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Tottenham’s most important person: AVB.

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Tony

Nobody in their right mind would want to lose the services of a player like Gareth Bale but looking back over the season there were many occasions when he was either injured or failing to make an impression on a game, obviously the ability was there but it often needed the coach AVB to make a change or tweak the system or playing staff by means of a substitution to make the difference, we must not overlook the fact that many of Bales goals came late on or in the second half and only after AVB had sprinkled a little stardust.

Many Tottenham players had been performing extremely well over the course of the preceding couple of seasons but a few actually stepped up to a new or improved level last season, obviously Gareth Bale was the most impressive performer and a player whose level of performance hit new heights, AVB allowed Bale a new role and he responded with goals on an unprecedented level and possibly beyond expectation.

Aaron Lennon was another player that seemed to benefit from AVB’s coaching with improved performance, especially creatively, and another big season is expected with perhaps a few more goals than we have previously seen from him, JD managed to perform quite well in the lone striker role, something previously thought impossible and but for a bout of injuries he might well have had a much better goal return. Kyle Walker did not have such a dramatic season as that first one under Harry Redknapp when he was a revelation, his performances seemed to drop off and there were some mistakes, he was at fault for a couple of goals against and at crucial times but by the end of the season his statistics defensively were actually very good and he finished as one of the best in the division. His primary job is to defend and although his pace and energy allows him to venture forward regularly and dangerously that part of his game is a massive bonus.

AVB after a sluggish start, to be expected with so many changes in staff and playing personnel, actually managed to get the best from most of the squad, levels of performance increased to a new level and he proved his tactical ability which also helped in improving individual performance levels.

As a result of his ability and the trust the hierarchy of Tottenham have in him the club have felt that the time has finally arrived to really go for it in the transfer market, they believe that finally they have a special coach and are prepared to back him in the market and splash out on some top quality additions.

There is little doubt that Gareth Bale did actually recognise what AVB brought to his game, the team was set up or adapted to get the very best from his abilities, will he get that over Ronaldo at real madrid, will he have his pick of the free kicks or will he be on the receiving end of changes in formation to suit Ronaldo, you would think so.

Mourinho and a couple of other players have confirmed that the dressing room was divided with cliques and unrest whilst at Tottenham it couldn’t have been more different with AVB, Steffan Freund and all the other staff and players incredibly united and happy in their working environment.

We are just going to have to see how it all pans out, it is hoped that the players do eventually recognise what an opportunity they have to achieve great things for Tottenham, they really do have an exceptional coach at the helm and irrespective of what happens in the transfer market the most important person at Tottenham right now is AVB.

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  1. lol says:

    Most important at Spurs : Levy.
    Its his vision we are here today. We have seen many coaches and will see even better ones with Levy at helm.
    Having said that, AVB is second fav, he can have his legacy here

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