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United trashed again, Arsenal your next the 5000 are coming.

Posted on January 01, 2014 by Guest Writer

Before we even get into the football side of the game and the job Tim Sherwood is doing let’s first acknowledge the wonderful away support that Tottenham have, from the off all I could hear on the box were the Spurs fans singing and encouraging our boys and they kept it going to the very end, no wonder Arsenal are so concerned about giving Tottenham their full allocation of tickets for next week, nevertheless the 5000 that will be allowed will give a great account of themselves against the 65000 of Arsenal at the library.

Since his first game Tim Sherwood has quickly come to terms with coaching this Tottenham squad, one or two important players have returned to the fray but more importantly he has addressed the problem encountered by playing such an open midfield quartet. Suddenly Walker and Chiriches have found a new resolve as they were protected by the shield in front of them of Dembele and Capoue.

Over on the right the combination of Wa;lker and Lennon snuffed out the threat from that area and both eventually began to threaten and terrify Evra at the back, Aaron Lennon on another day might have had a goal or two himself and certainly an assist, his run and cross to Soldado should have meant a 2-0 lead by half-time. For the first ten minutes in particular and for much of the first half mistakes and poor passing enabled United to cause untold danger but fortunately Valencia was unable to provide a telling ball, eventually the formation was tweaked a little to give Eriksen more freedom from which he popped up on the right to put a telling ball onto the head of Adebayor for the opening goal and later get his head onto the end of a deflected Lennon cross.

Adebayor rises to nod Tottenham ahead and set them on their way to victory

Adebayor rises to nod Tottenham ahead and set them on their way to victory

Today Adebayor found his appetite once again and gave United a torrid time right across the pitch while his strike partner keeps making intelligent runs and passes to create openings for the team. Some of us feared the 4 4 2 formation especially when up against better teams and those willing to play five across the middle, today United started with Rooney in a withdrawn roll to pitch an extra man against our midfield but Sherwood has now got Soldado and Adebayor dropping when the need arises to match up, while one of them takes up a dangerous position in a more advanced roll, that and the ability to break at speed in a counter attacking style is producing dividends.

The whole team were immense today and are clearly playing for Sherwood, Lloris put in another marvellous performance while giving us all a flutter of panic along the way. Some would suggest that United had a couple of decent shouts for a penalty but were any of them as clear cut as the handball by Smalling just before halftime.

Again a couple of the youngsters were entrusted with playing time against the current champions in a hostile environment defending a one goal lead, Bentaleb came on for Capoue who had given his all and he quietly went about his duties alongside Moussa Dembele, later on Harry Kane entered the fray and was a constant headache to the United defence almost setting up Lennon for a third goal, bearing in mind that Eriksen is himself only 21 years of age a youthful Tottenham team held firm to clinch a second successive victory at Old Trafford after years of  disappointment.

Times change

Times change

Next up it’s Arsenal in the cup and while we await the result of tests on Adebayor’s injury and hope that Capoue left the pitch due to exhaustion, there was further good news today in that Vertonghen and Kaboul started training once again and Townsend and Sandro too are getting closer to their return.

When once we had little hope of any sort of success this season this festive period has brought ten points, with that and today’s victory anything is still possible especially when taking into consideration the players on the injured list soon to return. Next up it’s Arsenal in the cup before we return to league action with a couple of very winnable games at home to Palace and away to Swansea, then it’s City with revenge on our agenda.


16 to “United trashed again, Arsenal your next the 5000 are coming.”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    What a fantastic New Year present from the players today. A terribly nerve-racking game but the result is great and you could see just how much it meant to the players and the amazing away supporters at the end of the match.

    Happy New Year to all…

    • Tony says:

      Great start and more pleasing was the win was fully deserved.This squad are together and might just surprise us all before the season is over. Lots of players yet to return and if Defoe goes a replacement for him.

  2. BigH says:

    Fantastic result today and all credit to the team and Sherwood. Nice to see us showing some real fight and guts. We do need all our players back but its good to see them as a team again. I’m going to enjoy this moment. I will be there on Sat against the arse and I just want them to fight all over the pitch for every ball and just show the woolwich lot we aint finished like they think we are. COYS

    • yidarmy says:

      the team were as one today and as Sherwood said were all lions. Very impressed with soldado who is a real team player and has so much more to his game than the goals we were expecting. I woulbnt be at all surprised to see Sherwood match up with the gooners five in midfield and battle them all the way.what fantastic support again today.

