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Townsend cements his England place at the expense of Walcott.

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Tony

In just two outings in vitally important World cup qualifying fixtures Andros Townsend has almost ended any speculation at to whether he will go to Brazil next summer and for that matter who will take up the position on the right of midfield. Theo Walcott has seemed to be around for an eternity and yet is still only 24 yrs of age, he has somehow managed to rack up thirty-six England caps and has five goals to his name which included a hat-trick of course, he has had to fend off the likes of Aaron Lennon, Adam Johnson and James Milner but had somehow managed to become a regular starter under Roy Hodgson, that has now all changed with the introduction of Townsend and he faces yet another challenge for his position.

On Friday against Montenegro Walcott was in the studio to give judgement on the England performance and I have to admit that even though his comments and his continuous use of the words “ya know” drove me insane I had to feel some sympathy for him having to witness his position in the team being ripped away from him. Provided Townsend remains fit it is surely beyond doubt that he has secured his spot on the plane and almost certainly a position in the starting lineup.

Fortunately for  Walcott there remains considerable hope for him as Townsend can also actually play on the left and should there be any need to switch him then England could conceivably have two speedsters on the field of play. they say that Walcott is actually quicker than Townsend and most other Premiership players, although with the ball at his feet Townsend is very rapid he also possesses a trick or two and can go past players with far more ease than Walcott, his end product is still a work in progress but it remains a devastating weapon as he is beginning to attack at such pace that crosses go into the opposition area while defenders are facing their own goal, Walcott far too often has a tendency to delay by checking back and giving defenses time to take up positions facing the forwards and seeing and reading the final ball in.

England and Hodgson will now have the enviable situation of having two players fighting for that spot in the team and that should bring out the best in both of them, and let’s not forget that Aaron Lennon might also be able to put together a run of performances to make the England coach sit up and take notice before next summer.

The battle is well and truly on but at this precise moment Andros Townsend is way ahead of his competitors and as his Tottenham coach AVB is not averse to trying to coax more from his players, it is likely that we shall see Townsend take up different positions in the Tottenham team over the course of the season as did Gareth Bale, Townsend is left footed and could easily be as devastating on that side of the pitch, we also now know he likes to get himself into central areas and test the keeper as often as possible so by the time the tournament arrives he could be a more complete player.

Tottenham sold Gareth Bale in the summer for a world record fee but there are so many similarities between him and Townsend that Tottenham and England might just have another star on their hands. Strange perhaps but take a look at their birthdates, both Townsend and Bale were born on the 16th July with Townsend two years the junior.

16 to “Townsend cements his England place at the expense of Walcott.”

  1. ledtheking says:

    Bet u when walcott comes back they will drop townsy typical england

  2. 6YardsOut says:

    Townsend is the most exciting player I have seen for England in a long time.

  3. craig says:

    Townsend is far more exciting than Walcott at the moment and probably plays like nobody else in England at the moment, he really could go on to be as big a star as Bale. Every goal he seems to score seems really special and that was for Spurs in Europe, QPR and England, a great talent who could go far if he gets the breaks.

  4. whlspur says:

    you have got to feel for Walcott he was on the panel and commenting on a player that he must have realised has taken his place in the team, all the other members of the panel were enthusing over Townsend and he must have felt like just getting out of there.He will still go to Brazil but if Townsend remains fit only as his understudy.

  5. Caleb says:

    I’m an arsenal fan and I would much rather see townsend play the first 70 of games as he is direct, quick, strong and exciting. Then have Walcott for the last 20 to tear up the lb late on.

    • Tony says:

      That could be the way to go, just think how a fullback would be feeling after an hour of being battered by Townsend to see an even quicker Walcott warming up to come on. More youngster please, less fear factor, would rather go out of tournaments going for it than trying to hold out and going down with a wimper.

      • Caleb says:

        Completely agree, I should look forward to international breaks but the way england play just makes me want the prem back as quickly as possible

        • Tony says:

          normally the case for me as well but was pleasantly surprised with the performances in these 2 games, rooney was back to close to his best and for the most part it was an exciting performance. As long as we don’t get carried away and expect to win the WC and just settle for giving it their best shot and playing without fear it could be a good WC. In the meantime it’s all to play for in the league.

          • Caleb says:

            I was too very good performance from us. The league is really exciting this year, I genuinely can’t call what willl happen and that’s good for the neutral but makes it a little more nerve wrecking for us fans. Hope that townsend is one of these stars from the World Cup like ozil was 3 years ago. I hope we do well but teams like Brazil, Germany and Spain are just too strong for us to cope with

          • Tony says:

            It is great that the league is so open everybody had become a bit bored with the procession it had become.there really are 6 or 7 contenders for a top four and maybe five for the title.

          • Tony says:

            Also think Belgium might have a big chance this time.

          • Caleb says:

            Belgium have a great team but they are so inexperienced in big competitions and currently players are inform like lukaku and benteke, if they weren’t they lack a good striker. I think they will go to the quarters

          • Tony says:

            I just think all these ageing players like to throw out the experience needed scenario as a means of retaining their place in the team. Sturridge, Welbeck, Townsend, Walker and Baines didn’t have any real experience and yet along with Rooney were all the best and most exciting players this past week. It seems that experience = boring and safety first and inexperienced = fearless and going for it. i know which I prefer.

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