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United and Arsenal panic buying costs them.

Posted on September 03, 2013 by Guest Writer

As the transfer window approached it’s conclusion both Arsenal and Manchester United were forced to show their hand to placate the masses that support them. Neither have had the best of starts to the season although Arsenal managed to calm matters with the important home victory over their nearest neighbours.
Manchester United have been linked to a number of creative midfielders in the mould of Fabregas, Modric and the Barcelona youngster who eventually plumped for Bayern Munich rather. Efforts to sign Anders Herrera and then Khedira from Madrid both failed as did a last ditch attempt to sign De Rossi from Roma until eventually they were forced into paying way over the odds for Fellaini. When you consider that his buyout clause was only £23m until a month ago, to finally be forced into paying about £28m as a last resort clearly points to a purchase simply for the sake of it. Fellaini is a decent player but he is nothing like the type of players targeted who were all in the playmaker mould,. What happened to Leighton Baines? He was the first player that they bid for and United even made a joint bid for the two of them for a combined fee of £28m.
Over at the Emirates Wenger and even his players have been talking of their need of a new forward, Higuain, Suarez, Benzema and Rooney were all targeted. A defensive midfielder and more help in the centre of defence were also apparently needed, there was also plenty of effort trying to secure a new keeper with the QPR keeper said to be odds on to join for most of the summer. Come the last day of the window and Arsenal and Wenger almost treble their previous record transfer fee, destroy their wage structure, pay something like £10m over the top and simply bring in another midfielder in the mould of Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta and Ramsey as well as another average back up keeper.
Let’s be clear Fellaini and Ozil are both good players but even the most ardent of supporters of both United and Arsenal will have been left disappointed by the events of the transfer window, neither player would have been considered essential to the team or what was actually needed and so it all smacks of desperation.
Just about every club in the top ten, and many below, have managed to strengthen their team and squads in this window, but could you actually the same about United and Arsenal having seen almost all of their targets slip away.
Many supporters of both clubs will be happy that they eventually splashed the cash, many will openly state that they are satisfied with yesterday’s transfer dealings, unfortunately the reality is that these last minute deals have papered over the cracks. Tottenham probably thought on Sunday that they were about to lose the services of Etienne Capoue for a large chunk of the season, a big loss but not so much when you consider that he was an alternative to Sandro and so AVB has quality cover in that position. Imagine either of Ozil or Fellaini picking up a knock, they are not just back up or squad players they have been brought in to galvanise the team and if they were out for any length of time it would be a big loss to them.

Both teams have panicked and it remains to be seen just what effect it might have on their seasons, it will not detract from the fact that there are now six teams in the mix for Champions League places come next May

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  1. eric says:

    cant believe we didnt get a striker

    • Tony says:

      That was the main aim all along so this is a poor transfer window.

      • eric says:

        why no lb btw? depending on naughton and fryzers?

        • Tony says:

          Kaboul can step in at rb, vertonghen or chiriches at lb and even Naughton has been decent when called upon in either position.I don’t think this was anything but a great window for Spurs with cover and variety in every position once all integrated. Holtby, Eriksen and sigurdsson are all playmakers with different attributes and there really shouldn’t be any panic.Arsenal game was no disaster by any means when you consider villa beat arsenal, cardiff beat City and Liverpool beat united.

  2. Sam says:

    Biased article. Ok we didn’t buy a second striker but Ozil isn’t just good player. He will get in to first eleven of any team, even at Real Madrid. They sold him because they needed to balance the books. But I am sure they will miss him. He will run our midfield and he is a winner. He will give confidence to rest of the players around him. Wenger now can develop Wilshire at his own pace. The worth of Ozil to Aresnal is enormous, not only on the pitch but also in attracting more world class players to Arsenal in future. Our reputation as a top club has taken a hit over last few years. This will be the start of rebuilding it back. Ozil is only 24 and signed a 5 year contract with us. Fantastic. Flamini, he showed against Spurs his worth. He was the one organising the midfield and shouting instructions to younger players. It’s because of his leadership quality that Arsenal didn’t buckle under spur’s onslaught. The goal keeper we got is an Italian international. We won’t win the title, but we will be close this year and hopefully win a cup. 7/10 for Arsenal transfers.