  3. GoingGoingGooner says:

    Gooner in Peace.

    Great to see ManU humbled at home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud Arsenal supporter but we have been shafted so many times by ‘questionable’ reffing at Old Trafford that it feels good to see you knock them down a peg or two.

    Good luck at the weekend.

    • Tony says:

      Well said. Have to say that I feared for our chances a week or so ago but things have improved and we might be in for a great game.
      Lets all hope for a decent ref and not hang the result on iffy decisions.

  4. Eric says:

    We need to make this momentum count

    • Tony says:

      This is not what i expected but your right the longer this run goes on the bigger the confidence levels. It can all go wrong so quickly but I have to admit sherwood has learnt from early mistakes and tightened things up. It is not a traditional 442 now as both strikers drop to link up in midfield. Still lots to do but no longer the soft touch from his first few games.

    • Jide says:

      I cannot agree more Eric.

  5. wandering yid says:

    Fantastic result. Great effort on the pitch. Magnificent effort from the terraces. Was tempted to mute the TV in case I could hear you in Oz. Nice praise gonegonegooner but it ain’t gonna help when we meet. COYS !!!

  6. yidarmy says:

    Great support, great result, great performance, enough said. COYS.

  7. Jide says:

    Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! The learner is driving the Ferarri straight on the PL motorway! As I mentioned before, I’m going to enjoy this ride as long as it lasts. Playing that Jallopy of a team on Saturday will be interesting.

    But seriously, I hope and pray we get the injury list reduced considerably in the next two weeks.

    Great win lads. But we should not get carried away. COYS!!

    • Tony says:

      Ferrari under control but only in second gear at the moment, will move up the gears once Vertonghen, Townsend and Paulinho are fit again. Enjoying it at the moment and long may it last.COYS

  8. Jide says:

    I wonder who won 2-1 yesterday evening. With all the so called pundits and experts, and you are from Mars, you would have thought it was Man U. who won. The air time given to Spurs have been next to nothing. I am not surprised. But I just thing the bias is really lamentable. I was listening to a well known talk radio and a very popular cricketer said United should have scored 5 in the last 15 minutes! I wondered why he does not stick with the subject he knows about.

    Why are football pundits mainly anti-Spurs or I’m I just being melodramatic? A few weeks ago, in a match involving Spurs, we had an all Scouser panel on Sky. When we had Bale, we are a ‘one man’ team. But Liverpool relying on Suarez or United on Rooney currently is not labelled using the same tag. It’s like they all cannot wait for our team to fail. There are teams currently manager less yet Spurs are being questioned as to why Sherwood was appointed.

    You may ask, why I’m I going over something we all know. The reason was Martin Lipton going on about Saturday’s match with the Woolwich gooners that we will lose. I was very upset about that because he gave no reason for the comment and did not have the courage to respond when I questioned him about it on twitter.

    We will beat the gooners on Saturday!

    • Tony says:

      the problem is that they are pro United chelsea, arsenal liverpool and now city as well, listen that that boring arse michael owen who hasn’t got a clue. there has been no mention of Smallings handball just before halftime which was not replayed but simply dismissed by the commentator. Tottenham had 5 great chances plus the goal and a penalty but these morons simply say united should have had 5 in the last 15mins. I’m surprised they haven’t come up with the idea of opposing keepers having to play blindfold for the second half or with only 8 men, the bias is incredible. when rooney failed to track Lennon for the 2nd goal yesterday fowler started to say he was at fault and then switched to defence mode!!!! they are all ex sky four players and soon the Chelsea mob will join them, Cole, Lampard and Terry, God help us.
      I have seen some of your stuff to talksport on Twitter, do you ever get a response or do the cowards hide away?
      Of course we will beat the gooners no explanation needed. haha.

  9. Eric says:

    It’s cause most pundits are ex pool players so the bias isn’t surprising

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