you alone here Jide).

  2. Eric says:

    Unless something drastic like bottom of the table happens its better to stick with Avb.Arsenal n pool r top with wenger at for so many decades n rodgers still there despite not even making Europe last season.City n chelsea will always chop n change with their money n united are coming to terms with a new manager.This club needs stability

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