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Tottenham would do better to have a partnership with Barcelona.

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Tony

As a result of the discussions last summer with Real Madrid over the transfer of Luka Modric Tottenham eventually announced that the deal had been done and with it a partnership agreement with them. We have yet to see what this partnership actually entails as clearly so far there seems absolutely no benefit whatsoever for Tottenham. We expect to see perhaps Real Madrid become a regular friendly match opponent pre-season but no sign of this as yet!

There have been reports that Madrid agreed that they would not make waves regarding any pursuit of Gareth Bale during an agreed period of his contract, in return they would be given the heads up as and when the situation altered but clearly, if true, Real Madrid are not to be trusted and they use their players and their puppet newspaper to unsettle the player and aggravate the situation.

What exactly do Tottenham get from this agreement? there have been no loans even though Tottenham were apparently interested in Sahin who went to Liverpool (thank goodness as it turned out), we are not aware of any youth development projects to benefit Tottenham! so what is it? Madrid took Modric and possibly have first refusal on Gareth Bale sometime a long way off in the future.

Perhaps Tottenham would now be better served having an arrangement with Barcelona as well, they are the dominant force in Spain by some margin and will remain so for a significant period yet, AVB has shown his interest in a number of the Barcelona youngsters struggling to make the team and is a massive admirer of their youth setup, something Tottenham are doing well in themselves at present.

Perhaps if Tottenham announced an agreement with Barcelona, Real Madrid might then feel it wise to honour any existing agreements, and rather than upset Daniel Levy by reneging on what had been agreed gag all their minions including Zidane.

Real Madrid were once the most famous club in the world but they have not been the force they were for many years now, as well as success any class that they might have had has also deserted them as they continue to try and bully and ride roughshod over most teams, they managed to secure the services of Modric last year but on Levy’s terms and only after a battle right up to the last week of the transfer window.

We are now entering the time of year when Daniel Levy is at his most effective, this year rather than be financially astute we hope that he loosens the purse strings and strikes quickly to bring the players needed to elevate Tottenham into the highest echelons of European football. It’s Levy time but hopefully he and everybody associated with Tottenham will have incoming deals done early and a relaxing period lies ahead preparing for the 1st game of the season.

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