    • Tony says:

      Another supporter duped by wenger and the board. been reading some of the comments on arsenal sites and clearly many are not fooled. read any of the early comments and wishes of arsenal supporters and all the talk is of a top forward or two, a defensive midfielder and more defensive cover. You have ended up with three frees and a top midfielder who was a panic buy(what is with the Cabaye bid?). Maybe it’s because Wilshire is always likely to be injured as wenger has had to rely on him to often in the past.
      No you won’t win the title, you won’t even get close, the league cup is the best that you can hope for. 7/10 is generous for just the one decent signing, perhaps spurs are a 15/10 on that basis.

      • Jide says:

        Sam, if you believe what you wrote, you’ll believe anything mate. Ozil was a panic buy. He was touted all over Europe for the whole month, ask yourself why did Wenger not buy him then? He would most likely have been cheaper as well. Do not get me wrong, he is an excellent player. But you lot seem to have put a lot on one player who is new to the Premier League. Well, enough of that!

        I honestly believe that Spurs can get Leighton Baines in January if we offer a reasonable sum for him. I worry about Rose, he in my view (and Walker) are the weakest link in the Spurs team. At least we have cover in right back. I do not rate Naughton I am afraid.

        The loss on Sunday will be to our advantage in the long run. I hate losing to the gooners (any loss at any level!), but I believe we as fans needed a reality check and something like that to calm us down. It will also help the team and AVB to realise that there is still work to be done to gel the team.

        I have no doubt that we will shake the league up this season. We will be up there in the top 4. Where exactly, I cannot predict.

        May I also thank our chairman, Mr Levy for a job well done with the transfers.

  3. Caleb says:

    If ozil side for spurs you’d be sucking his dick, he’s the best player that has come into the prem this window

    • Tony says:

      and of course that is not a biased view. because he cost £43m doesn’t make him the best buy in the prem this summer. pound for pound many consider Eriksen could be the best buy and can ozil do what Paulinho does for instance. moronic comment really as he is a specific type of player. because bale cost more than ronaldo does it make him better? of course not.stupid comment from an arsenal supporter sucked in by the lies of arsenal.

      • Caleb says:

        No I didn’t say he was the best because of the price I said he was the best because he is the highest quality player to move to the prem

        • Tony says:

          Ridiculous is he the highest quality defender or midfield he is a very good offensive midfield like wilshere rosicky cazorla and arteta huge expense on an upgrade rather than what was needed

          • Caleb says:

            I admit we may have needed a solid defensive mid or another good centre back, but if a team has any chance to add a world class player to your team, you do it. I never said he was the best defender because he isn’t a defender he is an attacking midfield player

          • Tony says:

            If that were true then why hasn’t wenger done so in the last 5/6 years while all his real class players left.He has reacted to unhappiness of supporters and bought a WC player(no argument) but not what arsenal needed at all.they have been linked with so many top players Rooney and suarez mainly and central defender and top keeper and look what they got. United have got RVP, Rooney,welbeck and hernandez as strikers would you expect them to spend £43m on another striker, of course not, bu that is what wenger has done in effect. Would arsenal supporters rather wenger had spent the money on higuain or suarez I wonder!they have paid twice as much as they were prepared to pay for higuain and £3m more than they offered for suarez how does that make sense?

  4. lol says:

    Tony and Spurs fans including me,
    consoling is one thing and accepting the fact is another. Vermalen will be back soon, before next match. and looks like us, Arsenal will also give chance to some youth team players this year. They are low up front, agreed. but Sangogo/Apkom are covers while Poldi/Walcott can also cover. Defense is not that weak what Tony says always, V5 had a gr8 start to PL, like our own Belgian defender. Then he faded last year, who knows if he comes back? I agree, they lack CDM, but Flamini/Ramshy can do the dirty work while others will score for fun. Point is, Arsenal without Ozil, without Poldi, without Arteta, not counting Ox here, beat us 1-0, made sense? and about 43M, Bale can be 86M and Ozil cant be 43M!!! last 3 years he is THE best in assists in the world, at par with Xavi/Iniesta or above them

    • Tony says:

      Is every arsenal supporter missing the point here? does anybody actually believe that the one purchase alone without improving other areas of the team will suddenly turn them into title challengers and trophy winners or get them to a CL final again. of course not, nothing will change and the season will yet again be about fighting for 4th place. At least teams like spurs and liverpool are trying to better themselves, they have ambition while arsenal are happy plodding along just doing enough. for a so called big club no success in 8 years is terrible and with a spend of over £50m in each of the 2 previous seasons lack of funds does not come into it. I keep mentioning Arsenal’s poor defence because it is and every ex arsenal player says the same lee dixon is the most vociferous and played in their best defensive set up so knows a thing or two.
      in a two team league and with all the attacking talent, especially ronaldo with 30 to 40 goals a season he was bound to have a high assist rate, let’s see if it’s as good in the premiership eh.
      I don’t know how many times i have to say ozil is quality but they wanted forwards and defenders, they wanted higuain and suarez and bid for them, wenger spoke of rooney and they bid low for ashley williams. if sagna has to play central due to injury to one player how can anybody deny lack of central defenders.
      Wenger and the arsenal board are masters at pulling the wall over everyones eyes, they should not be relying on results going their way on last day of season as the last 2 years.they have 2 challenges this year from spurs and liverpool at least and this time there is every chance of failure.

