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Tottenham’s magnificent 7: Last of all Christian Eriksen.(video)

Posted on September 08, 2013 by Tony


They left it late but Christian Eriksen has always been considered to be a potential Tottenham player and one that would fit the criteria now demanded of Daniel Levy and AVB. Still only 21 years of age he is still too young to include within the 25 man squad that needed to be supplied for the coming season and really shows up the potential of Tottenham for years to come when you realise Lamela is also on the youth list.

For someone of such a young age he has already packed an enormous amount of success into his short career, he has already played 39 times for his country, has been a first team regular fat Ajax for almost three seasons, during that time he has featured in 162 games for them, won three league titles and a couple of cups. With a record of 32 goals and 54 assists to his name he was clearly a very influential player for them during his time there.

With a very respectable record of success for a young player he has also gained formidable experience at International level and in the Champions League, consequently Christian Eriksen should go on to become a major player for Tottenham. At a cost of just £11.5m he could well become the bargain of the summer, his low fee in the current climate being determined by the fact that he was about to embark on the last year of his contract, a case of sell relatively cheap now or risk losing the player for nothing next year. When you consider that Ozil at almost £44m, of course the finished product, was £33m more then Eriksen then clearly Tottenham would seem to have a bargain. It is acknowledged that he still has to prove himself in the premiership but the same can be said of any player coming from another league.

Whenever I have watched him on a football field he has always appeared to me to be quite a small player but he actually stands at almost 5’10″and he is also deceptively quick. Most everyone that has been involved in his development at Ajax and have seen his performances regularly speak very highly of his ability, they all suggest that there is still much more to come, when it is the like of Johan Cruyff, Frank De Boer and other world greats of the past saying such things then surely it is time to take notice and acknowledge that Tottenham might have another great midfielder in their midst.

The video below gives a glimpse of the last player signed this summer for a significant fee, it showcases some of the quality that THFC have invested in whilst attempting to raise standards and bring trophies to White Hart Lane very soon:

They say Tottenham have no playmaker, no players with creative ability and guile and yet they forget the quality that has yet to be injected into the team following late signings.

Snippets on youtube are obviously no way to judge a player but they do give an idea of what that player is all about, some we have all seen on a more regularly basis, Eriksen, Paulinho and Soldado fall into that category. Maybe it is better to listen to what other professionals, past and present, have to say about these new Tottenham acquisitions, based upon that premise then AVB has on his hands another bunch of fantastic players to improve his squad and leave him with the happy dilemma of knowing whomever he calls upon will be up to the task once they have settled.

This is going to be a great year for Tottenham, maybe even the year when it all clicks into place.

3 to “Tottenham’s magnificent 7: Last of all Christian Eriksen.(video)”

  1. grant says:

    like it let’s hope he settles quickly, can see him and lamella in a front three with soldado,quality.

  2. 6YardsOut says:

    Yeah they all need to settle in together and form a godd understanding otherwise they will struggle

    • Tony says:

      similar number last year and it didn’t take long, as the team are already 4 points better off than this time last season it all looks good. sandro and kaboul returning is also a bonus as they won’t have to settle. every signing is impressive and exciting add them to all last years stars and this is one great squad.

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