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Tottenham to sign Lewandowski? with provisos.

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Scraggs

With the news that Borussia Dortmund will not allow their striker Lewandowski to join their arch rivals Bayern Munich this transfer window, might this turn out to be the opportunity that Tottenham and Daniel Levy is looking for, the chance to buy one of the best srtikers in Europe if not the World and all for a knock down fee.

Clearly Dortmund would not wish to sell another of their stars to Bayern Munich and who could blame them, Bayern finished 25 points clear of them in the league, defeated them in the Champions League final and have already bought their star midfielder Goetze for £32m. Pep Guardiola has joined Bayern and looks set to clean up domestically for many years to come such is their advantage in the Bundesliga.

Daniel Levy should now approach his club and agree to meet the asking price, it is not going to be anything like his true market value simply because he has just a year left on his contract with Dortmund. To sweeten up the deal for Dortmund, if need, be agree a proportion of any profit made from any future transfer. Tottenham are not in the Champions League next season and so are not likely to be in direct competition with Dortmund unless in the lesser competition a long way down the line.

Actually dealing with Dortmund should not really be the problem simply because they are in a difficult position with his contract running down, making the move to Tottenham attractive for the player is what Levy should be concentrating on. There is little doubt that Lewandowski sees a move to Bayern Munich as his best and favoured option but what if Tottenham agreed a deal that over the course of his contract including next summer(but not the winter window) should one of the acknowledged top /wealthiest 6 clubs, including Bayern, offer say £35m for him they would not stand in his way. That to my mind might appeal not only to the player but Daniel Levy, he would immediately make a profit for the club and they would have the benefit of a top striker in his prime helping them to break the English monopoly, if after a season he decides he would rather go then so be it, a win win whichever way you look at it.

Lewandowski would not have Champions League football for one season, but currently his situation with Dortmund appears to be that they are unlikely to challenge domestically or in Europe as they are being picked clean by Bayern and other big clubs, Hopefully he might like the idea of the challenge at Tottenham and the opportunity to work with AVB and players like Gareth Bale, Vertonghen and Holtby amongst others, perhaps things might go so well that he would like to continue beyond next season, if not then hopefully Tottenham will have qualified for the Champions League and be in a better position to replace him.

This particular deal seems to make sense for both clubs and the player,  the only downside seeming to be that Lewandowski will only have the secondary European competition to play in, although with a real chance of success rather than likely being also rans with Dortmund. Both clubs should earn from any transfer fee down the line and hopefully he score the goals to earn Tottenham success.

Could it be that Daniel Levy and AVB have seen the possibility and are trying to strike up a deal, Lewandowski joining Tottenham would really make a statement and excite everybody associated with the club.

Stranger things have happened.

6 to “Tottenham to sign Lewandowski? with provisos.”

  1. Zaky says:

    you spurs fans will never get lewandowski cause he is way to good for second rate teams with a second rate manager

    • Tony says:

      Maybe not but for one year as a stepping stone to Bayern Munich would harm no one, almost certainly won’t happen but it is a deal that would make sense. Rest assured Tottenham will buy a top striker anyway it just remains to be seen who it finally is.

  2. tom says:

    Reported that United are favourites to sign him and prepared to pay £90k pw. If that is all then he is affordable but hard to believe when Rooney and RVP on over £200k pw. Be happy for him to come to Spurs for one year only and the suggestion makes sense.

  3. BaleFC says:

    Hmmm, one can only dream

  4. Arsenal4life says:

    why lewandowski would leave dortmund who came 2nd in the bundesliga and champions league runner ups for tottenham or arsenal… tell me?

    • Tony says:

      He does want to leave and that is why he will not sign a new contract. Only has one year to run and is the point of the article.

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