      • Mike says:

        Quit the sour graping. “Spurs and Liverpool trying to better themselves” by buying mediocre players? Exactly why you lost to Arsenal, despite having a crowd of new signings. One magic moment from Ozil is more than all your new signings can manage in 90 minutes.

        • Tony says:

          Another sad gooner taken in by wenger and the board. happy with battling for fourth are you? even wenger said that new signings will take a little time to settle and that is what gave you the edge on sunday, it certainly wasn’t possession which you have always dominated through the years. If that doesn’t tell you something nothing will. do you not think that Eriksen or Lamela won’t be able to produce a moment of magic.
          Come feb and march it will be the same old sounds of “wenger and the board out” being heard. Another year of nothing lies ahead.Arsenal go backwards while Tottenham keep advancing.

        • craig says:

          mediocre players like Walcott, podolski,gervinho,santos,ox,chamakh,squillaci and arshavin
          cazorla and now ozil are quality ,wilshere is an injury waiting to happen. The sour grapes come from arsenal fans moaning for weeks about inactivity and then wetting themselves over one signing and a narrow victory over spurs.

        • tom says:

          spurs and Liverpool have every chance of finishing ahead of arsenal this season and one signing isn’t going to change that.

  5. Caleb says:

    Pretty sure this is said every year. Pretty sure RVP won utd the title last year…

    • Tony says:

      pretty sure they won’t win it this year but if your saying Utd are a one man team as well then you really don’t understand football. your all talking like ozil is the messiah but he alone won’t transform you.

  6. Caleb says:

    I’m quite clear that untited aren’t a one man team but take rvp out then it’s not anything special. I’m not saying he’s the messiah but there’s a reason he played week in week out at Madrid, he would improve any team in the premiership

    • Tony says:

      unbelievable, rvp has only been with them for a year but the only lost the year b4 with last min goal from city and won it b4 that. one player does not and never will make a team. don.t bank on ozil to transform you on his own arsenal need at least 3 or 4 more top players to compete for silverwear. Spurs have bought theirs. read what i am saying, ozil is quality but not enough and more importantly not what you really needed.

  7. Caleb says:

    So if united didn’t have rvp would they have done as well? I doubt it. I don’t think ozil will transform us but he will make us better, that is what I’m saying. Tottenham have bought very well and I am I intrigued to see which ones of them perform, capoue for me looked really good and for spurs it’s a shame he is injured. If arsenal need 3/4 players to challenge for silverware how many do you think spurs need?

    • Tony says:

      Obviously not as he is the best striker in the league but they wouldn’t play with ten men or put a keeper in his place, they might have put Hernandez up top who still scores a goal almost every other game or bought someone else, they won the title by loads of points anyway. i agree Ozil will make them better he is quality but you already have some quality in that area with Cazorla and Wilshere who I have acknowledged before, so how much better can he be not hugely and certainly not enough to turn you into champions in the league or europe. capoue is only out for 4 weeks so with no game for 2 weeks no problem having said that he is only cover for Sandro who is probably even better than him. chiriches is cover for Vertonghen and possibly left back, chadli is a specialist on left who will give options without being a mainstay Paulinho, soldado, eriksen and Lamela are top quality and just need to gel. Tottenham will win siverware with this squad in my opinion as now Sandro and Kaboul are back there is already huge improvement. Left back is the only position of concern with Rose doing ok but still to make the position his own.

