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Tottenham’s magnificent 7:3rd up Roberto Soldado.(video)

Posted on September 06, 2013 by Tony

Roberto Soldado became Tottenham’s third major signing of the transfer window and the clubs transfer record was broken for a second time, Valencia drove a hard bargain and finally received a fee of almost £26m for their prolific goalscorer. With a record of more than twenty league goals  in each of his past three seasons Soldado is a goalscorer supreme and his fee reflects this.

Already some are beginning to doubt him especially following a slightly less than convincing performance against Arsenal, but strikers are judged on goals and whether it be as a result of poor service from his teammates, a poor individual performance or simply the fact that it will take time for the team to perform fluently together, Sunday was one of his less convincing shows. Tottenham, AVB , the players and supporters have seen enough to know that he is a thoroughbred and will score the desired goals this season, every striker has the occasional blank including RVP, Bale, Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi. Soldado has made just four starts for the club in competitive fixtures and has four goals and just the one blank day. The definition of a top striker is a goal every other game so Soldado is ahead of the game already.

Soldado is obviously the focal point of the team and will start in every major fixture but at long last AVB also has a couple of backup options, Adebayor remained as did Defoe while what is to become of Harry Kane is still to be decided, a loan or some time with the seniors to gain experience?

I have read that he cannot hold up play and bring others into the game, I see plenty of evidence that he has that ability in his locker although possibly not possessing the aerial prowess of Andy Carroll or his compatriot Negredo, as Tottenham and AVB prefer to play football on the deck that of course is not a great problem. He is a striker that likes to play on the last defender yet rarely gets caught offside, in fact I cannot yet remember such an occasion in a Tottenham shirt.

Soldado is a classic striker and this video shows what we can expect of a top goalscorer, one that will comfortably replace the twenty goals sold to Madrid provided he remains relatively free of injury:-


3 to “Tottenham’s magnificent 7:3rd up Roberto Soldado.(video)”

  1. whlspur says:

    cannot believe he is being criticised at all or spurs come to that. United with the best striker in the league have only scored in one fixture, Soldado has scored in 3 out of 4. Tottenham have the 2nd best defence along with a few others while Arsenal and City have conceded 4 and 3 goals respectively. they will all eat their words when the team settles down as happened last year when AVB was supposedly about to get the sack after 3 games. Eriksen at a quarter of the ozil price will be just as effective and be the bargain of the window.

    • Gunner akhil says:

      He is a good striker. But you cannot compare him with rvp. But he didnt score a single goal from open play. Please dont consider that el qualifier. But he will shine once he settled down. And you cannot even compare him with rvp. But erikson will be as effective as ozil? He is a great player. But dont compare him with one of the if not best no.10 in the world!

      • Tony says:

        If you read what was said RVP was acknowledged as the best striker but that Soldado was also class, a fair opinion. again Ozil acknowledged as top player and Eriksen as possibly the better buy only because he is a quarter of the price and if he only produces half the goals and assists as ozil would make him the best pound for pound purchase NOT the better player. As far as ozil is concerned there is no doubting his quality but he was bought to calm the supporters and just one purchase, and not even the type of player you all, even wenger, said you needed.

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