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United have “noisy neighbours” Arsenal have “The Gatecrashers”

Posted on September 26, 2013 by Scraggs

For the first time in a long time everybody is talking about Tottenham, not as an attractive team capable of challenging for a top four position, nor as a team capable of winning the FA Cup or League Cup, we have entered a new era as more and more are coming around to the fact that Tottenham might just be on the verge of even greater success.

Nobody is saying it will definitely happen this season, but there is a growing belief that it could happen, and that if not this season then perhaps in the near future. We know that AVB has played down the possibility of a title shot so early into a young squads creation, he must take the pressure off their shoulders by whatever means possible, unfortunately he has players around the camp and in the team that know what success is and have been around it for some time.

Jan Vertonghen has gone on record and said that the players expect great things and that all the other teams are watching Tottenham, that translates into they fear what Tottenham might be capable of.

Michael Dawson is speaking and talking predominantly of the strength, quality and depth of the squad and reiterating the major aims for the season, top of the list is a top four position with a cup thrown in for good measure if things go to plan.

Now firm fans favourite Lewsis Holtby has really let the cat out of the bag and has told it like the squad really see it, his ambition and beliefs might not be what the coaches want to hear and see splashed all over the media but for a Tottenham supporter it is both enlightening and encouraging, we want to be considered champion material, we want our players to believe as that encourages us to believe and it is new sensation for us since the creation of the Premier League.

“Tottenham are going to do something big”

They all believe.

They all believe.

“At Bayern Munich, everyone just did their work,”

“The players were always patient and did their jobs for the team.

“That’s why they won every title – and that’s how I see it here.” Holtby said.

“We score a lot of goals now and have a big squad. I think other teams are watching ” Vertonghen.

“We’ve got a big squad – players that can play in any competition. Quality in depth and we’ve seen it tonight.” Dawson.

Every Tottenham supporter has high hopes for the season and now we know the players think the same, we sit at the top of the table alongside our nearest rivals Arsenal, a little reminiscent of the two Manchester clubs a couple of years back. With such upheaval at United, Chelsea and City maybe it isn’t such a ridiculous idea to believe this might be a very special year for AVB and his Tottenham players, performances show great promise and the spine of the team, always a good marker for a great team, is as good as any. Alan Hansens usual analogy of looking at the bench when considering the strength of a teams ambition is endorsed in spades when assessing Tottenham.

Tottenham gatecrashed the top four a few years back and qualified for the Champions League, since then they have failed to do so again,though a little unluckily, this though promises to be more, so much more that a sustained period of success could be on the horizon and a place in the “BT Four” the “Sky Four” or the “Big Four” beckons.

15 to “United have “noisy neighbours” Arsenal have “The Gatecrashers””

  1. Sam says:

    As a gooner, agree with you that change of landscape at the top is likely to happen this year. That is why it’s unwise to count or discount any of the six teams. At present, it’s fool’s game to predict how the table will look like in May 14.

    • Eric says:

      I don’t mean to be judgmental but ur the only sensible arsenal fan we got here so far who doesn’t just trash talk n walk away

    • steve says:

      Agreed but as well as the 2 Merseyside clubs who are stronger Swansea are also going to cause a lot of problems.
      Lukaku and Moses loans might still bite Chelsea on the arse. At the moment most would agree that City have the biggest and most experienced squad followed by Spurs, apart from the experience part. the usual four will hate the openness of this season but the fans of all the others will love it.What will be will be.COYS

    • yidarmy says:

      At long last a sensible comment from our neighbours and an admission that perhaps Spurs have now made that jump in ability. In all honesty we Spurs supporters don’t necessarily think Spurs will take one of the CL spots at the gooners expense as we believe that United are in trouble and Chelsea have an unbalanced squad. Both can win in any given game because they have fantastic players but they have problems and it’s the loss of fergie for united and the return of mourinho for chavs.It is hard not to agree with Steve that City and Spurs have the best squads at the moment.As arry would say arsenal are already down to the bare bones with 5 games gone.

  2. Eric says:

    Best part is that the January window will be used for reinforcements at lb n a striking option.M hoping for butner and pato

  3. 6YardsOut says:

    Spurs need to keep challenging on all fronts because of the big squad. I enjoyed their run in the Europa League last season and I think they should go for everything possible this time around.

    The Premier League is probably the hardest thing to win but I can easily see an FA Cup or Europa League win with Champions League qualification.

    • mick says:

      They have to in order to keep everyone happy and match fit, the beauty of it is no matter which competition they are involved in, in every game they will play nine or more top class players with only a few of the youngsters thrown in for a bit of game time like Kane and Fryers, all good for them playing with the ist team quality players.
      This has the makings of a great season and in all honesty the only team we should fear is City and we put them to the sword end of last season.

  4. yidarmy says:

    Tell me how many of this arsenal squad know how to stay at the top or win cups, NONE. before you throw these accusations at us think, Arsenal as a club won over 8 years ago but not your players. It’s down to quality and Spurs have more. Hope you don’t miss out on top 4 as ozil and Wiltshire will be off and that will be the end for some time for arsenal. You have been warned.

    • mick says:

      I seem to recall teams thinking they were too good to go down but did, four years ago Liverpool thought top 4 was theirs forever, it wasn’t, and even the chavs could only finish 6th 2 years ago. Don’t take anything for granted or be quite so arrogant it hurts all the more when you fail. WARNING.

  5. mick says:

    apart from one title and a cup with Madrid ozil is the only arsenal player to know what it is like to win anything, Spurs have Vertonghen, Eriksen, Chiriches,Lloris,Dawson Kaboul,Defoe,Lennon, Paulinho and Sandro who have either won leagues or cups.Take a look at the spurs team against Villa and your last night, spurs full of stars and a comfortable win arsenal a few 1st team defenders and a bunch of unknowns, struggle, extra time and pens win. I can see wenger throwing his bottle out of the pram already.

  6. Tony says:

    typical example of a bitter gooner, we have said many times we do not care who drops out from top 4 to make way for us, it can just as well be utd or chelsea as arsenal, it will definitely be one of seem to think spurs are not good enough to do it and yet they have in 2 of last 4 seasons. spurs were not a one man team with bale but he was the star last year(before that modric or VDV take your pick)but the team and squad is now far better for his sale.look at last years table again and see how close spurs were and beware somebody is going to lose out and we really don’t care who it is.

  7. Tony says:

    Not Spurs this time, nor City, it’s one of the rest of you cheque book out in Jan for chelsea, arsenal and united, may the best two win.

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