  8. Tony says:

    £43.5m Ozil £1.5m Holtby what a completely ridiculous comparison. Gooners fooled again and another year with no silverware. you fall for it every time, last year £54m spent on few players, year before £53m spent on few players and this year only £43.5m spent on one player. over 60k fans paying highest prices in league for seats, how easily you are bought. Don’t you think with the players you had before, champions and CL finalists and undefeated season that you should have won something since and at least competed for title. It’s a disgrace how far you have fallen, left to battle for fourth place, if you fail wenger will walk away and the board will just pass on to other director. Arsenal have had everything in place to dominate and wasted it and this transfer window and weak supporters actually worries me, the media, wenger and the majority of supporters are wetting themselves over one player, good as he is, who will never turn you into champions alone. It has taken just £43m to quieten all the dissent after Villa when Arsenal will have a turnover of well over £300m after the extra tv money. Madrid with perhaps £400m turnover will have spent nearer £200m, spurs £100m, £ity£100m and £helsea £70m with another £30/40 for Rooney if given the green light.It was no sign of intent but just a cheap panic buy to shut up the fans and it has worked. If you do fail this time I’ll bet he has a CL release clause and will be off next summer like all the others sick of lack of success and false promises.

    • tom says:

      Spot on and at last the point you make might have hit home to the gooner fans. I have read somewhere that he insisted on a release clause in those circumstances so he is not all that sure himself to do so. If he cops an injury for any length of time what will he be able to do from the sidelines, the same as Bale last year when he was injured and when modric broke his leg, nothing, while Spurs bring in Sandro for Capoue and have excellent back up in every position.

    • Tony says:

      Let’s just hope he doesn’t pick up an injury and actually is as good in the premier as all the hype from arsenal fans suggest. find it strange that he was offered to united and a few other clubs a month before for as little as £30m, why do you think nobody took up the offer? why did it take until the last couple of hours to decide to put up with arsenal and why has he put a CL get out clause in his contract. Easily pleased gooners unable to sign any decent players while your freebies are all superstars, sad really. Of the top 100 players sold this summer Spurs have seven and arsenal one.

    • whlspur says:

      Capoue, Holtby and Paulinho turned you down what does that tell you and I don’t think you will find any shit amongst the purchases, not like Santos, arshavin,squillaci,chamakh,bendtner and gervinho, only the last one sold for any money all the others given away and all lost millions. Arsenal, big club with little ambition other than to finish 4th.enjoy your superstar while you still have him he will be gone next summer like all the others.

  9. Tony says:

    if your such a top team why did those players leave, at least we got £85m for bale as much as you got for all your stars put together.

  10. Tony says:

    Bet you were one of the moaning arsenal fans b4 they paid £15m over the price to buy ozil to shut you all up. the big con continues and you fans fall for it again. do you think one player is going to make you winners after 8yrs of decline? £43.5m to battle for 4th place again, sad, unambitious, tropyless gooners.

  11. mick says:

    we don’t begrudge you ozil and nor does levy whatever crap was written, but he was a panic and last resort as the supporters were screaming blue murder over lack of action in transfer window.arsenal are in the top 5 of richest clubs but spurs are 11th I think and closing fast. arsenal turnover about £100m more but expect gap to close within next couple seasons especially if they get CL.

  12. Thierry says:

    Ive never seen so many bitter and jealous comments in my life. Spurs have bought well yes, but none of them are in the class of ozil, fact. Ozil is a panic buy? Are you joking? Weve been looking at him for months along with other top players, he became available and we went in for him, he turned down a massive money move to PSG, and if he really wanted to go to united he could of sounded out a move. The fact is, people have slated arsenal for not being ambitious, and no one wants to play for us blah blah blah. Now look, wenger has brought in one of, if not the best playmaker in world football, if you disagree with that then you dont know shit. Spurs on the other hand, like we have done in the past, have sold thier best player by a mile, and spent money replacing him with some good, and some mediocre players, and all in the effort to try and crack the top four. If you dont make it this season then there could be trouble for spurs, as we have shown, top top players want CL football, its really that simple, and believe it or not top top players want to play under a top manager, and thats where Wenger comes in. As for Rooney or Suarez, we tried, genuinely tried, what can you do when your rivals dont want to sell to you? Go out and spend money on a player who doesnt really fit your team? Just to appease fans? No. Wenger will not spend top money on any player who he doesnt see as perfect for us, thats why we didnt buy a top top striker. Im not saying we will win the league but we will be right up there, and Ozil is just the start for us, its a massive statement of intent and ambition, and will only provide more pulling power for other top players, especaially with CL football. Whats that i hear you say? Whats the point of being in the CL if you have no chance of winning it? Well, i could say the same about Spurs being in the premier league.

