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Tottenham’s partnership with Real Madrid sees Morata head to Arsenal!

Posted on December 03, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Reports coming out of Spain and picked up by some of the British press are reporting that Arsenal have pipped Tottenham to the loan signing of the young Spanish forward from Real Madrid Alvaro Morata, the same player that Tottenham reportedly tried to sign from Madrid as part of the Gareth Bale deal on a permanent or loan basis.

Our “special relationship” or “partnership ” apparently failed in the summer transfer window and as a result of Roberto Soldado’s poor goal return Tottenham were still apparently keen to resurrect the deal come January. Despite nine appearances for Real this season and a couple of goals it would seem that he is now keen to play more regularly and Arsenal see him as the player needed as cover for Giroud even though they or nothing alike in the playing sense.

Of course there are doubts as to the authenticity of these rumours, some have said that only if Madrid manage to acquire one of their major signings like Suarez or Aguerro will they release the player and of course that is never going to happen in January and then there is still the matter of their other starlet Jese to consider, he was another in demand forward over the summer. Less than a year ago Theo Walcott agreed a new deal with Arsenal involving a substantial pay rise but also apparently including a promise that he would be played in his favoured centre forward position, if the news of Morata’s arrival is true then Wenger must have abandoned all hope of Walcott ever starting centrally other than in emergency situations.

From a Tottenham point of view there seems very little point in signing a young unproven striker for a matter of just months in an attempt to solve a striker crisis, let’s be honest we bought our very own young unproven striker in the summer when Erik Lamela agreed to join and so this is probably more paper talk designed to get up the noses of Tottenham supporters.

Of course this is being reported as a bit of a coup for Arsenal and a snub for Tottenham, most Tottenham transfer rumours generally pitch them against another big club,  BUT if there is even an element of truth about the matter what does it say for this partnership with Real Madrid, simple, it say’s end it publicly now.

10 to “Tottenham’s partnership with Real Madrid sees Morata head to Arsenal!”

  1. Eric says:

    Our partnership doesn’t deny them to deal with our rivals so m not sure why we are moaning

  2. tom says:

    If it is true that Tottenham also want him then if it is a choice between the two you would expect the “partnership” to come into effect surely.

  3. Sardo says:

    If RM are given priority over other clubs in taking players off our hands surely it should work both ways, otherwise it’s not much of a partnership.

    That being said I think a lot of the animosity towards RM comes from them taking Bale, but to be fair he was too big for Tottenham, he wanted to leave, we were too dependent on him last season and at the end of the day they massively overpaid by giving us 85 million for him!

    • Tony says:

      the partnership actually started with the signing of modric and the animosity obviously does come not from the signing of bale but the timing and how they went about it. Yes they massively overpaid and to be honest once we have learned how to overcome the loss of his goals and influence last year we should be a better team, team being the operative word. If RM say that want £1m for the player for a loanspell and Spurs agree then the partnership should entitile them to secure the deal if not there is no partnership. Most of us take comfort from the fact that Madrid paid way over the odds and that Madrid have funded our future for the next four or five years.

  4. Eric says:

    Yes you could say that but then what if they pay higher? not sure we can complain then but yes I agree with the sentiment that we should be given first refusal on their players

  5. BigH says:

    RM are just arrogant wankers. Time to tear up any stupid agreement. Lets hope we buy Benteke

  6. classic says:

    lol doesn’t mean Soldado is better and vise versa, but he has pl experience. And he plays for aston villa that has a shit midfield.

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