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Tottenham’s magnificent 7;1st up Paulinho.(video)

Posted on September 05, 2013 by Tony

Tottenham’s first buy and first record signing of the summer at ¬£17m. Shortly after Brazil’s triumph at the Confederation Cup all the talk of will he or won’t he soon came to an end as Paulinho put pen to paper and signed for Tottenham, a midfield machine became the first part of the new Tottenham under AVB who himself was about to embark on a second season at a club for the first time ever in his career.

Already established as starter in the first team Paulinho has put in some fantastic shifts, scored a goal and threatened to add several more. Many experts are rightly lauding him as a candidate for signing of the season, although a little premature of course. At the moment he is being asked to perform different roles in the team depending upon the opposition faced and the make up of the remainder of the team on the day, once AVB has been able to assess his entire squad, knows their strengths and weaknesses and as soon as all players have settled in he will clearly be a vital part of the team.

There can be no mistaking the fact that Paulinho is a player who knows when to turn up in dangerous positions in the penalty box in order to threaten a goal, pretty soon he will surely be adding to his tally on a reasonably steady basis,  there is considerable expectation upon him for double figures in that department and from what we have seen so far I doubt he will disappoint.

This video sums up everything great about the player and as for lacking any creative nous, whilst he is not in the mould of Modric, he will provide plenty of attacking intent.

Absolutely no doubts that this is a player about to enter a sensational period both for himself and in Tottenham history.


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