    • Tony says:

      Surprised that you have fallen for it after all the comments you made before, it really is just about getting into the CL and no longer about winning things. Ozil is nowhere near enough and not even what you needed when you already have cazorla and wiltshire. All the talk and wait and see and it came down to a panic last minute buy still to prove himself in the PL just like our players.£40m and one pound for suarez is not the action of a big club it’s pathetic and small as stated by ian wright. I’m sorry but one player doesn’t make you ambitious you were talking about 3 or 4 big players and got 1 and 3 free transfers. when you say spurs have bought some mediocre players i really don’t know who you mean as they are all internationals, that’s 7 full internationals to your 1. please don’t talk tripe. all the talk of spending, going for it, big club, all BS, do enough to make top four and nothing else. don’t kid yourself on CL football monacco got some big players without it while suarez stayed because you didn’t make a big enough effort. it was all soundbites the same as every other year and the reason all your stars left.
      Strange that ozil has cl get out clause written in his contract, he only joined to ensure games b4 the WC and was so unsure how arsenal would fare he arranged his out.
      sorry to tell you but he was offered to united and a number of other clubs a month ago for £30m and nobody took it up.
      whats that i hear you say whats the point of being a big rich club who says they can compete with the big boys and go for free transfers and being a big club thats eight years wasted in any competition. I agree that bale prob only worth perhaps £50m although more to spurs and thats why levy wins having said that ozil is only worth the £30m that they originally wanted, because wenger left it late and a panic buy he had to pay over odds.
      Some of your words are just what wenger says, another misguided, happy to settle, conned arsenal supporter.Prepare for the same crap next summer only it might not include the pulling power of the CL you rely upon.

  13. Thierry says:

    And @Tony, mate, Bale is nowehre near worth 85 million or whatever he went for, top business by Levy, but they over paid by about 50%.

    • mick says:

      he was worth more than £50m to spurs and they could have walked away.fabregas was worth more than you got for him you should have asked for levy’s help.

  14. Tony says:

    Lets do this………………am confident.

  15. Thierry says:

    @tony where have you heard Ozil has had a clause written into his contract? You keep saying if we are such a top team why did our top players leave us? Hypocritical much? Bale has gone, your best player by a mile, but yet no one is slagging tottenham off for selling their best player amnd replacing him with some mediocrity, some are goo dplayers dont get me wrong, but nowhere near bales level. Ozil has said himself, he would of joined Arsenal for nothing, that says it all. Bottom line is, you lot are jealous, simple, and no, not one player will change a team but it goes along way to improving our squad and our attractivness to other top top players. Hes the best attacking midfielder in world football, we have bought him from probably the biggest club in world football, and we show no ambition? Oh dear. Good luck getting your “magnificent 7” (how embarrassing) to gel and integrate quick enough to get top four, because at the moment, not having scored a goal in open play for three games is nothing short of worrying. Mind that gap!

  16. Thierry says:

    @Tony monaco got top players because they pay their players an obscene amount of money each week, simple. We wanted to spend big, and we would of if LFC had of sold us suarez, or United sold us Rooney, but they didnt, and why? Because they see us as rivals for the title now. We bid 40 mill and a pound because we were of the understanding that it would activate a clause in his contract, whats wrong with that? Why offer 40 mill plus ten grand? Doesnt make sense at all. And no tony, ozil was not offered to other clubs for 30 mill at all and no one took him, are you joking? Know your facts mate before you start spouting rubbish. Ozil joined Arsenal because he can see where we are going, and wanted to play under wenger. Fact. And saying that Ozil is a panic buy is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard, typical repsonse of a jealous and bitter fan. Just because your “magnificent 7” (hahahaah) are internationals means absolute jack shit, bendtner is an international, is he any good? Torres is an international, is he a top player? Youve sold Bale, and replaced with players that are good, some better than others, but none of them are class, and will take time to settle. Learn something.

    • Tony says:

      we can all see where are arsenal are going, backwards, thats why all the stars have left. ozil was offered around the market it was in all the spanish media.if he wasn’t a panic buy why did it take until the last minute don’t kid yourself.ozil joined because it is world cup year and he needs to be playing and wouldnt at madrid.bendtner isn’t currently an international but he’s in your squad as your new top striker.again torres isn’t being picked now so your argument is moot. i didn’t realise that you had to play for arsenal to be class.when your embarrassing suarez bid didn’t work why didn’t you go back with 45 or 50m thaat’s what big teams do. you gave it the bigun with all the stars your going to buy and you come back now crowing about one player and the type you never ever really needed, that’s why it was a panic buy there was no other choice.di maria said no did he also see where you were going and thought sod that.he said no to us because of CL but what is your excuse.
      chelsea also see spurs as title rivals that’s why they bought willian and unbalanced their squad doing some of your remarks and see how foolish it all looks now, suarez of fact, fabregas coming fact, rooney signing fact, higuain, bernard,fellaini signing fact.going to spend total of £100m cos they can fact.levy wont spend bale money fact. Bale went and i admit shock and disappointment with that but levey spent it all and then some and not a free signing in sight.
      you and every arsenal supporter have been conned by wenger and board again FACT. not only that but you seem ecstatic to have been conned so blatantly.

