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Tottenham v Chelsea-Afterthoughts.

Posted on September 29, 2013 by Tony

For much of the second half of yesterdays game most Tottenham supporters were a little concerned that Chelsea might turn such obvious first half inferiority into all three points. Fortunately at periods in the second half the defence earned their corn as Hugo Lloris polled off a couple of good stops while Jan Vertonghen would not be beaten by a Fernando Torres who might have just had his best half hour in all his time with Chelsea.

Mourinho can whine and moan about the sending off and Vertonghen’s part in it but of course he isn’t playing with a full deck these days, “the best team lost”, “but for the sending off Chelsea would have won”. Mourinho manipulates situations to cover up for the misgivings of his team and his decisions, one of them being that he must always play Mata for the big games he is their heartbeat. Tottenham comfortably won the first half and Lloris was hardly troubled, Paulinho struck the post and was only prevented a tap in by a last ditch tackle, they probably could and should have been out of sight.

Torres form not quite up to scratch

Torres form not quite up to scratch

Torres meanwhile should have been off the pitch with perhaps a straight red much earlier, a point which Mourinho conveniently overlooked as it did not suit his argument.

From a Tottenham perspective there was much to take from the game, they were the superior side in the first half and should have finished the game then, they need to work on providing the chances that Soldado thrives upon, Andros Townsend had a fantastic first half and tormented Ashley cole as we expected, he really must turn that ascendancy over the fullback into chances for himself but more so for his teammates and the striker for which Tottenham paid £26m. Maybe for a while the return of Lennon and the continuing development of Lamela will mean that Townsend has to settle for a spot as an impact substitute while he develops his game further.

In the cold light of the next day we take comfort from the fact that Tottenham are now obviously a match for the best teams in England but withwork still to do to complete the transition of all the new players into the team, we must hope that Erik Lamela soon acclimatises to life in England which includes driving on the left and taking his place in the team on the right.

Onwards and upwards, still only one defeat and a full two months before a game against one of the acknowledged top four, giving the team time together before travelling to face Manchester City at the Etihad.


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  1. macgooner says:

    Draw seemed fair result to me great news 4 us gunners

  2. macgooner says:

    Ya if paulinho shot went in felt there was no way back for chelsea. Nice to see the manchester clubs struggling top4 has a different look to it all for the better I think

    • Tony says:

      It’s got the makings of a great season love the fact the mega rich and Manchester clubs struggling.Honestly don’t see united in the picture this season been saying it all along.

  3. fordo says:

    i think we lost(draw felt like a loss for me to be honest) the game because we lacked concentrtion in the second half

    • Tony says:

      AVB possibly didn’t react soon enough it was perfect for the beast to come on as Eriksen became starved of the ball. Paulinho and Dembele are incredible.

  4. Eric says:

    First half showed y we can challenge for the title whereas the second half showed y we can’t.Fact that we managed a draw against a seasoned Cl team without the likes of Lamela n co not in sync yet just shows how frightening we can be this season

    • Tony says:

      Also shows how important a specialist left back is, so much broke down with Naughton. Townsend is a weapon but needs to have the selfishness knocked out of him, he has to go outside and get to byline occasionally to set up Soldado, he makes the runs and no delivery comes in for him. Go back to last season and the team really clicked into place after Everton game in December 16 games. we had 26 pts (13 behind united)by then and with another 10 games until the same stage we should be far in advance this time round.

      • Eric says:

        Townsend had Cole in his pocket which shows how much the coaching staff have worked on him n how quickly he has applied to himself.Lb position will b a issue till the January window until then m hoping fryers covers up in the cup games

        • mick says:

          townsend has really come on but needs to mix his game up a bit more. More than happy with Rose but until Fryers is ready, he’s far from it yet, need another with some experience , Vertonghen can do it but he is just far to good to move from the centre.

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