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Tottenham willing to spend big but on the right players.

Posted on July 21, 2013 by Guest Writer

The more I read on the subject of Christian Benteke’s u-turn and think about it the more I can’t help feeling that it was never an option and that Tottenham were never actually lining up a deal. There have been reports of deadlines not being met and a reluctance on the part of Villa to negotiate a more realistic fee. Regarding the deadline we know that irrespective of what has been stated the final transfer deadline is officially the 3rd September, Villa are perfectly entitled to say if this is going to happen we need time to purchase a replacement, but only a little over a quarter of the window had expired, the player who hands in a transfer request would have no hesitation in delaying negotiations for a further week or two if there was any chance of a deal happening.

As regards the fee requested, reported at £25m, is the figure so far beyond Tottenham if they actually believed that this was the player needed to take them up to another level and challenge on all fronts, definitely not, with an extra £30m to £40m coming in from the new TV deal and the belief that another similar sum would be added to that next season with Champions League qualification what was there to lose? If Benteke did not live up to expectation they might lose £10m when resold (Andy Carroll £15m being a fair guide), they lost far more on the David Bentley deal and easily recovered, if they also fail to finish in the top four then next summer Gareth Bale will surely move on and between £60m and £80m will easily sort out the finances and then some.

Daniel Levy is no fool he is fully aware that Tottenham have a big opportunity and will provide all the funds needed to make it happen, with one of the best coaches and players in the world and a squad full of top quality internationals there will never be a better time to strike.

David Villa was a miss that much is true but Benteke as the alternative! they are two completely different types of player and their style couldn’t be more diverse. So just who is it that Tottenham have in mind and when will they join and put all our minds at rest.

AVB said in a recent interview that he intends to strengthen the squad before the window closes not “hopes” to. Let us not forget that it is still very much early days in the window with more than six weeks remaining, two or three players will need to leave before any new players come in as there are only so many places available. Let’s be honest, based upon the finishing performances of last season, with Paulinho added and Sandro and Kaboul fit again there must still be enormous optimism and expectation to start the season well, it is in the longer term that there is the need of another specialist striker as we know full well that injuries and suspensions can take their toll.

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