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United have no chance of buying Bale.

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Scraggs

It just seems some journalists, if you can call them that, will not let it go and continue to fill the back pages with utter garbage in relation to Gareth Bale, a couple have jumped on the Manchester United are about to make their move bandwagon. The suggestion is that Real Madrid have let up in their pursuit as Tottenham do not believe that they have the funds to see a deal through, so United see this as their opportunity to pick Bale up, and on the cheap as they are not prepared to pay anything like the asking price but will include Hernandez in the deal.

Clearly this story has not been thought out as Levy would prefer to sell abroad rather than to an EPL competitor once again, if he were to reduce the fee slightly to accommodate a buyer he would prefer it to be Madrid rather than United, the Carrick and Berbatov situations tell us that. Even though United won the title last season at a canter how many truly believe their quality was so superior as to deserve to do so, certainly not impartial observers or pundits, now they have lost Fergie they are finding it difficult enough to keep their own stars and attract new ones, they have no chance of picking up the biggest star in the Premiership, especially on the cheap.

In case some of these newspapers have not heard Tottenham forked out £26m for a new striker about a week ago, they still have Defoe and Adebayor on the books and the dire need for a striker has been relieved, the sensible idea might have been to suggest United were offering Smalling or Jones as it is in central defence where AVB is lacking numbers.

Jamie Redknapp is another using his tremendous insight to send Bale scuttling out the door just as quickly as he can, his reasoning behind such a huge career decision being that Bale once said very little in the dressing room but is now being fairly talkative, a clear indication that he is ready to join Madrid. He also goes on to say that he feels sympathy for Perez as his mate “Danny” is the best poker player in town and it must be hell to deal with him. I presume he is paid for offering up these ridiculous opinions, but then he probably needs a few quid. While encouraging and believing the world class Bale must leave Tottenham because he has little chance of winning trophies or Champions League football there, he encourages the world class Luis Suarez to stay with Liverpool! Suarez is more than two years older than Bale and is probably at the right age to make a career move before it is too late, most would agree that Liverpool are behind Tottenham right now and have even less chance of cracking the top four so in fact the Suarez move makes far more sense..

Van Persie believes that United are favourites for the title again this season, I believe that he is being more than a little optimistic, while most teams around them are strengthening it just seems that all their targets prefer to stay where they are or move elsewhere, they are known to have made a move for Leighton Baines a few weeks back and even though he has worked with Moyes for years it still seems that it is another deal that has hit the buffers.

Bale to United has absolutely no chance of happening, Tottenham are closer than ever to competing with them for trophies.




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  1. mick says:

    Sick of seeing the same old stories keep rolling united have nothing to offer bale and will struggle this for redknapp sick of seeing and hearing anything about him.still better about his old man.

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