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Tottenham’s magnificent 7:4th up Etienne Capoue.(video)

Posted on September 06, 2013 by Tony

Etienne Capoue was probably a surprise new addition to the squad, predominantly a defensive midfielder although able to comfortably fit in at centre half if needed because of his height, strength and pace. After Caulker left and efforts to sign Chiriches as his replacement collapsed it was believed that he might be the next alternative, he was though the replacement for Scott Parker, who eventually left for Fulham, leaving AVB with Capoue and Sandro as top quality defensive midfield options. Sandro of course is still working his way back to full fitness but he is not far off now and what a dilemma that will be for AVB in choosing which to play.

Capoue is another full international having been chosen to play for France on several occasions over the past 12 months, at 6’2″ he is a massive presence in midfield and no slouch, between him and Sandro Tottenham have themselves a formidable pair of destroyers. Capoue was a target for Cardiff andNewcastle this summer and before now Redknapp’s Tottenham and Arsenal. He has now been snapped up for around £8.5m  and with his best years still ahead of him another masterstroke of the transfer window giving Tottenham two of the best defensive midfielders in the Premiership to alternate or perhaps play in unison if they wish to strangle the ambition of some teams.

This is what we can look forward to from Capoue who also adds a little extra goal power than what we came to expect from Scott Parker, now Tottenham have the “Beast” and the “Tank” to call upon.

9 to “Tottenham’s magnificent 7:4th up Etienne Capoue.(video)”

  1. markmac says:

    Looks solid but dont think he has any vision sandro all day long for me

  2. 5th again says:

    100million spent no goals from play in pl and a. Couple of pens ha money wel spent we had bad start against villa ref did us no favors still had chances to get the draw with ten men have looked good since that game small squad with good team spirit didn just go out an buy seven new players an throw them on the field think ye done great business with bale no way is he worth that money never going to b as good as ronaldo or messi

    • Tony says:

      can’t say i disagree with some of that but within a few weeks the benefit of the new players will be felt as it was last season when it took 6 or 7 games to get going with 6 new players and a new coach. I still don’t believe arsenal supporters are happy with this transfer window, ozil great but not what needed and not enough to change anything other than play for top three or four.

    • steve says:

      when will people realise that it takes a little time and Lamela and Eriksen only had one training session with the team.A narrow defeat away to a settled arsenal is not anything to worry about especially when you compare to last 2 away results, the difference this time was that Tottenham easily dominated possession over arsenal for the first time in years.

      • yidarmy says:

        makes me laugh four wins 10 for 0 against going into game and arsenal in trouble. after game and with arsenal buying one good player Tottenham in trouble and arsenal will challenge for title and champions league. pathetic reporting.

  3. 5th again says:

    Ya didn need a. Player in that position but can’t deny he is world class an we welcome those player no matter what position an wen people say we need more defensive players they seem to forgetwe had third best defense In league last year also brought back flamini who looked very good against u guys thought ye lacked ideas really

    • yidarmy says:

      good player but as everyone keeps saying still to cope with premier league, quicker, harder and always competitive. arsenal conceded the 3rd least goals but didn’t necessarily have the third best defence, if Keown and Dixon are to be believed they are poor compared to the 3 teams who finished ahead of them and a few was kids stuff against villa at times,very poor and that’s why arsenal win nothing.
      don’t agree spurs lacked ideas but need to spend time to gel also the major creators like holtby, eriksen and even lamella weren’t ready to play.

  4. 5th again says:

    What kind of ridiculous statement was that conceded the third least goals in pl but wasn the third best defense there the facts ye got two pens this year and as much possession ye had against us we had the better chances how many places have we gone to had loads of possession an lost an then b told u get nothing for it welcome to our world think united look very ordinary maybe there might b the london teams in top four next year but pool will b up there aswel I think

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