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Tottenham would rather Podolski retire than sign for them.

Posted on January 16, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just what is it with Arsenal players at the moment? So soon after the childish behaviour of Theo Walcott which should have resulted in an FA charge when he incited the Tottenham supporters whilst being carried off, he was only saved from a ban by a season ending injury that he suffered at the time. You might believe that somebody in authority at the club would have the decency to keep their players in check rather than behave like idiots, if they have been given the message then clearly it has failed to get past their tiny brain cells as firstly the mouthy keeper that they have followed up Walcott’s effort by posting a picture of himself with the same hand signal, not clever when he has to visit the Lane quite soon, if he is chosen of course, as by then he could easily have made a few howlers as he has so often in the past.

Today it seems their arrogant players still seem intent on pathetic attempts at winding up everybody connected with Tottenham, on his Twitter account Podolski stated that he would rather retire than play for Tottenham, it was a little foolish as he is of course little more than a squad player at Arsenal and has been since his big money move, still he can take comfort from the fact that he is one of the first names chosen to sit on the bench in important matches.

There is one other important point to this story that seems to have been overlooked by Podolski himself, the Metro and, yes you’ve guessed it, the moron Jamie Sanderson and that is that every Tottenham fan would actually prefer him to retire than sign for us.



26 to “Tottenham would rather Podolski retire than sign for them.”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    And did he (Podolski) actually give any reason for such a claim.

    I mean, I can understand local players saying such a thing about a neighbouring rival team. I can understand English players even saying such a thing and I can even go so far as to understand foreign players who have a long history and affiliation saying such a thing.

    But a seat warming barely established blow in saying such a thing screams of desperation.

    I don’t know why I continue to make the mistake of crediting these people with more intelligence, or at least not accepting them ALL as pure morons until significantly proven otherwise.

    It starts here, all footballers are morons (until proven otherwise)…

  2. Eric says:

    Not sure if him retiring will make a difference, I mean its not as if he’s playing regularly for either Germany or arsenal

  3. BigH says:

    He is another dodgy individual with the same perverted warped sense as jimmy saville like the whole lot of them from woolwich. No doubt he will also have karma befall him like the ladyboy Walcott

  4. classic says:

    Its either you cant read or just dnt understand english its not like he said it directly like (hey i would rather retire than play for spurs) all he said was retire. He was been asked a random question and the subject came up am sure if it was a spurs player that was asked d same question the answer would be d same. Quit been obessed with what ain’t your bussnies or do you expect him to say he would rather play for spurs while at arsenal. I think u should be more sensible than just post stuff just because you want peoples reaction. I huge if you on twitter go check his tl you would understand what i mean and you would be able to see this post is just to create havoc. Pls check is tl before accusing him of what he didnt say directly.

  5. Caleb says:

    Don’t really get why you care

  6. lou says:

    If the rags print it then it deserves a response, it’s not like Spurs supporters have looked for it on twitter. Pathetic responses and comments lately from a few Arsenal players to ingratiate themselves with the fans and not necessary. Wenger has no class and neither have some of the players. Poor response from a professional and if he happens to play at WHL imagine the bad feeling. FA should be putting lid on this sort of thing if they want fans to behave.Walcott, keeper and Wiltshire have now been joined by this arse as despised players at Arsenal. Mouthy and moronic players cause discontent.

  7. Alee says:

    Hate to deflate your balloon guys but what he said has actually been taken out of context. He was on a Arsenal Q&A session on twitter. Someone, presumably an Arsenal fan asked a very straightforward, direct question ‘What would you rather do, play for Spurs or retire?’

    He’s on an Arsenal public forum, he’s got two choices of answer; retire or play for your fan’s hated rivals; What the fuck else was he going to say?

    • Tony says:

      how about “that’s a stupid question lets go onto something sensible”

      • Alee says:

        Because that invites the fans, those people basically paying him his wages, to wonder why he’s dodging the question, with obvious conclusions that won’t impress them.

        • Tony says:

          so do you think Spurs supporters won’t react to him when he is sitting on the bench when they visit the Lane soon? walcott, keeper, wilshere and now Podolski all inviting response from spurs supporters. Do you not think that it invites/incites response.

          • Alee says:

            Yeah maybe it does. I was just putting the Podolski comment in its right context tbf because your article and most of the comments after gave the impression that P said what he said out of the blue and not because he’d been put on the spot by one of his fans.

            What’s actually wrong with a bit of inter club banter anyway? I wish our players would give it back on the few occasions we get one over them; shows the players care and share some of the tribe like affiliation we fans have for our two clubs and aren’t not just heartless mercenaries.

            Lets be fair banter like that makes following football all the more interesting and gives us something to talk about on Monday morning. So long as the banter doesn’t turn nasty or personal, I’ve got no problem with it.

          • Tony says:

            there’s no problem with a bit of banter but as recently reported the Mirror, Metro, Sun and Mail all seem to be intent on belittling Spurs alone. banter is fine but it has to be 2 ways or it just get’s annoying. The videos made were at both arsenal and Spurs and yet they only mentioned the gooners hatred of Spurs, strange that and really annoying don’t you think

          • Caleb says:

            Why wilshere?

          • Tony says:

            He’s just ‘orrible and has a history of abusing Spurs supporters here’s one as an example; As Brian got out again Wilshere put his fists up ready for a fight. Brian said: “He was looking at my Spurs hat and there was real hate in his eyes. Fortunately his friends pulled him away before it got ­really violent.”

            After the bust-up, a ­bouncer at Sophisticats told him Wilshere’s identity. The ­player from Hitchin, Herts, accepted a police caution after Brian reported him.
            There have been plenty of other rumours about him including the odd cover up as well.

          • Caleb says:

            Who is Brian

          • Tony says:

            Brian was a cabbie that wilshere abused why do you think you might know him? haha

  8. Alee says:

    I am a spurs fan BTW.

  9. Alee says:

    Arsenal Fan: ‘What would you rather do, play for Spurs or retire?’

    Podolski: Play for Spurs of course! Don’t get me wrong, as an Arsenal player I love it when we beat them and they don’t play in the CL every year like we do but of course I’d choose to play for them for 50 odd grand a week rather than retire.

    With world class training facilities, a decent trophy haul that,s better than most and decent players all over the pitch many of whom have the potential to play in the CL, I wouldn’t have a problem playing for Spurs at all.

    Next question.

    Arsenal fans: ………

  10. classic says:

    @lou I am a City fan so dnt get Were d hate is from

    • lou says:

      no hate @classic but just a little sick of the tabloids reporting these sorry stories which all seem to be at the expense of spurs where Arsenal is concerned. After 9 years of trying to win some sort of trophy without success it’s a bit rich don’t you think.
      How many “big clubs” don’t win anything for almost a decade? Interesting that Spurs and United(sorry) are the only clubs to have won a major trophy for each of the last 6 decades.

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