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Tottenham v Southampton Preview and expected lineup.

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Eddie S

I have to say that there is some trepidation from my part going into this fixture, Southampton have proven themselves to be a hardworking outfit that hassle and press all over the pitch, if the three wise men who chose the team on Wednesday retain the 4 4 2 system and gung-ho approach another huge defeat might well await us.

There will be some comfort taken from the probable availability of an experienced and specialist back four but as far as the Harry Redknapp way is concerned, no Bale and a seriously flawed Lennon won’t bring those days back. What will the team talk consist of this time “don’t be so gung-ho because we are away from home?” That Tottenham team on Wednesday night could well have been chosen by Harry Redknapp and it would come as no surprise if Sherwood had spoken to him for some advice.

I would like to say at this point that I am expecting a positive result from the forthcoming fixture, v southamptonTottenham have a particularly good away record this season, but unless the team is set up correctly and the correct players chosen this could get ugly. I will go on record right now and say that I have absolutely no faith in the ability of Sherwood to right this mess for no other reason than he has absolutely zero experience.

It’s hard to be positive at the moment but maybe a good result on Sunday might galvanise all of us and bring back a little of the feelgood factor so desperately needed, for that reason it has to be a team set up to to counteract the tactics of the Southampton coach and retain possession and for that reason anything like the formation and player choice of Wednesday must be avoided but sadly I don’t think they will be. This is the possible lineup which will again include only Capoue and Chiriches of the seven new players signed in the summer and who will surely lose their places to Sandro and Vertonghen just a soon as they return from injury! Just what is going on and who is responsible for this mess?


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