  17. Thierry says:

    Hahaha yes weve been conned. If you believe the spanish media then you are a fool tony, the media has an agenda, to sell papers, anyone who believes the media is naieve. Yes we didnt need ozil, but he is of such quality that if he becomes available then you take him, simple. How on earth can you say we are going backwards, we have got rid of all the deadwood and signed the best attacking midfielder in the world, which will act as a major pull for other top players around europe, yes we needed a striker, but wenger will not throw money around just for the sake of it. You keep mentioning Higuain and bernard etc its laughable, hig isnt worth 35 mill, thats ransom money and we wont be held to it. Suarez, wanted to leave, we bid, they rejected, is that wengers fault? No. How do you know we didnt bid 45 or 50 towards the end of the window? Oh because the media didnt report it of course, how silly of me. As for Di Maria, i genuinely dont know, maybe he didnt want to leave madrid, maybe he didnt want to join arsenal, not every top player in the world wants to join us and ive never said that. We were in for Rooney, United again wouldnt sell to us, is that wengers fault? No. So Wenger should of just thought “fuck it, ill throw 40 mill at madrid for higuain” No, that is a ridiculous mentality to have. Your the one that said all your 7 players were quality because they are internationals, i was just pointing out it doesnt mean shit, you know as well as i do, you have no player in your team that is on the level of Santi or Ozil. You have spent over 100 mill trying to break the top four, not to win the title, but to try and crack the elusive top four which you need to attract the top top players, if that wasnt the case, then why is every team desperate for it- afc, lfc, thfc. If you dont make the top four this year, which could easily happen, then what next? Some of the players you have bought could possibly be picked out of your team for a team that is in the CL, just like whats happened to us over the years. AVB is going to have to work absolute wonders to get you in the CL spots this year(probably the toughest its been for a long time) he may well do it, he may not, if you dont, where to go then? If spurs were about to overtake arsenal and become the force you lot have been spouting for the last year or so, why did Bale leave? Van der Vaart? Modric? Bottom line is, were far from going backwards, weve made a statement of intent, that not only will attract other top players, but will massivle increase our chances of winning something. 2nd best defense the whole of last season, and with our ridiculously talented midfield the amount of chances we will create i wont be suprised of Giroud does alot better this season, along with goals from podolski, walcott, cazorla, and the goals ozil should bring. You lot better start scoring quickly, or it could be a very long year for the “mighty” spurs.

    • Tony says:

      haha you have been held to ransom for over £43m the same as levy held madrid to ransom on bale.napoli didn’t pay £40m for higuain so what’s the point of using that argument. listen to all the talk, tottenham are not content with top four their ambition is to win the league. tottenham do not count finishing 4th like winning a cup like arsenal. as i have to keep pointing out spurs have players as good if not better than any of your players, cazorla would not walk into spurs team as you might think,squad yes, you really do overestimate your players. where are the forwards, defenders and def midfielders you needed surely your not settling for flamini? your transfer dealing isn’t going to win you the title is it or perhaps he is so good he will save the galaxy as well. be sensible spurs finished 1 point behind you last season and lost bale, thats 26 goals in all competitions and just 4 assists, he will be missed but at least 5 of the players signed are improvements on what we had other than him, soldado already has 4 of the 26 goals needed. huddlestone,parker,dempsey,bentley,caulker were all in the squad last year and have been replaced by the seven who all are upgrades, as well as that Sandro and Kaboul are back and rose and ~townsend are also doing better so far than benni and bentley. don’t tell me spurs haven’t improved that would be a moronic thing to say.look at all the arsenal sites b4 last sunday screaming about lack of transfer activity , a narrow win at home over spurs and one purchase of a player not really needed, even by your own admission, and it changes everything. sad and pathetic. good luck as you battle for 4th and nothing else for the 9th season, no ambition but at least wenger can begin negotiating his new contract without any moans, he will get that done and it will all carry on as b4.

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